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AT&T / lies and deceit

1 United States

I will never use AT&T again, in fact, I never want to hear their names mentioned in my house. For the past 4 months I have lived with their lies and deceit and now for my patience and loyalty, they have rewarded me with a $2354 phone bill, (my monthly average is always around $160.)
Back in January, we were using a third party dial-up service for our internet. We had 2 lines that were on the AT&T Unlimited Calling Plan. In January we were informed from our third party internet service that as of Feb. 1 we would have to dial to a long-distance number in order to get our dial-up. They went ahead and started using that long-distance number in Jan. and subsequently, we received a letter from AT&T stating that we were in "violation" of the Unlimited Calling Plan. So I called and spoke to woman named Michelle. If by the way, you ever get this Michelle in the AT&T Long Distance Department...RUN! She is a back-stabbing cold, blooded woman who knows not the meaning of Customer Service.
Anyway, I agreed that we were to be finding another source for high speed internet and that we could stop using the long-distance dial-up until the end of the month but after that we would have no choice. We called up AT&T to try to set up for DSL on our internet line and informed them that we needed it by the end of the month. They said no problem, they would have the modem sent out just in time. Guess what...February came and there was no modem. I kept calling and spent hours on the phone with them trying to get the DSL set up and every time I calle, they promised to overnight the modem so that I could get it installed. But the next modem. This went on for 2 more weeks, all the while we are in "violation" of the Unlimited Calling Plan. So finally, we get the modem but we also get a letter from AT&T Stating that this is the 2nd Offense and that the line is no longer eligible for the Unlimited Calling plan. I called back to AT&T and spoked to a woman who was very understanding and said that she was changing the account back to the Unlimited and would make the corrections on the bill. A week later, I received a bill that was quite a bit higher than what it should be so I called into AT&T. I got a not so understanding and not so pleasant woman who told me that because it was a second offense, that when the other woman had changed to account, it went right back. She said that she would have to have a manager call me back.
The next day I did receive a call from another not so freindly person and she called and spoke to Michelle who told her absolutely not, she would not change my account back to the unlimited because she had talked to me and told me not to use it.
I tried calling Michelle personally to speak to her but I kept having to leave messages and she only called me once to leave me a snotty message that she did not care what kind of problems that I had, she was not going to change back the account period and that I needed to get me another long distance plan because as they had it now, there was no plan and I was racking up charges . That was the last I heard of Michell.
I tried contacting the Corporate Offices and they put me in contact with someone else who was useless and simply explained to me that my problem was that AT&T and AT&T Long Distance are two seperate entities and so if I was dealing with AT&T and they told me that it was OK they would take care of it, well they had no right to speak for AT&T long distance and that they would not honor what AT&T told me...WHAT?
Then this woman told me that she would "take care" of my bill to this point if I would call and set up another long distance plan for that line, which I did. Now stupid me, I assumed that by "taking care' of my bill, she was going to honor the unlimited calling plan up to that point since that was what I had been assuming I was under and had never received a call back stating otherwise. I called and the only plan that I could get without being locked into it for a year, and I WAS going to switch companies, was to get .05/min which for what I had now on the one line would not be that much more. Like I said, stupid me. I received my bill this week for the $2, 354 . By taking care of me, she simply went all the way back and figured it by the .05/min and not only did they screw up the line in question, they also took the other, perfectly fine line, the line that my husband works on and talks on ALL day long, and figured it by .05/min.
I called once again to AT&T and was told that the bill was right and that because they are under the same account, they took both lines off the Unlimited Plan and put them together on the .05/min plan. On top of all of this, they charged me $70 for switching plans!!! They so graciously told me that they would give me a credit of some $900 out of "curteousy" to me. Really? They are so sweet to do ME that favor!!!
So the lesson that I learned from all of this...if you are looking to get screwed, go to AT&T. They do a good job of it and then make you out to be the bad guy.

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