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I am very upset and outraged about the way I have been treated in recent months by AT&T.

A while ago an AT&T rep asked me if I would like to upgrade to the highest DSL speed at no extra cost. I agreed. Instead, he added a 2nd DSL line to my account! Every time I get a bill I am charged twice for DSL service and have spent a great deal of time sorting this out. Each time, I’m assured it won’t happen again, but it does.

About a month ago, because of this and other issues, I arranged to switch my service to Vonage. I was sent to AT&T’s “Save” department where I was offered the following for $80, permanently, including taxes: Two lines, unlimited long distance, DSL and Complete Choice.

When that deal did not show up on my most recent bill (but the extra DSL charge did), I called and was told there was no way I could get such a rate; that the best rate would be $94.95 for six months, and then I will have to call back.

My husband got on the phone and asked to speak with a supervisor. When she came on the line he told her that he was going to record the call, and she terminated the call! It’s OK for them to record me but it’s not OK for me to record them? Therefore, nothing was resolved after spending more than an hour on the phone with the person she was supervising.

This is absolutely outrageous and I do not appreciate all the time and aggravation I have been subjected to.

AT&T employees have either been downright incompetent or outright liars. I’m not sure which. This is no way to treat customers.

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  • La
      Sep 05, 2008
    AT&T - Bad service and false information
    6314 Pilgrim Lane
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Let us start off by stating the AT&T is like Nightmare on Elm Street. I got the at&t U-verse on 8/05/08 because I felt my DSL was little slow and decided to change services to U-verse because of what I was told would happen if I did change my service to U-verse. First of all they got my order wrong and if I had called the day before I would have the wrong service and only one stream of HD TV. I had ordered for HD TV's. This is only the beginning of things yet to come. I was also promised (2) $100 rebates because of the expense to cancel Dish Network service. When I inquired about it, a $100 rebate was all I was going to get. They installed the U-verse and incorrectly. For the first technition was confuse as what to do. Another came and still installed wrong. Had bad TV reception and picture freeze constantly!

    The problem according to the majority of the technitions is cross talk at the telephone cable box, regarding wiring twist. I was advice that engineering knew about the problem over a month now and still has not fix it. I have called them every other day for over a month now with the problems unresolved. Promised several times will be out to replace block in box. Still has not happen. Sent it to Escalations department twice and once in department above it. Still not resolved. Several neighbors drop their service completely with AT&T because of U-verse. I would advice not getting this service because of all the technical problems and no service at all.

    Found out that most people in the service department been with company only a few weeks. And in Fort Worth they are checking in their trucks and quiting as fast as they hire new ones. Problems from company from top to bottom!!! People promised to be there at certain times. Never once they ever showed up on time. Other times said they would get back. Never Happens. Three times have been promised problem at box will be repaired by such and such time. Three times it never happen. When one calls back the number there is never a reply back. This is AT&T at its best. Had Service with this company for over 10 years. Will start getting rid of all service with them. I am in Crime Watch and Code Enforcement and I never saw such a gross neglect service as AT&T!!!

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  • Ba
      Sep 05, 2008

    Sue in small claims for "failure to perform"; esentially, they did not fulfill their contract with you. They probabl;y will not show and you'll win by default.

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  • Ro
      May 20, 2009

    I suffered a similar experience. In September, I received an offer from AT&T to bundle wireless, internet and land line for $100 a month. I won't go through all the sordid details, but instead of lowering my monthly payments of ~$150/mo they increased to $200/mo. When I finally sorted these problems out, the AT&T rep offered to upgrade my DSL line for only $5/mo to $35/mo. Instead of $35/mo they charged me $70/mo for a service the next rep said he didn't even recognize. I lost my job in October and asked in January to change my residential service to a California life line for $6.11 on month. By March, the new rate did not appear on my bill, so I asked what was going on. The next AT&T rep told me it would take a few billing cycles for the new rate and credit to appear and confirmed the $6.11 rate. I received my latest bill yesterday with the charges still not changed. The next AT&T rep told me that I received a life line "discount" of ~$5/mo to my residential service and the residential service was never changed because I never requested it!!! Please tell me why I would request a life line and still want residential service when I am unemployed and only need the phone for internet (to help in my job search), which I explained to each AT&T rep on the phone. Now they say the best they can do is to rebate me two months of the difference in charges and the only thing I can do is to file a complaint!!! I have a better idea--cancel my service with AT&T and never use them again!!!

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