At&Tatt deceiving sales practice

J Nov 16, 2017

It all started on early Nov. I called to request info about internet and the rep mentioned about a wireless internet device called "velocity" as an great alternative to get faster internet and save costs. He told me that his honest advice is for me to use this device because it was fast and cheaper specially because my plan was gong to be upgraded to unlimited data after adding a 3rd lime for the devise to be connected. A big lie, when received the device I called to activate it and then is when I learned that I need it to pay more to upgrade my data plan to unlimited plus and that it would be $20 more for the extra line (which I was told) and on top the activation of $45 will not be waived (which it was not what I was told). I told the rep. that I din't want this device and that I would send it back and to please cancel everything. Sl, I send back the device and forgot about it until today I received the bill and the charges of conecting the device and the services are there for a total of $64 + taxes.
Well, I decided to call and find out why these charges were there and also why other charges where in my account for a equipment upgrade. Ok, let me go back, Last friday I went to the apple store and got 2 Iphone X's and to activate the phone I called from the store AT&T. The rep. told me that the activation fees would be waived since I'm a long time customer (14 + years) and that also during that week AT&T was waiving activation fees for upgrade devices. This rep also mentioned about a buy one get one free Iphone8 promotion. So I got the Iphone 8 and add an extra line. Well it happens that you need to be in a contract for 30 months and that you are paying for the monthly installments and AT&T will credit it back each month. Not what I heard from the first rep. According to the first rep. I will only pay for the installments for the first 2 cycles and them At&T will refund those charges and there after I will not be paying any more installments. Another BIG LIE... I found out that if I break the 30 months comitment I will be billed for the (free phone) remaining balance of the commitment. What a deceiving marketing promotion!

anyway, going back to todays call to complaing about the aditional charges, the first rep "Maikera" was so rude and disrespectful dealing with this legit concern, several times she wasarguing and raising her voices instead of paying attention and processing the information before providing the correct response. She ended up saying with a loud voice "We don't going to reverse any charges, all of those are correct and you are responsible to pay". --- I request to speak with her manager and she put me on hold for 1 hour and 16 minutes. The manager whose name is Charnelle (customer retention) was equally rude. She said exactly the same except that this time I make sure she was noting everything we talk. Se said that after 2 cycles they will be providing me with the refunds for the activation fees for the 2 upgrades and the new third line for the wireless mode "velocity".
During all the conversation I never heard a sincere apology. I even mentioned that during 14 years I never felt so disrespected by AT&T reps and that it was bad that she never said " I'm sorry for how you were treated by the previous employees". she got defensive and said "how many times you want me to repeat I'm sorry, I already said it many times". I said to here. is this how a manager talks to a client? she didn't responded... Anyway. I am just sumirizing my long, very long conversation with all these employees that are not really refleting what AT&T customer serve is or at least it used to be before these calls.

I hope the current situation in society is not a reason why some people are forgetting about caring for others and respecting those that pays for services hence providing them with jobs.

Thanks, Rene M.

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