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Avoid the above mail order bride dating marriage services. You can read about the scam at Site Jabber, Teakdoor, Classifeied 1000 and Scambook (etc.)

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      22nd of May, 2012
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    Those dating sites heavily airbrush the images, to make the East Asian ladies look as much like White women as possible.

    People are usually more attracted to those who look like they are from the same race.

    They want to target White men with money. In Asia, they connect Whiteness with wealth. Although we know the truth, that wealth depends on the individual, not race.

    So it makes sense that the images of East Asian ladies are made to look like young and flawless White women, making childlike poses.

    East Asians do not naturally have white skin, big eyes, curvaceous figures, etc., like White women do. If you see those kinds of images, it's F-R-A-U-D.

    I hope this helps. We need to spread the word to our loved ones.

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      22nd of May, 2012


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      8th of Jun, 2012

    Asian Plastic Surgery: You can't hide it forever.

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      15th of Jun, 2012

    You are a sad sack, sir. Nearly all promotional images for dating websites will be stock photographs of highly beautiful women who don't exist on their website. Doesn't matter if it's White, Black, Korean, Jamaican, Italian, etc.. Beautiful women don't usually show up on dating sites because they don't usually lack for companionship in real life -- common sense here. What's more, people often photoshop their OWN images for use on dating sites. Haven't you heard of "Myspace angles?" Finally, it's pretty racist of you to say that there are no Asian women who look like so and so, and if they do they're trying to ascribe White traits to themselves. Some Asian women are pale, do have a double lid, and have naturally curvaceous figures. They are not as common, maybe, but they exist, and are no less Asian than anyone else of their race. Maybe the reason you can't get a date is because you're a racist, small minded jerk? Just throwing that out there.

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      18th of Feb, 2013

    Hey have any of you guys met a girl on Asian Beauties? I live in China and have met two and am absolutely convinced that the women I've met aren't the same ones as in their video profiles! I really pay attention to the videos and pick out the prettiest girls to meet. But I'm sure they're not the same! I think they use models in the videos! But then I've really questioned the two girls I've met and they completely deny it making me think 'am I wrong?!' I want to hear if anyone else has experienced the same as me because either it's a complete scam and the girl is different or I'm going crazy and got it completely wrong!


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      21st of Feb, 2013

    I thought it would be fun to throw away a hundred dollars american on this site, try to see if it was possible to really contact any of the girls shown, and otherwise get a first-time experience of online dating and finding an "asian wife." As i expected, this agency puts itself between you and any possible contact with any of the (supposed) listed girls, and charges high fees by selling credits. These credits can be supposedly used to contact girls with emails, chats, cam-chats, and webcam. Therefore, the site has no incentive to remove itself from this position between participants and provide a man with any direct contact number of any kind: an address, a phone number, an email or any way to communicate with the girls listed outside of their set-up of charging for expensive credits. Why would they? As long as they can keep themselves between the man and the girls listed, and continue to charge fees for communication that can't even be verified as authentic communication, they will continue to generate revenue. Once they connect a man with a girl by providing a method to contact the girl outside of Asianbeauties set up, they begin to lose business. Not being able as a member of the website to verify by actual contact if any of the girls listed are actually real, actually a real contact, or fairly represented if they are, or actually looking for a foreign partner for love or marriage, reveals the truth that as a love/dating/marriage website is a complete fake and fraud. This site as a useful tool for finding a loving partner has no value except for those who dwell in the world of fantasy.

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  • Jo
      25th of Feb, 2013

