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Aspen Dental / scammed by aspen dental

1 2168 Wilkes-Barre Township MarketplaceWilkesBarre, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 570-825-8090

Last month (May, 2008) I sent a complaint to Better Business Bureau, Inc. about Aspen Dental in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In a response to my complaint, Aspen Dental only explained why they had to take the whole amount of $1512 in advance. As a big company, I tried to understand their policy to have the patient’s financial responsibility for services treatment planned paid in full up front. I also tried to understand why it took them over one month to refund $1084.50 to my Care Credit Card.
Unfortunately, I don’t feel like my complaint has been adjusted yet. Here are 4 reasons why I feel that way:

1. Aspen Dental sold me a tooth brush for $135 and a tooth paste (Flu 1.1 Neutral Sod Gel) for $24 that I would never buy if I knew the prices for them in advance. On my first visit I asked Aspen Dental for detailed bill information that they avoided to give me. On the second visit I insisted to get detailed information. The girl from the front desk didn’t really want to give me anything and after I almost got angry, she went to the office of the financial associate and finally came back with the details I’d been asking for since day one. When I finally realized the scamming, it was too late and I already had paid for the tooth brush and the tooth paste and I wasn’t able to return them for a refund.

2. Aspen Dental said that I had a perio infection. When I went for a second opinion to Jeffrey Walker DMD, he told me I did not have a perio infection. Aspen Dental charged me and didn’t refund $24 for Periocheck Rinse for that infection. They also charged me and didn’t refund $35 for Irrigate W/Chlorhex Full (I am not really sure what that means, but regarding the information I got from my insurance company Delta Dental, this amount of money is taken for something that is named as Unspec Rerio, so I am guessing it is connected with the perio infection). Two of their dentists told me that Listerine is not good and I shouldn’t use it.

3. Aspen Dental charged me for cleaning which happened to be Full Mouth Debridement for $149, which the insurance doesn’t cover... I tried to learn more about it in Google and from what I read, there was nothing of what I felt that doctor had done in my mouth. The second opinion by Jeffrey Walker DMD was that it didn’t look like Aspen Dental did cleaning. His exact words were that there was stuff all over the place. That is why I believe I should get a refund of $149 for the Full Mouth Debridement.

4. Every time when I ate I had to clean food out of one of my teeth, which bothered me a lot and I asked Dr. Jeffrey Walker to fix it. It happened that this tooth was tooth 12 – one of the two teeth that Aspen Dental worked on. Well, they didn’t work very well for me, so I wasn’t surprised that I had problems with one of the two fillings they did. But I was surprised that my insurance company didn’t cover anything of the bill for this tooth, because they already had paid Aspen Dental for it. I felt hurt again because of Aspen Dental. Yes, they got my money for even work they never did. They got my money and Delta Dental’s money for bad work they did. That is why I feel that they should refund me and the Insurance Company Delta Dental for tooth 12.

These are the four main reasons for my complaint about Aspen Dental.

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  • An
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    Join the club! I was scammed by the Scranton Aspen Dental office too. Very similar experience, and they used the the "termanology" on me, and pushed the same products I didn't want or need such as their Rotadent toothbrush. I already had a sonicare electric toothbrush. This place is the worst business in town, shoddy work, and carless behavior by staff and hygenist. All they care about is your money, and that is the bottom line. I suffered much agony as well as financial distress because of this low life dental practice. I found a dental practice in Clarks Summit I like better and will never go back to Aspen!

  • Ev
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have been to aspen for 4 different visits at this point. So far have had 2 root canals and 2 front fillings. I also just had a full mouth debridement. They did a really good job over all. My teeth are feeling much better and cleaner. They have not tried to rip me off yet. This is the office in Lancaster, PA. My dentist is Dr. Bernie. He does a wonderful job. I guess it matters what dentist you get. I have loved my experience here so far!

  • Ba
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree Aspen Dential should be closed downnnnn.
    My son was ripped off . They took $4229.00 of his money that he saved and in return gave him a set of dentures he can't wear. I don't see how they can still get away with all this. People work so hard for their money and places like this are aloud to take . Something has to be done!!! This Aspen Dential is in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
    Beware folks.

