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This is in regards to continued denial of recertification application since last year. More than ten (10) times since about October of 2016, all required documents were sent several times and nothing has changed from the first time application was approved to present. social security card, address, date of birth, EBT/Medicaid Medicare information, all are still the same nothing has changed but they have continued to deny for no reason. I was thinking of reporting to government agency but I hope this resolves the issue and there will be no need to escalate my complaint if not, I will contact the government to complain about this issue.

Name: Bridget Amaefuna
DOB: 10/23/1931

  • Updated by igbo abia, Nov 15, 2017

    denial of application for no reason. application deied several times even after all documents and other information required were sent. Nothing has changed ever since the first approval to date

Nov 15, 2017

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