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Please do not at all delete this complaint of mine.
I do have the right to express my anger, frustration, tears and cries here.
I am just so very upset and really angry towards the website operators of for stealing and taken away both the non-replaceable time and communication between me and my 23 years old girlfriend and future wife for over 14 days.
In november 2001 is when I was 18 years old is my so very 1st ever girlfriend crystal was deliberately and intentionally murdered at her age of 18 years old by so very selfish, extremely greedy and really narcissistic people who really did requested, demanded, ordered and instructed me to pay thousands or millions of dollars to live together with crystal and to raise children together with her in my home.
Money did killed and murdered my beloved crystal and also did stole and take away over 60 years of time between her and me permanently and forever in my life.
Her death has caused me to learn so very many valuable lessens about time, life and love in this world.
I do have high functioning autism and asperger syndrome, and I am so very much more mature than my actual age and also I do have a so very high intelligence level in my life.
I can see and understand things about time, life and love that most other people or nearly all other people do not see and understand at all.
My time is never ever worth any amount of money, material items and replaceable things in this world.
My time is only worth any non-material item and non-replaceable thing in my life.
What is doing to the people in this world is completely wrong, totally bad and extremely incorrect ways in this reality. is scamming, conning and ripping-off this world and all the suffering and grieving people in it.
The operators of that website is stealing and taking away both the non-replaceable time and replaceable money of the people in this world.
The most valuable lessen of life is to evolve, experience, learn, teach, care and love in this one reality.
My heart and my mind is at an evolution level that is so very much higher than most or nearly anyone else in this world.
I am using much more of my heart, mind and brian in my life than everyone else is using in their lives.
I do have understanding, learning and problem solving abilities that no other person does have at all in this world.
I am 1 of the so very few super geniuses in this world because I am so very smart, extremely brilliant and really extremely so very intelligent in my life.
My intelligence, knowledge, memory, non-physical heart is the most valuable non-replaceable things of me in my life.
Also please never ever insult my intelligence in this world.
I am a intellectual in my life and I do always make plans for the future in my life.
When people is interfering, stuffing and messing things up in my plans is they are ruining, breaking, shattering, destroying and completely devastating the time, steps and things in my lifetime goals, ambitions and aspirations in my life.
So very many of my plans, lifetime goals, ambitions and aspirations has been completely destroyed and totally devastated in the last 17 years of my 34 years old life permanently and forever in the future of my life.
What did to my life and time for over 14 days can never ever be resolved, repaired, replaced, recovered and fixed with material and replaceable money and things in this world.
The incident between me and is they did refunded and chargeback all and every one of my payments totally without my permission and consent, and then after doing that is they are instructing, requesting, ordering and demanding me to pay all of those refunds and chargebacks to them.
2 or more wrongs do never ever make it right in this world and has committed 2 wrongs against and towards me for over 3 weeks.
When or if any problems does happens to my payments on my dating account in is they really should contact me 1st before refunding and charging back those payments to anyone else and me.
The only things that can resolve, repair and fix the incident between me and is for them to follow my instructions, requests, orders and demands.
Where I do come from is the customer is always right and is the boss between the transactions between the service provider and customer.
Plus about me is I am a humanitarian, samaritan and spiritual person in this world.
All my plans, lifetime goals, aspirations and ambitions is only based around helping, supporting and assisting other people with their problems, situations and issues in their lives.
I am a really so very generous and extremely selfless person who does always chooses the lives of other people over my so very own life.
Everything that I do in my life is to gain and obtain knowledge and experience to help, support and assist the lives of other people in this world.
There is nothing really at all that I do only for myself and no one else at all in my life.
All the traveling that I have done all by myself and all the computer and video games that I have played all by myself has taught me so very many valuable lessens that I do need to have to pass on my knowledge and experience to people who is less fortunate and less lucky than me.

Apr 28, 2017

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