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The at&t billing system: round up for debits... Round down for credits... Has anyone ever looked into this? The billing program bills a customer a month in advance for normal monthly service charges (A. K. A. Your rate plan). If you change your plan, add a new line of service or even simply change the "primary user designation" on your account, they billing system will process the change rounding up for debits (Charges for "new plan") , but round down for credits (The amount you've already paid due to the month in advanced billing). Inevitably your bill will increase anywhere from a couple bucks to what may look like twice a "normal" bill... With approximately 130 million cell phone accounts = a lot of money. A j. P. Morgan evp contacted at&t about the inconsistency with the billing and included specific examples = his email was passed around to multiple departments & never answered

Nov 25, 2016

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