Sahalie Complaints & Reviews

Sahalie / customer service

Jun 02, 2018

I enjoy the clothes from this company however dealing with the customer service is an experience from Twilight Zone. I have made over 25 calls and the matter still is not resolved. They have sent and charged me for a pair of pants I did not order, billed me twice for the same jacket and in...

Sahalie / don't deal with them

Oct 27, 2017

Can anyone explain why their clothes are so overpriced? What exactly are we paying for? * for the best quality? Nah-ah, I wish it was the best one. But in fact, it's cheap and not worth this money * for looking the same like the photos on the website? No, the pictures are obviously stolen. *...

Sahalie / dansko demetra sandal

Jul 24, 2017

I placed an order on Friday 7/21/17 and received an email on Sunday 7/23/17 for 35% off site wide. I called customer service and was told my order could not be adjusted. I have done business with other companies and they have always adjusted the order. I will seek out another company that appreciates my business, as I see this as an unfair business practice.

Sahalie / sahalie vip

Jul 07, 2017

I made a purchase online in July of 2015; I made another purchase shortly thereafter, since that time I have been charged $14.97 monthly for each purchase. Sahalie has a sister company called Cuddledown that does the same thing, they get your credit card and begin charging you each month...

Sahalie / sahalie vip plus program

Jun 30, 2016

I never signed up for this, and I just found out that they have been charging my credit card $14.95/mo for over a year! That's almost as much as my Netflix, and I haven't gotten anything out of it. I will NEVER shop Sahalie again! Tried calling the number to cancel this but it i...

Sahalie / unethical behaviour - charged, but not shipped

Apr 26, 2016

I placed an order on April 14. I received a confirmation of the order with by bill to address and ship to address with a way to track my order, just like most every order I place on the internet. Ten days later, I tried to verify shipping on the link provided in the initial email order...

Sahalie/Blair / Unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 23, 2016

I was unknowingly signed up for the Sahalie VIP Loyalty program. Apparently when ordering from the company you must choose Not to sign up for this program and click on a box. I did not see this option and 7 months later discovered that I've been charged $14.95 per month. This is a...

Sahalie VIP Plus / Credit Card Service

Nov 03, 2015

I signed up for Sahalie VIP credit card. After I received the order, and returned it, I decided to cancel the credit card. I did this on July 9, 2015. On August 11, 2015, I got another statement saying I had a late fee and a finance charge. I called to get these errant late fees dropped...

Sahalie / customer service

Oct 14, 2015

I placed an order on 10/12/15 (order #[protected]) and on 10/13/15 I received a catalog with a promo code. I had not received an email that my item had shipped yet, so I called customer service. I have had experience with other companies adjusting the bill when it is that close of a time to...

Sahalie Rewards / vip rewards/scam

Oct 04, 2015

I placed an order in June 2015. Loved the clothing lines they had as well as their shoes. Upon placing the order, I was asked if I wanted to save $15.00 off the order by signing up for Sahalie VIP rewards. Ok. sure. Then I saw they charged me back for the $15.00 of savings and continued to...

Sahalie / vip plus scam

Oct 21, 2013

I placed an order with sahalie in dec 2012 and was signed up for their VIP PLUS program through placing the order. I wasn't aware of signing up for anything and wax charged $14.97 a month since that date. My husband never questioned the charges because he assumed I authorized these...

Sahalie Rewards Program / deceptive practices


I purchased a fleece shirt in December 2009 on Sahalie's on-line store. The next month I noticed that there was an additional charge called Sahalie Rewards. I called the number and they explained what it was. I never signed up for this additional expense, or unknown to me, I did not...

NTO Sahalie Rewards / unauthorized charges each month


A monthly charge of $14. 95 is being applied to my credit card with out authorization

Sahalie / unauthorized charges


I placed an order with this company in August 2011. In September there was a charge on my credit card for $1.95. In October, November, December and January 2012 there has been a charge for $14.95. I just discovered it on my card listed as Sahalie Rewards. I "googled" that term, and found...

Sahalie Rewards / unauthorized monthly billing


I purchased something from the catalog Sahalie 18 months ago and must have done something to get a discount, but it was so long ago that I don't remember. Somehow I got signed up for the Sahalie Rewards program without knowing it. Turns out that, unlike other rewards programs that have...

Sahalie Rewards / theft


Somehow these people got my credit card number when I ordered some clothes from Sahalie for a friend in a nursing home. I just realized I have been charged $14.95 a month for the last three months. I called and talked to someone named "Angela" in pretty much not the United States I'm...

Sahalie / unautherized credit card charges


Don't ever shop with SAHALIE! I ordered something from them last year and got signed up for a $14.95/mth "reward program" that is basically a sham from another company. They set up an ad at the end of your purchase that offers you $15 off on your next purchase. When you enter your...

Sahalie (Rewards) / deceitful


I will never do business with Salhalie again. They have great items but: they are running a "legal" but questionable program called "SAHALIE REWARDS". I never signed up for this and they have been billing $14.95 per month to my VISA. Salhalie rewards claims they are located...

Sahalie / poor quality products and lack of customer service


I have spent quite a bit of money with this company in a short amount of time; I love 100% cotton clothing. However, some of the clothing from Sahalie is definitely not worth the money. Sweat pants develop holes, have seams that are off-center and seams that come apart. I've also had...