    I do not care what anybody thinks about what I am about to say. However, here it is; if any of these guys even checked into this site just a little they would find there are ways to communicate with the ladies off of the website and that is either send and recieve 5 letters, or order a phone call, or send a flower arrangement in which you can put your name, address, phone number, and email address, and then contact the ladies directly. The only problem is that unless you know or are willing to learn to speak Chinese of which there are at least 2 primary languages spoke: mandarin and cantonese. Before bashing a website for being in the business of making money while connecting Chinese women with Men to make money is wrong. You can meet scam artists in church, at work, or in the local grocery store, people usually refer to these women as gold diggers, or sluts. So it does not matter what race color or creed there are always going to scam artists of some type. I guess it is called life. The trick is to find a woman call her, meet her, and then marry her. If you find a good woman whatever her race then you hang on to her and try to make her as happy as she makes you. Just in case some you people think I work for the website you are wrong, I am a truck driver. I just know that if every guy stops and thinks even if you grew up next door to somebody and see that person every day, it is no guarratee that you truly know what that person is going to be like until you get married and say your vows. There is 1 last point I will make and that is all through out history there has been arranged marriages all through out the years going back to biblical days all the way up to current days and the majority of those marriages lasted for a lifetime, something to think about. As a popular talk show host once said "THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM". I AM ONLY TYRING TO MAKE A POINT TO THE SLIGHTLY UNEDUCATED IDIOTS CHECK OUT YOUR STORY BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT AS TO YOUR TRUE INTELLIGENCE OR LACK THERE OF. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

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  • Er
      7th of Apr, 2013

    I'Ve been living in some asian countroies including China, Mongolia, Thailand and Kazakstan, even asian Russia. And this life experence did stop me from joining such web sites. I know for certain that any mongolian, kazak or chinese girl can transform into a beautiful girl but not such alike as on AB. Most of the pics might not be fabricated, but taken by a professional photographer after doing professional, Hollywood actress-alike make up including hairdresing for hours. Things is something even a wealthy girl can't afford in these countries and won't afford until marriage. And it's good to know that chinese girls, also these from Mongolia and Kazakstan avoid the internet... and for people interested in these they might find them on free sites like badoo, plentyoffish or hi5 (where hi5 highly sucks) or go to pay sites where also the lady has to play like All of these sites have in common that you can chat about everything and exchange personal or contact information. And for sure there won't be a girl where the daddy pays a house... I heard from some vietnamese families paying 50.000$ to get a girl in to the US, but basicalls for make her setting up a family business for importation.

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  • Ca
      20th of May, 2013

    Steve (different from the one above) ****I have wasted thousands of dollars on this site. I intentionally overlooked the obviously model-like pictures, assuming every woman wants her best face on this site. I am not different than most men and was immediately attracted to one very beautiful and well built lady. A 9-month online relationship ensued. All the Wo Ai Ni's (I Love you's) and words apparently were just that...WORDS!

    For you that think being too harsh on this site is wrong to do, let me explain some things. Asian Beauties(AB) is very careful to follow the laws they have to in order to keep operating legally. They do this very astutely. But like any crime organization, they have layers of insulation. The ladies all come from various outside agencies that AB can blame if things go awry. But following the law has nothing to do with shady business practices. If they operated out of the U.S., the Better Business Bureau would give them a failed rating, certainly. If you try to call them on these shady practices, they will claim they have followed the law and cannot be held responsible for the conduct of these outside agencies. Their own scam and fraud policy allows these sites 4 frauds per outside agency before they shut them down from usage. In the U.S. one probably would do it?

    No one scammed me out of any least not outright. No one used my credit card information illegally. But this is what happens that is so shady and despicable. It's quite natural after continued getting to know one another (online or otherwise) to feel your heart falling for someone who is sweet, pleasant, and shows a real interest in you. If she is pretty, seems smart, and, my friend, will fall like any other man would. Like all relationship, that occur over time, you feel like you are beginning to know each other and a certain trust takes place. But you tend to overlook some things that after looking back seem not only suspicious, but downright devious.

