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Asurion / my cell phone

1 PA, United States Review updated:

Well after I lost my phone I reported it stolen to verizon. Asurion sent me a brand new phone in one days time which was great, but not so great when I activated it and it didn't work. The phone didn't accept calls or txt messages and if i did recive any they were delayed by 2 to 3 hours. Not only did they screw me by this little incident that lasted about 3 days, but when i eventually found my old phone I wanted to put my service back on to it. Who would of known that Asurion was going to really make my life a living hell. They told me they couldn't take the phone off the stolen list intill the new one was sent back. This was fine I thought just send it back no big deal, so I did and once I did I realized I couldn't activate my old one for another day which made life hell even more cause I had importent calls to make. I flipped! Asurion is a terriable company with terrible coustomer service absoultly ###! I even tried to say hey can you just charge my credit card for the phone an just take the charge off when you recieve it, but no wouldn't that make sense and not screw there coustomers from being withut a phone during a very importent work day. I think Asurion needs to think about how they can help there coustomers cause if im a 18 years old with ideas that make sense for there company to do, then i dont know whats really up with Asurion besides there straight ### and can't help you with the smallest problem. ###!

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  • Ky
      22nd of Mar, 2009
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    I don't know who you spoke with, but we don't require that phone back just to take you phone off of the lost/stolen list... I work for ASURION, and I've never heard of this before... I can't believe half of the things that people are saying about our company, we don't try to be rude, but if you customers are rude, it makes it hard for us to do our job properly. So as long as you are nice and let us do our job, you'll be very satisfied with our service..

  • Gi
      3rd of Jul, 2010
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    Completely appalled. I filed an insurance claim with Asurion for a device that was lost. My daughter's phone arrived and we activated it through our carrier (which I am an employee of). Approximately 3 weeks later the slider slid right off the phone. It's now in two pieces. So I told my daughter not to worry because I KNOW that's a known issue for the phone and as an employee for the carrier I have personally replaced several of these devices for customers under manufacturer's warranty due to the manufacturer's technical bulletin. Okay so I call Asurion and state my problem and they tell me oh no, that's physical damage. I told them you're WRONG! I WORK for this carrier and I am looking at a technical bulletin right now that notes the defect in the screw in the slider. I even went on to tell them how to identify which units are affected by this issue. So they tell me once again that it is physical damage and my only recourse is to pay another deductible to have the phone replaced. I don't know if you are aware but if you have two claims in one year your insurance becomes useless for another year! At this point I am canceling my insurance on all my lines. I pay approximately $130/year for insurance plus a $39 or $89 deductible depending on which phone is lost. At that price I can purchase a certified pre-owned device and have no worries. I'm appalled to know that Asurion can pick and choose which manufacturer's defects they will honor. Had I not been an employee of the carrier I would have never known.

  • To
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    Asurion - very poor service
    United States

    Asurion insurance for T-mobile and ATT phone's are simply a JOKE!!! Not mention the very high deduction price (like $90.00 for a REFURBISHED blackberry curve), they actually send me phones with problems, like bad usb port, not able to charge etc... the paper work is extremely harsh and slow to make a claim. As of right now, I am making my third call to them because they said my picture id is too DARK...

    do yourself a favour and save the monthly insurance charge... but aside and get another on from ebay.

  • Fa
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    Asurion - poor service
    United States

    It is more than 35 days since I started the process to replace my damaged cell phone and it has been a very painful situation for me.
    Your company has the worst service that I ever had in my life, should be out of market not doing business with large cell phone carriers.
    I just read all scams and rip offs from asurion and I will be posting another bad review for your company in the internet for poor quality service.
    This is the third time that I send my affidavit form by fax. I assume that nobody is in charge of this section in your company or situations like that will be avoided.
    I am very busy person and I depend on my cell phone to work, and right now I am having a very hard time to use my broken cell phone.
    I want to know if I will be reinbursed some how for my waste of time and trouble that I am having.

    Fabricio lunardi

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