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Asia Miles / Asia Miles - Poor Customer Service

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Asia Miles has the worse customer service out of all the airline loyalty programs in the world. Their phone system and website are not user friendly at all. I understand they are trying to make their customer to do everything online, but if they are making their website so not user friendly, people will have to end up calling or emailing them. (Oh, there's no email address on their website...)

I tried to change my personal information online but I don't have a PIN. In order to retrieve a PIN I have to submit my membership number and email address. So after entering these info, an error message popped up saying these info doesn't match their database. Ok...Then I saw "send us your queries" for members only. And I thought I could get some help there, but no! Because it's asking for my membership number AND my PIN which I don't have! So I end up calling their 24/7 CS hotline, which I was put on hold for more than twenty minutes. At first I thought maybe they are busy in the weekend perhaps I should call back during the week. But it doesn't matter because even I called early morning weekday there's still no one answer. It's like they purposely put you on hold for a long time so that you will give up eventually. It makes me wonder if anyone really work at their office. Oh, aother funny thing about calling Asia Miles CS hotline is they will ask you to do an optional three minutes customer survey after you spoke to their CS rep. I guess this survey doesn't make much different after all because the customer might have already hung up after a long wait.

It is disappointing to know how poor Asia Miles' customer service is. They need to improve the quality of their service if they want more people to join their program. Now I'm stuck with the online check in because I don't have a PIN. Instead I will have to go to the airport a few hours prior my flight time in order to grab a good seat. It's like back to the 90's...

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  • Ti
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    I totally with you here. I am having the same problem. I'm trying to contact the customer service but have absolutely no way to get through them. I will probably close down my Asia Miles account (as well as my family's) and switch to other airline loyalty programs pretty soon.

  • De
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    I am a 100% agreed with several complaints that I have read. I am having problem in trying to know how many miles is needed for a round trip ticket from
    LAX to PVG for the World Expo which being held in Shanghai till October 2010. For 2-3 days, I was unable to either get through them by phone in HK or
    international toll free line, the important thing is our mileage will be expired at the end of August 2010 for about 18000 miles for each of us.

    I believe, you do care for your customers, do you? Please give us a call back, my first initial is D and last name is Watanakul. I am sure you have our contact
    phone number. Thank you.

  • Mr
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    In order to help your friends or family who have Asia Miles, please give them this email address if they need to email them. But don't expect a fast response. Last time I was trying to login to my account but don't have a PIN and I waited two days for their response. I think there's only two people working for them. Unfortunately in Asia they are the biggest airline loyalty program that's why if you travel a lot in Asia you have to use them to accumulate your mileage. However, if you know you are only going to fly with Cathay Pacific, then I would suggest you to use their own loyalty program, which is the Marco Polo Club. It's something like HK$50 per year membership fee and you get more perks with them when you check in or at the gate. At least they have a separate counter for all club memebers.

    I remeber looking up redeeming a flight ticket on Asia Miles too and I think the lowest is 50000 miles from Hong Kong to Asia. From US to China is probably 80000 miles or more. I'm not sure though. I suggest you to get your login and PIN for your account rather than talking those idiots at Asia Miles. It's much more efficient that way. Good Luck.

  • Ag
      2nd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    From my past experience, it usually takes more than an hour [call] waiting time. Last September we've got a [redeemed] ticket cancelled, they are supposed to refund me the tax and fuel surcharge. But up to this point, i.e. 8 months later, I am still expecting the $$$. The customer service hotline said they couldn't help! What sort of service is it????

  • Ur
      31st of Aug, 2011
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    It takes forever to get into them. One biggest and shocking thing happened to me was up to August 30th, 2011 my Asia Mile account was active and when I booked to use my remaining miles August 30th, 2011 it went through, but the next day (August 31st, 2011) I tried to log-in in my account to check status of my booking, it did not make me do it. It says my Account is INACTIVE????. So I phoned RBC where I get Asia Miles as their partner airmiles, Ms. Shirley from RBC told me that my RBC account has nothing to do with what I accummulated for Asia Miles, that, although I canceled my RBC Visa Card - what I earned for Asia Miles is STILL VALID. At the moment I'm on the phone ON HOLD with Asia Miles 1 877 631 6283 for at least 30 minutes already. To earn Asia Miles I PAID interest! Have I just scammed?!

