Asurion / false promise to replace phone

1718 Borah Ave E, Twin Falls, ID, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 208-404-2407

My daughter's cell phone face was damaged when she slipped on the ice. We went to the Sprint Store (We have insurance through Sprint Asurion) spoke with the Service Rep he placed the claim, I paid $100, and he said it would come in the mail. Two weeks went by and they sent us a red phone (not the same orange phone replacement). I emailed Asurion that they had sent the wrong color. The agent said he was sorry and they would send the correct one out. Two more weeks went by and another red phone came. I called Assurion and after a very, very frusttrating 45 minutes I was told they don't guarantee the correct color. I asked them to refund my money. They said they cannot do that because they are not responsible. Why didn't the Sprint representative and the first Asurion customer service reps tell me it was not refundable? It was only after a month of receiving the wrong color phones that they said it was non-refundable and they were not responsible to provide the same phone. Why do I pay insurace and why was the story changed over time. They were the rudest people and company I have ever dealt with. I have since cancelled my cell phone insurance. If I have to pay outrageous fees to get a phone fixed or replaced, I'll buy a new one.

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