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Aspen Dental / shoddy work/fraudulent billing

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Aspen Dental is guilty of shoddy work, poor service and fraudulent billing. I know from experience. I think they build extended problems onto existing ones and create additional dental problems for patients.

My daughter is neither a middle-aged nor an elderly person. She visits the dentist regularly. She doesn't have the strongest teeth, however, almost every single filling that had been done has had to be replaced or fell out within weeks or a few months of being placed.

I have grave concerns over what they have done to my teenage daughter.

In addition, their billing practices are fraudulent and their extortive behaviour of using fear installation in patients to make them think they are ALL in dire dental health is not only questionable "ethics wise" but questionable on their expertise? And legally.

I have proof from their own hand that they don't mind at all trying to rebill for "old charges" that are paid in full and clear.

I have printouts from Aspen Dental in which they entered discount rates I was entitled to through careington 505, insurance payments from my one insurance at the time and personal payments that showed specific dates of service and procedures done including the codes for them.

Then, a year later, they took specific charges and rebilled them to a second INSURANCE I acquired. Never mind, they had been paid what they were allowed under their contract with Careington and BC/BS.

Not only is this illegal, it is fraudulent.

In other cases, they only filed on my secondary insurance initially. Put the remaining amounts on "my responsibility payment" part. Later collecting payment from my primary insurance, NOT CREDITING THESE PAYMENTS TO MY ACCOUNT and then posting as my having a balance due not crediting BC/BS payments to my account.

In other words, they probably owe me a little bit as I most likely overpaid them for services rendered in the end. It was not until the tailend of having had enough "shoddy and possibly malpractice work" done for my daughter that I realized what was going on.

I also am under the impression they charged for a couple of fillings they never did.

It amazes me the people who do the insurance billing work have the nerve to think No One Would catch this. And on top of it, knowing a majority of their dentists are not properly certified, let alone registered with a lot of the insurances.

Then, they go back and look at where they take big hits on discounts and I think they look for patients whose insurances have changed and try to bilk the insurance companies and if that doesn't work, take the denial of benefits letters and try to make the patients think these are charges that are simply not covered on the patients insurance, but that the patient is still responsible for, knowing that this is illegal.

What disgusts me is all the advertising they do on how non-judgmental they are and how they care. That alone is false advertisement. Their prices if you have no insurance are ludicrous and more than double what insurance companies allow, so those without insurance get screwed and are lured/forced into acquiring medium to high interest rate financial programs if they are to get treated for their dental problems.

Usually, Aspen Dental requires you to pay at least half up front and if you get approved by unicorn or care, then they place all the fees on the "financing" on these accounts upfront meaning they collect the entire payment before work is done! This also is questionable at least ethically.

Once, they collect the entire costs upfront, they don't care if the work done is satisfactory or appropriate. And, try getting refunded if you're not satisfied or the work is shoddy.

They can argue a lot, but to try billing insurances that were not in effect at time of services rendered and those services already having been paid in full is fraud. Fraud. There is no way they are unaware of what they did.

I have the printout from their own computer showing paid in full DOS and then they sent in claims a year and a half later to an insurance that was not in effect at the time.

She has had 5 fillings replaced either by them or a new dentist that were in her mouth anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to less than 2 years.

You tell I wrong to be pissed?

Going to file complaints with the ADA and Attorney Generals in Connecticut, Massachusetts. Offices in both these states in 3 locations are a part of this.

However, I will never step in the doorway of Aspen Dental again. Unless I am with a lawyer.

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  • Ch
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    Just went to Aspen today 06/25/09 (Canton OH). I happen to have insurance that pays for an exam w/xrays and a cleaning two times a year. Aspen is in our 'network.' (lucky me) Three weeks prior my daughter and I had our exams with a panoramic x-ray and 18 in the mouth x-rays. I asked why they do two different x-rays. Iwas told that the ones in the mouth can see if you have any cavaties. okay. now the exam came. OMG I had 12 cavaties! When I asked why they couldn't see them on the xray they said the xray cannoth see cavaties on the top of the teeth. My daughter has 12 cavaties too. Insurance would pay for some I would have to pay $600 for each my daughter and myself. I was told that I may need a scaling (?) cleaning as well as my daughter that the insurance will not pay for. I refused and told them I just want the regular cleaning (this was three weeks ago) that my insurance will pay for. The girl was not sure the hygenist would do this. After all our appt was today. She wanted me to pay 37.00 for a flouride treatment (yea right...flouride is in our need for it. declined. Then my daughter came in and they wanted like 377.00 for her cleaning!!! I lost it. I waited for the girl to come back to the desk to see if the hygenist would just do a cleaning. More frustrated I got up and left and went to my old dentist who charges 80 for a cleaning no xrays if you don't want and honesty which is PRICELESS!

    I came home called my insurance company and filed a complaint for insurance fraud. They are requesting our xrays to see what is eally going on. The insurance lady told me they would never pay for that many cavaties with out seeing the xrays. (HMMM I wonder whose xrays they send to prove that many cavaties) I was told that none of my could be seen onthe xray.
    Needless to say, I threw in the towel on insurance and am paying a real dentist to clean my teeth. No hygenist.

  • Sk
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    Very interesting. My husband and myself were both told we needed--wait for it--twelve fillings apiece.

    Went to another dentist (not in my network) and was told five, tops.

    We're getting mysterious charges and months after starting service we still can't get anyone to give us a breakdown of our fees by service.

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