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customer service

I enjoy the clothes from this company however dealing with the customer service is an experience from Twilight Zone. I have made over 25 calls and the matter still is not resolved. They have sent and charged me for a pair of pants I did not order, billed me twice for the same jacket and in the end only refunded me a tenth of what was owed. I finally paid the debt collector $20.00 just to close out the experience. I will never order from them again.

don't deal with them

Can anyone explain why their clothes are so overpriced? What exactly are we paying for?
* for the best quality? Nah-ah, I wish it was the best one. But in fact, it's cheap and not worth this money
* for looking the same like the photos on the website? No, the pictures are obviously stolen.
* for fast shipping and delivery? I personally waited for two months.
* for a great customer service? I doubt. I have never experienced anything worse than dealing with these [censored]s.

My advice: don't shop with them unless you have extra money and time.

  • Mo
    Momokitty Jul 17, 2018

    I agree this company is the absolute worst! Don't order from them. I placed an order 3 months ago and have yet to receive my merchandise! It was not backordered and then, it was! Every time it gets close to their proclaimed "ship date" I receive yet another notification that it will now be shipped on "July 6...then July August 4th" Just not nice! I am really disappointed that they keep on letting me down. Disgusted with this company.

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dansko demetra sandal

I placed an order on Friday 7/21/17 and received an email on Sunday 7/23/17 for 35% off site wide. I called...

sahalie vip

I made a purchase online in July of 2015; I made another purchase shortly thereafter, since that time I have...

sahalie vip plus program

I never signed up for this, and I just found out that they have been charging my credit card $14.95/mo for...

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unethical behaviour - charged, but not shipped

I placed an order on April 14. I received a confirmation of the order with by bill to address and ship to address with a way to track my order, just like most every order I place on the internet. Ten days later, I tried to verify shipping on the link provided in the initial email order confirmation, it showed no shipping. I sent and email to Sahalie requesting an update of shipment, no reply. Three days later, I called customer service, they told me they sent a letter by US Mail the day after my internet order on April 15, to inform me they only ship the billing address, and only ship to my shipping address if I pay an additional EXPEDITED fee...WHAT!? I said, I have never heard of such a thing. I use my PO BOX for all of my billing and my home address for delivery on all of my internet purchases, and have never had a problem before. I asked the customer service representative if she gets many calls about this problem, she said yes! Wow! how messed up is this? Any how, she said they would ship to my PO box, I said, "please do." Maybe they thought I would forget placing this order and keep my money. Or maybe Sahalie is using the time to float their cash flow. Bottom line, this is not the way to do business ever!. Buyer beware with this company. I will post again, to update receipt or not of this order with any additional comments. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau etc, .

Unauthorized credit card charges

I was unknowingly signed up for the Sahalie VIP Loyalty program. Apparently when ordering from the company you must choose Not to sign up for this program and click on a box. I did not see this option and 7 months later discovered that I've been charged $14.95 per month. This is a total scam and I demanded that my credit card be reimbursed for $119.76. A few months later they reimbursed my account; however, they insisted that I must had clicked on the box to authorize this. But I wouldn't have authorized this silly promotion ever. I will never buy from this company again.

Credit Card Service

I signed up for Sahalie VIP credit card. After I received the order, and returned it, I decided to cancel the credit card. I did this on July 9, 2015. On August 11, 2015, I got another statement saying I had a late fee and a finance charge. I called to get these errant late fees dropped. (I spoke to Crystal.) On September 23, 2015, I had to call again. This time I spoke to Luke (reference # 5049) about removing late fees bringing balance to $00. Then I was transferred to Janie (reference # 685740) to close Sahalie account. The next day, I got another letter saying I owed $45, and that this would be reported to the national credit reporting agencies. So I called again. They said that my balance was $00. I asked that the representative, Crystal, send a letter confirming that my account was closed, and that I had a $00 balance. On November 3, I called again to request this letter. I spoke to Kylie (ID # T683-608. I asked for a letter saying that my account had been closed and that I had a $00 balance. She said that the letters are not generated by a person and one will come saying the account is closed and a separate one would come saying I had a $00 balance. They should arrive between 5-7 business days. I hope this happens, and that this is the last time I need to spend time on this issue!