    The girl I was with held my dreams and my emotions. Initially I used just about all of AB's services in some manner. It was really expensive, and I must have been nuts to continue, but when your heart is full of someone, you do things like that. But after a while, I started pushing her to start using communication outside the AB fold. I did eventually get her email address and phone number. But when I tried to call her, her phone only worked half the time and the other half she either didn't answer it or claimed her English was so bad, that she was ashamed to talk to me and hung up on me. Funny, because her profile said her English was of intermediate nature...meaning she surely understood some English and was capable of speaking at least some kind of pigeon English to me. So I tried using the site's translated telephone service, but they did not inform me when my credits were gone and unbenounced to me I ran up a huge phone bill that was just ridiculous in how much they charged. So I stopped trying to call her by phone. I wrote to her email almost daily for a good period of time. If I used the on-site translated mail system they have, it costs 10 credits (about $7.50) to send a letter to her and another 10 credits to read her translated response. When I would get her letters back on there, they were long, but always started out with the very same paragraph, as if a form letter was being used. When I attempted to get her to write to my personal free email, she would sometimes respond and sometimes not. But when she did, the very most I would get was about 2 sentences. I begged her to write me long letters there like she did on AB, but she never did. So if you really want to communicate a feeling, or question you have, then you are kind of forced back to using AB's mail system to express those types of things. She was never a big writer tho and preferred their chat system on AB. At a credit a minute, if you only chat for an hour every night, your weekly outlay is around $400. just for that week. I did that for a while, but it just got to be ridiculous. So I attempted to get her to download a QQ messenger (Chinese chat system) onto her computer, or to become a member of Yahoo. Both systems have translated chat messengers that could be used freely without charge. First she claimed her old computer could not download these things. I sent her links to go to sites that had such free downloads...but she claimed she could not get my links I sent to open properly. So back to AB we go to chat some more and watch my money disappear. Thinking she was just computer illiterate, I told her to find someone to help her download one of these things, but of course, that never happened. I even found some sites online that had chat mechanisms that no download was required, and again she claimed she could not get the links (I sent to her) to these sites to open or work. Back to AB we go again and more money gone. For the money I spent chatting, I could have bought her several brand new computers that would have downloaded things just fine.

    No matter what I did to try and get us away from AB, there was always some reason, excuse, or dislike of doing so on her part. When her birthday came around, I asked for her address, so I could send her a birthday gift. Not so unusual...or I didn't think so? She refused to give it to me and said her roommate had been followed home by some guy and it scared her so much that she wouldn't allow my girl to give out her address...???????? Again, the only option I have left is to use the flower/gift services on AB. And if you start checking, you realize in short order that their flowers and gifts cost twice what anywhere else is asking. So I dropped $100 and sent her the cheapest flowers I could find on their site. She was informed immediately that she had these flowers, but again they didn't deliver them to her home, but to the local AB affiliate site. She took 2 weeks to go get them. I'm sure they were mostly dead by then?

    You would think I would start noticing some of these things...and I did, but I can be a little slow sometimes. There were other things noticing that she was always online on AB...from 7:30 AM to 9:00PM every day, including weekends. Why? She was always there to answer my chat calls and never gone. Who does that? Eventually I started questioning her as to why she insisted on us using AB and complaining about the high costs involved. I asked to help me and us find a cheaper way to communicate, but all this did was make her upset that I was bad-mouthing AB and she never made even one attempt to help find some way to find a cheaper way to communicate.

    So once I started getting really suspicious, I did some investigating. Seems like my story is very similar to many other guys that have dealt with AB. There is never any out and out attempts to take your money, but they shut down any avenue of communication outside of using AB. It can easily rise to thousands of dollars over time. They know what they are doing. The entire thing is set up to sucker you onto using AB and it's services. The women used may not even be the woman inn the pictures you have been so in love with all that time. Or if they are, they are (online all the time) gaining some kind of incentive for keeping you coming back to their chat/letter systems. Who knows how many guys one woman handles at a time? I have read where translators there have impersonated the lady in the pictures, but how do you verify this? My lady was supposedly in Shenzhen, where many of them are from. I did a reverse IP address check on her email address and it said her computer was belonging to some other Chinese woman's name I have never heard of before and in Beijing, not in Shenzhen.

    So I wrote to her and confronted her with all these things. I asked her to please explain, but instead, she dropped off the face of the earth and does not respond to me at all now. No explanation forthcoming. And I know if I contact AB with any of this, they will just say the lady does exist, but no longer wishes to communicate with me. I know they will claim no laws are broken. Of course the lady exists...I can see real pictures of her. But is she the person I have been communicating with, and spending my hard-earned money on? Or someone else impersonating her? Maybe she is that woman, but have they been paying her to keep me chatting on AB with her? Or maybe threatening her if she doesn't? Incentives can be good or bad when in a developing nation. Who knows the answers to these questions? I only know I feel like I have been completely deceived and my heart is literally broken. There may not have been any laws broken, but who pays for that? You don't have to break laws to be shady and completely evil. Evil comes in all forms. I am taking down the pictures of her I had hanging on my bedroom wall. She will say I made her lose face, but it is my foolish face that is in the mud, and my wallet that is empty, so forgive me if I am not so worried about her losing face. I would say to anyone thinking this site is innocent and the ladies should not be condemned rapidly, wait until you have your wallet drained and your heart broken by their on-going deceptive practices. Then maybe you will come to see the light.