  • Jo
      27th of Dec, 2011
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    My account no is1034502792 and my husband no is 1005247120, since we have move to new address, we haven't recieve your membership cards and pin no. would you please send me as soon as possible, thank you! My telephone no. is 90186466 Miss Tong please contact me if you need.

  • No
      10th of May, 2012
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    Until today, May 2012, nothing is done. I cannot get hold of anybody, i am still on hold as i type this complaint for 2 full hours now. Is Asia Miles HK is filing for bunkruptcy? i better switch now

  • Jo
      25th of Aug, 2015
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    OMG, the worse experience of all, as above, I emailed hundred of times, called by toll free, NO response at all.What kind of airline is this, I think because most of your customers are from HongKong, they don't care, But how about us who are frequent flyers. you have no respect . I waited more than 1/2 hour on the phone to redeem ny expiring miles and they won't even give me an answer. To redeem rewards on their website, is very difficult. I am not finished, I will wage a war, and or complain to the BBB.

  • Yo
      31st of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    my id is 1523950086. i can login few minutes ago. while after i booked a hotel at city garden hongkong and it need a date of birth verification, it went wrong and automatically log out and cant login anymore. it is written that my information for login is not recognised or is different with the record. while i could login 30 minutes ago. for your information, my miles was expired 17minutes ago. it is a scam...

  • Fr
      31st of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    My mileage expires October 31st. It is 10/31/15, but its not even midnight here in Los Angeles! I am so furious right now! I can see that my miles have been deducted... I called several times yesterday regarding logging in to my account, no answer! What kind of crappy service is this?! I am so ready to get rid of all my miles and buy cheaper plane tickets.

    Does anyone know if I can file complaint to BBB even though they are not on the list? can I file complaint to CX instead? Thanks!

  • An
      20th of Apr, 2016
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    I redeemed Premium Economy class for both me & my husband 11months (almost a year ahead) way BEFORE my travel dates since my miles were expiring. I was traveling from Bangkok to Milan and coming back from Paris (both trips via Hong Kong as Cathay Pacific doesn't have direct flights from Bangkok).

    Routing as follows:

    The lady from the Asiamiles call center confirmed that both short legs from BKK-HK and HK-BKK will be on Economy class since the aircraft will not have Premium Economy. It was fair enough so I booked & confirmed all the seats (except for the last short leg HK-BKK that was a seat REQUEST...which was a bit confusing).

    Somehow before my travel date Cathay staff called me from Hong Kong to say there has been slight time change and I will be upgraded to business class on the first trip from Bangkok to Hong Kong. It was a good surprise.

    I didn't do online checkin at all as I thought all my seats were confirmed, until I was coming back from Paris & they said my last leg from HK-BKK i'll be sitting APART from my husband & both of us will be seated SANDWICHED in between other passengers in the 3-seat-rows!!! WTH!!!

    I'm like NO THAT's not possible...I've requested certain seats since 11months ago and when booking is open the request should've gone through!! After a while they said its fully booked & they couldn't do anything about it at Paris nor at the HK airport so my husband & I just had to bear with it for approximately 3hours (we came to teems with it since it probably was my fault to not do online checkin prior to departure for that HK-BKK trip.)

    When i got on the plane, I was in SHOCK to find out that THERE WAS INDEED A PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS on that particular leg from Hong Kong to Bangkok!!! I felt CHEATED by the airline for not notifying me at all & DEDUCTED IN FULL ALL MY POINTS as PREMIUM ECONOMY (150, 000 points for 2 passengers), plus my seat request was TOTALLY OVERLOOKED!

    And when i asked the ground staff in HK they called to check and the answer was "Your ticket was issued as economy class and YOU AGREEDTHEN with this!"

    So if I HAD AGREED on the phone 11months ago with the Asiamiles call center to take Economy class on the two short legs when THEY WERE THE ONE TO INFORM ME that there's NO PREMIUM ECONOMY on that particular flight (eventhough THERE LATER WAS A PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS), then there's nothing they can do to help because the redemption ticket has already been issued!

    I don't think its just and fair to treat your client's like this! Eventhough we booked way in advance they shouldn't have overlooked us like this! Otherwise, whats the point of First Come First Serve??? My husband & I won't be using Asiamiles from now on from their indifference to my situation & very harsh way of speaking from the HK Cathay ground staff! Although we didn't purchase the tickets, they should treat us better than being shoved aside from staff to another. We are truly disappointed with the LOW LEVEL of SERVICE & very UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

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