customer service

I placed an order on 10/12/15 (order #[protected]) and on 10/13/15 I received a catalog with a promo code. I had not received an email that my item had shipped yet, so I called customer service. I have had experience with other companies adjusting the bill when it is that close of a time to when you placed your order. The person I spoke to was immediately rude. With a condescending and rude tone, she started telling me that promo codes are not retroactive and "it says it right there"...I had the newly received catalogue in front of me and it did not say that. When I said I wasn't happy with Sahalie's customer service, she said, "I AM customer service" I asked her to check if my order could be cancelled as I had not received an email that it had been shipped. She said it had been shipped (but tracking online did not say it had shipped). She said, in a very unpleasant tone, that I had already used a promo code anyway and cannot use two. I had the free shipping promo, but the new promo code was for 25% off of orders above 149.00, which my order definitely was as it totaled 237.00. email that the order had been placed said I would receive confirmation when it shipped. It is 10/14...still no confirmation email. When I checked on my order via the tracking today...still has not been shipped. Other online companies I have ordered from will honor a promo code if you have not had your product shipped.

vip rewards/scam

I placed an order in June 2015. Loved the clothing lines they had as well as their shoes. Upon placing the order, I was asked if I wanted to save $15.00 off the order by signing up for Sahalie VIP rewards. Ok. sure. Then I saw they charged me back for the $15.00 of savings and continued to hit my CC for $14.99 each month for the past 3 months. I protested of which they apologized for my misunderstanding. Called my CC company to stop their access. I am also still fighting Sahalie to get my $75.00 back. I am ready to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

vip plus scam

I placed an order with sahalie in dec 2012 and was signed up for their VIP PLUS program through placing the...

deceptive practices

I purchased a fleece shirt in December 2009 on Sahalie's on-line store. The next month I noticed that there was an additional charge called Sahalie Rewards. I called the number and they explained what it was. I never signed up for this additional expense, or unknown to me, I did not uncheck a box to cancel this so-called service. This is incredibly unethical and deceptive. Sahalie should take responsibility for this. They would not transfer me to a manager. Although I called in January 2010, they did not cancel my monthly charge until October 2012 and then only credited back 4 months of charges. In all they charged me $500 plus in monthly fees. The Better Business Bureau will also be informed about this highly unethical practice. I will never shop at Sahalie again.

  • Me
    meganwe Jan 17, 2013

    I have had the same experience, I purchased a few items in October 2011 and they have been charging my credit $14.95 monthly since that time. I do not remember signing up for this service, but do remember contacting the company to cancel it when I first saw the charge. I just spoke with Customer service at Sahalie and told they could not do anything because the program was operated by an outside company. When I told them I never ordered this service they told me I was wrong, they had confirmation in their records. This, of course, is impossible to disprove. This is a SCAM, they promote the program as part of their company and then deny any responsibility for these highly unethical practices. Their refusal to advocate for their customers indicates they are complicit. I uploaded a pdf of this SCAM as they are currently promoting it. It does explain that there will be a monthly charge, but the blue box, likely to draw the attention of most people mentions nothing about this. It also states you can cancel at any time, that is apparently not true either. It also looks like you have to actively decline the service by clicking "No, thank you". These are highly questionable business practices, if not illegal.

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unauthorized charges each month

A monthly charge of $14. 95 is being applied to my credit card with out authorization

  • El
    Elaine1963 Feb 27, 2012

    What is this charge???? I got one on my credit card also. I plan to call them and have them credit it back to my card.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Sanvchez Mar 18, 2012

    I am encountering the same problem. I also plan to report them to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Affairs Dept of the State in which I live.

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unauthorized charges

I placed an order with this company in August 2011. In September there was a charge on my credit card for $1.95. In October, November, December and January 2012 there has been a charge for $14.95. I just discovered it on my card listed as Sahalie Rewards. I "googled" that term, and found some online forums with complaints from many other people, too. Apparently once they get your credit card number they just bill you every month. I could not log into their "for members only" site at I did not authorize this charge. I have no idea what the benefits of membership are, especially since I cannot log into the site! These people should be put out of business. I am astounded that in this country a company like this is allowed to steal money - they get your credit card number and then they use the number to take money unauthorized from your card. The receipt I have from them does not mention the monthly fee. It just shows the price of the item I purchased.