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  • 93
      15th of Apr, 2019

    @calsz1 calsz1 do u know the Chinese government is very paranoid they have and use firewalls to block monitor censor all types communications like phone calls emails? I am very patient and is it wrong to think that just maybe there has to be a very few rare exceptions of finding a honest for real lady on the site I have been contacting a Chinese lady for a few months and all her pics she send are different are mostly selfies And yes she dresses very nice As a wise move I think that here on this site we men whom has been on asiandate or are still there should exchange any ladies ID# to each other of any lady that claim we are her only man so we each can contact them to check see if these ladies whom we have been writing and chatting too are real and if they are being honest about if they have 1 man already only To find out if they are not lying to us So, are there any volunteers on this site that I can give u a ladies ID# from asiandate to see if she isn't lying to me and u let me know

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  • Fr
      26th of May, 2013

    This site operate like and i wrote to their customer service as follow; [censored] you, International cheat, lady maybe real, correspondents were done by worker of the agency, you cheat me and thousands of genuine man looking for wife and you cheat openly without fearing the authority punishment, useless Chinese Government, allowing such scam operating in your door step
    I am a real stupid fool to be scam by you. IDIOT

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  • Ew
      27th of May, 2013

    I too fell for same ### as all these other guys did, and it is my own stupidity, because I knew they were scamming me. I kept at it, because I had not read the latest on AB complaints. What I had read a few months ago, did not tell me one way or another, if I should stay away, and if I had read this a few days ago, I could have saved myself a lot of money. I have been scammed by these different sites, several of them, but I just keep hoping that there is someone that is real in this ###ed up world. Watch out for the Filipinos, there are many scammers there, even though you are talking to them direct. Not all Filipinos are bad, but there some that are sure make the rest of the country look bad. It cost me $500 there just for one girl that was suppose to get a visa, but then I started catching her in all kinds of lies. As far as AB, I just got scammed for $400, because I thought this one girl was real. She suggested that I call her when we were chatting, so we could exchange information, and I thought she spoke some English. So I set up an appointment to call her, even though it was 3 30 am my time. There was suppose to be an interpreter, but when I got the call, the interpreter started out like she could understand me, but when we started exchanging email addresses, she acted like she could not understand. It took about 40 minutes to exchange 2 email addresses, literally. I was really getting upset, because I knew she was trying to eat up the minutes. In fact in the middle of it, I had to buy more credits. So all together, just to make that phone call cost over $400, for about 45 minutes. I had a feeling I got scammed, until after I finally hung up, because I had run out of credits again. I didn't think the girl, who by the way was called Angelbaby, had gotten my email address, until I got an email from someone who said it was her. But I haven't been able to hear from her again. I tried to call my bank to stop payment on some of the money I spent, but guess what, it was a holiday. So I don't know whether I can get some of my money back or not. Most of guys that are doing this, can afford to get scammed some, but I am retired on disability. My fortune was wiped out by my past, 3 ex-wives, a lot of girl friends, ex-fiances, all for that little or sometimes big, patch of hair between a womans thighs. Us guys are really ###ed up in the head, which is between our legs, also. I gave up on women for several years, especially American women, because they are a bunch of spoiled brats, ever since the 70's, ###ing women's lib, and us men keep letting it get out of hand. Look at some of the ### in Washington that are trying to run this country, like that ###ing Nancy Pelosi. Whoa, got to stay away from politics here, cause I really get irritated. You know several years ago, . when I was trucking, I stopped at a porno truck stop one time, and bought a fake lower torso of a woman, all with the pussy and everything, $300. It looked and felt real, like a woman. I should have kept the damn thing, it would have been cheaper.

