AT&Tat&t does not honor contracts

I signed up for AT&T Uverse, internet and home phone on 06/17/2014. At the time I signed up AT&T contracted with me to provide home phone, internet and cable services for a total rate of $120.95 a month until 06/17/2016. I was thrilled about this rate b/c it was $40.00 less then what I was paying directv. However, installation turned out to be a nightmare. AT&T told me on two separate occasions that they would be coming out and then never called and/or showed up. Then when they did show up they couldn't get it all done and had to come back days later to finish. As a result, I missed three full days of work. To make up for the horrible installation AT&T advised me that they would also include all of the movie channels (except Cinemax) for free in my $120.95 package. The fact that my rate was to be $120.95 a month and that it was to include all of the movie channels including HBO is reflected on my first few bills which clearly show tv, internet and phone rates adding up to $120.95 a month and state that all the rates are in effect until June of 2016. My bills also reflect that I am supposed to have an HBO promotion through June of 2016. Well after installation, AT&T has continuously and unilaterally modified the amount they bill me for my services every single month. Specifically, they have just removed my promotions one after another without my consent and without any legal justification for doing so. I am billed a different rate every single month. My current bill is almost $180.00 ($60.00 more then what I contacted for) and at times I have been billed well over $200.00 ($80.00 more then what I contracted for). I have reported AT&T to the Tennessee Department of Consumer Affairs and they sent a letter to the Department advising that I did, in fact, contact in at $120.95 through June of 2016 but that I made one unspecified and unidentified change to my account in October which supposedly changed everything (this never happened). AT&T also told the Department of Consumer Affairs that my new rate (after the supposed change) should be $139.00 a month through November of 2016 (this was in November of this year). However, my current bill is for $169.00 a month - so they can't even get my monthly billing rate right when they represent what it supposedly is to the government. I have spoken to numerous AT&T agents and have been quoted as many as three monthly rates during one telephone call and have had two agents tell me yes my rate should be $120.95 a month but they aren't going to honor it but they can give me a "great" new promotion whereby I wouldn't have HBO for free anymore and get to pay them an additional $40.00 a month for less service then I contracted in at - great option, huh? What AT&T is doing is illegal and they are brazen about it. They admit they have their telephone calls recorded so it would be very easy for a supervisor to go back and listen to what my contract was and fix it but they refuse to do it. Instead they keep raising my monthly rate by around $20.00 a month for the exact same services. I have now reported them to the Tennessee Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau and am speaking to an attorney regarding a possible lawsuit for violation of the Tennessee Consumer Affairs Act. It is my hope that it will turn into a class action like the one consumers just won against Sprint. In the meantime, I would seriously advise anyone looking at possible cable, phone or internet companies to stay far, far away from AT&T

Jan 27, 2015

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