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AT&T / at&t service switch scam

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I am a day manager at a locally owned franchise. I was visited by two AT&T representatives who claimed they were investigating reports of over charged accounts in the area, and that all they needed was the business phone number and a manager's 'okay' to make the 'fixes'.

However, they were repeatedly told that I did not have the authority to make any changes to the store's accounts: Once by my coworker who greeted them, and then multiple times by me while they were trying to get information and coerce me into thinking otherwise. They even tried to get the phone numbers of the owner's other franchises out of me, apparently trying to switch them all at once.

Even once I contacted the owner and was told that she no longer had a contract with AT&T and there was no reason for them to be there, they still tried to push on, insisting that I was on some 'list' (although they never once referred to anyone by name, or even used a 'he' or 'she') and I just needed to speak with someone on their cell phone to sort things out.

I was disgusted that they tried to deceive me because they thought I wouldn't know any better, and I am astounded that they would continue trying scam the information needed to make the switch from someone who they knew had no authority to make that decision.

I will keep this in mind if I ever decide to switch my residential service or am in a position to choose a provider for a business; I do not like the thought of ever having to deal with this type of business practice again.

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  • Eo
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    Follow up:

    I've learned that 2 of the owner's other franchises almost fell for this attempted scam.

    I made an attempt to contact AT&T through their website, being that I could find no other way of expressing my concern. The comment section is for AT&T customers only, so put in a family members residential number. I did my best to explain the situation in 300 characters or less, hoping I would receive an email and be able to explain my situation further. Although the response I received was very generic, I could tell they at least skimmed my comment enough to know which 'fill in the blank' letter to use. It claimed they would investigate the concern, so I responded with more details, explaining that the phone number I provided was not the proper location, and provided specific information about the locations, times and dates. A month later, I haven't received a follow up.

    Also, last week we received a fax during our lunch rush with information regarding AT&Ts business rates. Hand written at the top of the letter was a message stating that the corporation that owns the franchise's brand name mandates that we use AT&T for our credit card processing services. Although beginning sometime in October, we will be required to process our credit cards through a designated BANK via high speed internet, no where is it dictated that it must travel through AT&T. At the time the fax was received, there were absolutely no regulations regarding who we used to process our credit card transactions, as long as it was secure. Unfortunately, the fax was accidentally discarded as being junk during our busy lunch, and I will not be able to investigate it further.

  • Ho
      2nd of Mar, 2011
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    Houston, TX.

    I got home one day and outside was my husband with a young AT&T male representative. This person told my husband that they had this one month free trail promotion. He ended up tricking my husband to make the change from Comcast to AT&T. BIG mistake three days later my husband call to cancel and he was told that he couldn't cause there was no free month trail promotion. Now we are being invoiced for the whole month at a high rate. What can we do? The worst part is that this person left us a receipt but with a signature that can't be read. Can we sue them for false advertisement? I am sick to my stomach knowing that this is what they have to do to get customers and commission.

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