Asurioniphone 6

I have an iphone6 that was damaged when it was dropped. I went in the Sprint store and took the phone. I was told the deductible was $100.00. However, Sprint could not process the claim because the "find my iPhone" was turned on and had to be turned off. I went to the Apple Store and they walked me through how to do this. Once I completed this, I returned to the Sprint store and brought the damaged phone.See Top 10 Worst Companies in North Charleston, SCI was then told that due to the condition of my phone, it is now $200.00. Well, this is the same phone I just brought in a week ago. How do you decider which damages are $100 and which are $200? I have read and re read my contract and see no such explanation. I am so disgusted. I have 4 lines on this account and am ready to switch companies because of this matter of inconsistent stories. $200 to repair a phone that I pay insurance on is rediculous. It feels like Sprint and Asurion care nothing about their customers.

May 16, 2017

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