  • Ka
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    The Aspen Dental scam happened to me at their office in Springfield, Ohio. In June and July 2010. I firmly believe that the reason that they are such a big corporation now is because they have been scamming for some time. Really, what is irrigation with Chlorhex?
    My insurance company cant tell me. They treated parts of my mouth that were healthy with Arestin and still haven't been paid by my insurance because they don't have proof that the treatments were indicated. I, on the other hand paid for my portion of those treatments before I realized that they were'nt covered. They are opportunist and they are not alone. I went to a small dentistry and they are less expensive and more caring. Stay loyal to the indepentent dentist and steer clear of corporations.

  • Co
      9th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Did you know Aspen dental is a member of the Better Business Bureau and will remain so unless these issues are brought to the attention of the BBB?

  • El
      25th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You people crack me up. You think your insurance company has your interest at heart. Well let me be the bearer of bad news: Rotadent is the absolute best electronic toothbrush you can buy, it gets your teeth cleaner than any other sonic/electric toothbrush. Chlorhexidine gluconate is the best thing you can irrigate the deep periodontal pockets with to kill as many bacteria as possible to knock down perio infections & help to reverse the damage you have caused by not brushing and flossing. Your insurance company will tell you that these procedures are not covered and not necessary because they don't want to pay for a part of it. They make their money when idiots like you pay premiums & don't get services or allow the insurance company to not pay their portion. Insurance companies have automatic denial procedures in place to make the dental offices work that much harder for you to get the most out of your benefits. The proof that your insurance company wants is based on their claim denial guidelines, not your best interest. They want your money, just like aspen because they are for-profit companies. Do any of you have your own business? Do you bill for everything you do? Or do you give away work & supplies because you are just such a good person? Give me a break. Complain about something else, like crooked politicians and the president of our country legalizing theft by adding more taxes to the only ones actually paying taxes just because "they can afford it & they have already made enough money."

  • He
      19th of Jul, 2018
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    @elephant22 Spot on. Thanks!!!

  • Di
      4th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thank you for all of this information! I was exploring Aspen Dental and have decided not to use them. Thanks again for saving me the potential trouble. I have never heard of such incredible dollar amounts in advance of services.

  • Wh
      8th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I just went to Aspen Dental, and seemed to have a good appointment. I was given an X-Rays and a exam. It was determined I have early Periodontitis. They explained to me what it is, and a treatment plan for the future. I was also informed of 2 cavities. After the xrays and exam were completed I was sent to a consultant to discuss payment. I was sold the periodontal toothbrush for 99 dollars after a fifty dollar coupon they gave me (the brush retails for 160 online). I was given a treatment plan of cleanings spaced out 3 months for a year, as well as the 2 cavity fills. One of the filling is white and not covered by insurance. I PAID NOTHING AT MY FIRST APPOINTMENT. The total cost was $1, 635 and after my insurance benefits my out of pocket expense will be $325 ( which i used their payment plan 18months no interest and nothing paid until after my first cleaning. $325 bucks for Chlorex irragation, Chlorexdine rinse for my home, Flu 1.1 neutral Sod Gel (toothpaste), Rotodent Peridontal instrument (best electric toothbrush), Desenitiving paste for the initial deep cleaning to remove plaque from under the gums, and 4 cleanings. THAT IS THE PLAN THEY LAID OUT FOR ME. I could choose to follow it and pay the $325 or leave and pay nothing. Maybe you should educate yourself before going somewhere, especially when it says Xrays and Exam free right on the door you have to walk through to get in the place. you act like you walk in and you come out 30 minutes owing 3 or 4 thousand. I was pleased with my visit the hygienist, dentist, and consultant were all nice and made me feel comfortable. I am actually looking forward to going back.