Sahalie Reward Program / unauthorized charge to credit card for rewards program


Like others, I have also been a victim of Sahalie's unauthorized use of credit card information and registration for a rewards program. I just called Sahalie and they gave me the run-around about the issue and kept telling me to call the vendor, Encore Marketing. This is a despicable...

Sahalie Rewards Program / did not authorize


Be cautious when ordering from this company. Checking a box that states that you would like to receive discounts and rewards from this company will charge your credit card $14.95 each month without your direct authorization. Calling the "dispute charges" number provided by my credit card...

Sahalie / simply terrible


I have ordered several times from Sahalie in the past and there previous name "Early Winters" and never had any problems until this December. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a catalog company. I placed my order of 3 items on the morning of Dec. 11, plenty of time to...

Sahalie / poor customer service


Buyers beware! This company has an incredibly rude and inefficient customer service department. Who knows what's going on in the warehouse! There seems to be a fundamental lack of concern regarding the product delivery process. I placed an internet order on Friday afternoon and as of...

Sahalie Rewards / fraudulent charges


BEWARE OF THIS PROGRAM!!! This is one of the biggest scams I've run into. One month ago, shortly after ordering some sandals from Sahalie, I got an e-mail from them to sign up for their new Sahalie Rewards program. This is a company that I used to do sporadic business with and thought...

Sahalie / rewards scam


To say that I am angry is an understatement. I, too, have been scammed by Sahalie for the 14.95 per month. When I called Encore Marketing, they said that I knowing signed up for the rewards program on a 30 day trial, checked the box, and when I didn't cancel, they began billing me...

Sahalie / scam


I ordered from Sahalie, and in Jan. 2008 just started, but did not complete, to enroll for a rewards program to get 15% off my order. Without ever informing me, they have been deducting $14.95 off my credit card every month for the past 15 months. (what a fool i've been seeing these...

Sahalie / sahalie rewards program


My husband ordered a watch for me from Sahalie as a Christmas gift. He did not authorize any rewards program. He did not take any discount on the watch he ordered. Months later, in March, we see a charge to his credit card for 14.95 for the Sahalie Rewards membership. I called Sahalie and...

Sahalie / horrible customer service


Sahalie has HORRIBLE customer service. They charge you for items not shipped. They pay no attention to the fact the you paid extra for rush shipping. Also, they say items are in stock, but are not. They won't answer your question, either. They only give canned responses that don't even pertain to your questions.

Sahalie Rewards / charge my account without permission


After ordering an item from the web site, I was added to Sahalie's "Sahalie Rewards" program without my consent. I discovered a charge of $14.95 on my credit card in January and immediately called my credit card company to register a dispute and also called "Sahalie Rewards" to cncel...

Sahalie / not shipping items, keeping money


I placed approximately $200 in orders with Sahalie and it did not ship them. When I called to ask for upgraded shipping to ensure timely arrival, I got no response. I cancelled the orders via email, and when a customer service agent called, confirmed the cancellation by phone, and thought...

Sahalie / fraud



Sahalie / poor customer service, not shipping items


I ordered items from Sahalie on Nov. 30th. A few days after placing order the order was in "In stock, Ready to Ship" status. It has remained in that status ever since. I've called. I've emailed. Each call I was told "Order is ready to ship and will ship any day now". When I...

Sahalie / shipping


I ordered 2 items (same item, 2 colors) on 12/9/2008. Both items were in stock when I ordered according to the website. After a week, and they still hadn't shipped, I tried to call and could never get through, so I finally sent an email to their customer service with my concerns about...

Sahalie / failure to ship order


Buyer beware: I placed an online order with this company for a couple Christmas gifts on 12/10/08. Though the website assured me the gifts were in stock and would deliver in time for Christmas, it is now 12/22/08 and the order has never even been shipped. In a call to the company last...

Sahalie / customer service


I placed an order with Sahalie in order to receive the products before the Christmas holidays. Their catalog says that In Stock items will be received within 4-8 business days. Most of the items I ordered were in stock. 7 days later the items still have not shipped. Calls and emails to...

Sahalie / merchandise has never shipped


I ordered some items for an upcoming trip to Colorado on December 14, 2008 and requested their VIP delivery service. Per the shipping information on the website, orders placed before 2 pm EST will be shipped the same day and will be received in 2-3 business days. I ordered after 2pm, so...

Sahalie Rewards / unathorized charges to my debit card


I discovered a $14.95 charge on November 26 from Sahalie Rewards on my bank statement. I had never heard of Sahalie Rewards so this made no sense. I did purchase one item via the internet from Sahalie in October. I assume they used a deceptive means of getting me to "accept" a membership...

Sahalie / rewards membership scam


Sahalie catalog is CHARGING for their rewards membership...I placed an order with them, and don't even recall authorizing a charge for a rewards program. I then got a rewards catalog in the mail - the catalog has the membership rules in it (once you get to page 51), but I haven't...

Sahalie Rewards Program / scammed by sahalie rewards program


I purchased items from Sahalie in the past. Recently, my husband, who pays on our credit cards, discovered that the Bank Card, used for Sahalie purchases has been charged a regular monthly fee of $14.95 for the Sahalie Rewards Program, which I have never used. I did not authorized thi...