Ashley Stewartrude store manager

Do not... I repeat... Do not shop at the ashley stewart in woodlawn ohio!!! The store manager is racist & disrespectful! I went with my sister & toodles yesterday because I had diva dollars. No one greeted us nor did they offer their assistance. During checkout, my sister was accused of marking down a sweater that she was trying to purchase by the store manager! I asked her if there was a possibility that it was a marked down in error & she says "no someone wrote the price on the ticket!" I asked her if she was insinuating that we had done so & she says "no but I can't honor this price (Sweater was $9.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH98 but she says it was really $11 & change) !" so this is where I went in! I let her know that I ran that store for 3 years (Employed 10 years) & she was to honor the pricing on the ticket (And good cst serv would have never informed us that it was mismarked) ! We went back & forth, round for round (Customers are in line agreeing with me by the way) , finally I asked for her dm's name & phone #. She jotted a number down, I look at it & say you must think i'm a damn fool! This is corporate's phone #! She forgot I used to work there I guess. She refused to give me her dm's name & phone # so we put our things back & I told her I would find out who her dm was! I made a few phone calls & obtained her dm's personal cell. She was surprised that I had her number & long story short (Lol) she tried to recruit me but I declined. I told her that I would never step foot in there as long as she's store manager.

Jan 30, 2017

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