  • An
    anti-sahalie Jun 03, 2016

    Same thing for me, I ordered an item 4 weeks before xmas, it arrived 3rd week of January after much cajoling and accusations of them taking my money and running. I even tracked down the office of Norm Thompson and left messages with his PA accusing him of theft. This is probably the worst company doing business anywhere. They are ###, and to add insult to injury they added me to the "rewards club" I mean WTF. What reward? for who? don't buy from them, use their brochure for lighting a bbq but don't send them money.

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  • Re
    rewardedcustomer Jun 03, 2016

    Sahalie and their 'member services' partner has developed quite a little scam. I purchased items from Sahalie in July 2008, and have been subsequently charged $14.95 per month labeled 'Sahalie Rewards'. Actually, a quite appropriate label as it rewards Sahalie quite nicely each month for each customer charged in this manner. I never joined a rewards program with this merchant. Before the July purchase, I can't even remember the last purchase I made from this company.

    I contacted 888-528-7245, answered by a generic 'Member Services' operator and she indicated the amount charged to date for 'Sahalie Rewards' would be refunded.

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unauthorized monthly billing

I purchased something from the catalog Sahalie 18 months ago and must have done something to get a discount...


Somehow these people got my credit card number when I ordered some clothes from Sahalie for a friend in a nursing home. I just realized I have been charged $14.95 a month for the last three months. I called and talked to someone named "Angela" in pretty much not the United States I'm guessing. She said they would erase this months charge and cancel me, but I still had to pay for the first two months. I'm frustrated and have no idea if they will really cancel it or since somehow they have my credit card number I have cause to worry.

unautherized credit card charges

Don't ever shop with SAHALIE! I ordered something from them last year and got signed up for a $14.95/mth "reward program" that is basically a sham from another company. They set up an ad at the end of your purchase that offers you $15 off on your next purchase. When you enter your email address (thinking that is all they want), you are signing up for them to release your credit card to this other company (Sahalie Rewards) that seems to be based in India. They send you no confirmation email or notice and start billing you every month with a cryptic name until you notice on your statement. Mine was on a credit card I don’t use often and I didn’t notice because it was 14.95 and thought it was something else. I called for a refund and they offered me one month refund (they have been charging me for 12 months!). I finally got them up to offer me six months and to have a supervisor call me back. I also called Sahalie and they say they will work on it from their end. They are obviously aware of it but they try to say that it is legit. I disagree.

NEVER SHOP WITH THEM. Just google "Sahalie Rewards" if you want more info – you can see all the other irate customers who were duped. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


I will never do business with Salhalie again. They have great items but: they are running a "legal"...

poor quality products and lack of customer service

I have spent quite a bit of money with this company in a short amount of time; I love 100% cotton clothing. However, some of the clothing from Sahalie is definitely not worth the money. Sweat pants develop holes, have seams that are off-center and seams that come apart. I've also had evident, and quite obvious, flaws in sweatshirt fabric's colors/patterns; like a definitive v-shape pattern on the front and back neckline. I've contacted Sahalie and have not received a response regarding how to exchange these flawed clothing items without a charge to me. If their quality is lacking, they need to compensate. I have a feeling this company might be claiming bankruptcy in a year or two, seriously. Buyer beware.

unauthorized charge to credit card for rewards program

Like others, I have also been a victim of Sahalie's unauthorized use of credit card information and registration for a rewards program. I just called Sahalie and they gave me the run-around about the issue and kept telling me to call the vendor, Encore Marketing. This is a despicable practice and Sahalie should be ashamed. The fact this happens once is bad enough, but they are allowing this to happen over and over. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my state attorney general's office and with my credit card company. This is shameful and Sahalie needs to be fined for doing this.

  • Fe
    Fen54 Jan 27, 2011

    I agree! We some how became victims of Sahalie's unauthorized use of credit card information and registration for a rewards program also. We never signed up for it. We've been satisfied customers of Sahalie for years, even when they were known as Early Winters. We called their customer service and after being transfered to numerous phone rep's we spoke to someone who agreed to give us a one year refund. We'll never shop with them again!

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