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  • Fr
      29th of May, 2013,, are of same company.
    International cheat, lady maybe real, correspondents were done by worker of the agency, they cheat me and thousands of genuine man looking for wife and they cheat openly without fearing the authority punishment, useless Chinese Government, allowing such scam operating in your door step.
    Their love call is real expensive at approx.USD8/per min. A lady arrange to have a direct call with me and I will have to initiate by calling a Hong Kong number and then connect to the lady and it cost me USD100plus for a mere 15 minute talk, the agency knew i will ask the lady her phone number, they allocate an un answer number for the lady to gave it to me and again, deny me a chance having direct contact with the lady. This serve to inform anyone here never be trick to use love call. A very simple and clever ploy and it worked wonder.
    Anyone guess, the photo shown and the lady I talk to may not be the same lady, probably an impersonate person

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  • Co
      19th of Jun, 2013

    I downloaded all data from alone you can see how the bots are about more than 15, 000 users generated pictures are changed and not only do you have some real girls also pass the username ect. mEMBER that this site is a fraud network and stay away from these sites! Have fun! And good 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      1st of Sep, 2014

    I completely agree with all of you who have a complain about this site. I have in this site for a while now. I found a way to chat for free indefinitely every 3 minutes here is how: 1) at the starting screen fill-in the required fields "Name", "E-mail"(I recommend using,,,, and, and "Password(please use only random numbers!!)". Once you are done chatting for the first three minutes DO NOT LOG OFF; instead if you are using OPERA go to "History (control+H)" and click "clear browsing data.." After that click in the girls Image profile and it should send you to the screen where you need to fill-in the following fields: "Your Name", "Your Birthday", "Your E-mail" and "Password" and click "Sign Up Now" . NOTE: please use the same info as the one I provided above to fill-in THE PASSWORD AND E-MAIL FIELD. IMPORTANT!!! If for any reason this stop working; let's say it takes longer than usual to load the page... PLEASE use or install any program to erase all trace of your browsing history; I personally use CCleaner you can get the free version it should work just fine. HOPE YOU FIND THIS INFO USEFUL... do not get deceive by this girls THE Y ARE FAKE!!! Finally I have been in contact with some of the girls out of the site... (sorry I won't provide names I respect their privacy) BUT I CAN TELL YOU NONE OF THIS GIRLS ARE SERIOUS!!!... we hardly chat online using QQ Tencent and they never really send me any LETTERS AT ALL using our own private E-mail and when I called to China to talk with this girls they NEVER ANSWER MY CALL or when they do we don't really TALK AT ALL because they keep insisting THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING.

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  • Ra
      21st of Oct, 2018 - Amount chargedebited to my credit card without my knowledge and permission.
    United States

    Today on 26th July a sum of Rs .643.59 has been debited to my credit card no 4166441502963166. I have not requested any service. Please note that I shall take legal action as it is repeated . Few days back also similar amount was debited. This is very serious . I advise to remove my profile from site .
    Rajendra Kumar Joshi
    Udaipur. INDIA.

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  • Ra
      21st of Oct, 2018 - Amount Rs.643.94 debited to my credit card without my permission
    United States

    On 21.07 .2017 a sum of Rs .643.94 debited to my credit card no 4166441502963166 was debited . I have not requested any transaction.
    Then why this amount debited and without my permission. My name is Rajendra Kumar Joshi. My email address is [protected] I objects this very strongly and this amount should be refunded immediately.

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  • Ce
      20th of Nov, 2018 - Debit card inquiry.
    United States

    I don't have a credit card at the moment but I do have a debit card. How can I go about and use my debit card to pay for your services.

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  • Ka
      11th of Dec, 2018 - Chat Registration

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Am Kumar, have done the payment of USD 96 by mistake through the reference number 24906418329063993103424.

    I would request to you reverse the amount back to my credit card and i would be grateful to you.

    Am not interested to use this web-site so am requesting for a reversal.

    Thank you

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  • 93
      15th of Apr, 2019

    can anyone do me a favor? maybe save me some $$$ If I give any man here who is registered on asiandate still a few ladies ID# Can u contact them on the site see if they want to begin a relationship with u?" OR they will tell u they already have a man only 1 man on the site they are in a relationship with now That they are not looking for any other men/man on the site any more Don't let them know u are doing this for me Yes its ''spying'' but I rather be ''spying'' than them ''lying'' to me wasting my time and money on asiandate site

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  • Ju
      7 hrs 13 mins ago

    @93fender There's no need to test, you will never be their only man.

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