  • Tm
      9th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Aspen Dental is ripping people off. I work for a Health Insurer and they happen to be our dentist. We only have 2 choices in the Reading area with my insurance. My company offers a cost estimator so you can see what the insurance will cover and what your out of pocket is to be. They gave us a list of what our out of pocket and ins. cov. would be for my spouses nightguard which took them 3 times to get it correct. The lab kept making 1 upper. Who does that for a nightguard? I thought the cost was high and submitted to treatment estimator and it was high. I should have paid 124.22. Aspen said my ins. would deny so that is why they want up front. I thought what? Who are you to say that? Well it was their exp. I thought ok I have worked for my insurance co. 10yrs so whatever. You agree to accept ins. therefore you do the work. If you don't want the work then don't accept and do cash/credit only. So the claim was denied and they would not appeal. I appealed and it was approved. Then I get a refund from Aspen for the amount I paid over. It was like $205 or something. Well here is the kicker. I found out from an ex Aspen employee the reason they use their little cost est. tool and then make you pay up front when all services done is cuz it goes into this little interest bearing account which BTW almost every provider, doctor, dental, eye has and they collect int on your money while you are going back and forth between the service you recd to the claim being processed to the claim being denied to the claim being appealed to the claim finally being paid to your refund. 3 mths passed when I got my refund and that is 3 mths worth of interest Aspen collected on MY MONEY. So I have learned that when we get any service from them or anyone for that matter, USE THE COST EST. TOOL. If your insurer offers one use it. It you are unsure of the estimate and have no tool call your insurer. Get the procedure codes from the provider, they have to supply them and what they are doing to you. Sometimes their service codes don't match what your insurer has loaded so descriptions are important. Then have your insurer tell you what they will pay and what your out of pocket is and have your insurer email, fax, mail you the their cost estimator. Then you take that to the provider and say this is what my ins. says it will cost me and demand to pay that. I do that with Aspen now and have saved so much upfront it is amazing. And they still get paid but they are no longer overcharging me and collecting interest on me. It is all buyer beware or consumer beware and you really have to watch out for yourself cuz no one else is. I could write a book about the scam the vision at Walmart has pulled and since my spouse also works for the same insurer I do he contacted the director that governs our contract between our ins. and Walmart and laid down some serious laws. If this provider scams 1 more person he will lose his license to practice. On top of that the provider at the vision center sent us a Walmart giftcard. The downside is we work for the ins co. If they are scamming me then what are these providers doing to those we insure that just trust their doc and their ins. co????? I caught a hospital charging almost 1k more for procedures I did not get when I stayed over 3 nights. I know that most of you don't follow up cuz who wants to read thru 19 pages of a hospital bill? And furthermore who out there really understands their EOB's? Are an employee of the ins. co, I know we are not perfect and many don't like us, but let me tell with ur insurer to understand how things work. We are chnging our software all the time to focus more on patient education. Making you guys aware of what is going on with your own bodies. I know it is sad but that is the route we have had to take. I just had an upper GI and it was great but cuz my hemo's were low the doc wanted to do another in 8wks. For what? There is no reason for that. If I did not know how things work I woud go get one cuz I don't know any better I am trusting my doc. GI's they get good reimbursements BTW. for a 10 mins procedure. So I told him no I will wait for labs. if there are no ulcers no reason for 1 in 8wks. anyway...this is really about Aspen. They will scam u if they can. just the way business unfortunately has gone in this day and age and no one is exempt. so my advice is beware. be alert. pay attn to everything and get proof get things in writing. do your homework and research.

  • Pa
      6th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    aspen I cheated because I too can not sue? us a large group

  • Pa
      6th of Mar, 2014
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  • Di
      10th of Mar, 2014
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    OMG this place in Tampa FL on North Dale Mabry is terrible. They too rip you off and try to charge tons of extra stuff. I got out when I could and am so glad. They charge up front and then when you say you don't want something they already charged you for, they refuse to. They all act like something is up, you can tell, it's like they are told to upcharge or ELSE. When is this place going to be checked on or held accountable?

  • Sc
      29th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    first off they gave me a estimate claiming
    insurance will cover over 2grand leaving me to pay 450 i gave them 270
    before surgery i went in on my appt to find out they changed it lol
    there oral surgeon only comes once a month so they had to send me
    somewhere else they kept my 270 and i WOULD haft to pay 150 deposit to the
    surgeon i was promised my fillings a root canal w/cap and cleaning for
    450 they lied only the root canal and a cap where gnna be done i called
    aspen and said so what did i pay you guys 270 for oh the cap and
    cleaning is 177 i said but i paid you 270 where my 93$ at its just on
    your account oh no one told me that my insurance company doesnt even
    know anything about a 2grand estimate cover and told me they are not
    allowed to charge a customer especially that much before the estimate
    is sent to them .. so i went to a different dentist saved me 300 dollars
    never again ASPEN DENTAL

  • Pi
      24th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Same here in Tucson office: Aspen Dental tried to charge me a tooth brush for $135, and tooth past for $34. After reviewing my out of pocket $332 estimate, it happens that the only service I really needed was a filing at $59. This is really bad practice

  • Pi
      6th of Feb, 2018
    +1 Votes

    If you have an insurance provider, you should complain to them. You are not the real client, they are doing more business with insurance.

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