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AmiClubWearcustomer service

I wanted to cancel my order as soon as I placed it. This was on a Sunday. I looked up how to cancel an order and it said cancellations could only be made through a call, and they only accept calls Monday through Friday. So I waited until Monday and called first thing. I even called during the hours they suggested. Every time, I got disconnected with an automated message saying that they were too busy and could not take my call, this happened after 16 minutes. I called five times.

I decided to try emailing even though it said not to on the site, and they sent me an email saying that it was already in processing so it couldn't be canceled. I believe processing is the first damn step. I called again to see if they could tell me something different on the phone, but they just kept telling me that once it was sent to processing that there was nothing they could do. I made sure to buy things that didn't have the "FINAL SALE" in red during checkout so I could return things, but when I read the fine print it said they could not accept returns on clearance items or items under like $12 or something like that. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I don't like to be the person who complains or gives the customer service rep a hard time because I've been there, but I really just want this cancelled!!!

AmiClubWear — frustrating

I will never do business with them again They back ordered 4 items out of 6 and gave me no dates when exactly I could expect them. 2 items arrived one month after I ordered them...

AmiClubWear — don't waste your time

Ordering from them was a big mistake. So it was the first and the last time for me. The problem is that they provide no tracking number, so it's impossible to find out where your... — Offered me a credit store! But I want a full refund!

I bought a dress from AMIClubwear for my prom and was very disappointed with its quality! Dress arrived in a timely manner and that was the only good thing about AMIClubwear...

AmiClubWear — Unpleasant experience

I like their designs and prices are also reasonable but that is not enough! I am very disappointed with AmiClubWear unprofessional service. I ordered twice from them and both...

AmiClubWear — Amiclubwear has not credited my account since august 2016 for a shorted order.

Placed an order with Amiclubwear in August and received my order short of several piece. There were several attempts made to find out the issue in crediting me back. There was a...

AmiClubWear — Better shop elsewhere

I'm not a huge fan of buying online because you can't be 100% sure. I was pretty excited about AMIClubwear and ordered a party dress from this website and when I received it I...

Ami Club Wear — Unauthorized charge

Unauthorized Charges $58.99 www.Ami Clb is online Mechant whom I have had previous Order from for over $100 dollars. I 'am disable have given my personal information to...

AmiClubWearDuplicate charge

Awful company! They stole my money!

I placed an order with AMIClubwear and the payment was taken out of my bank account two times! I contacted AMIClubwear by email the day after the withdrawal and left my information for a callback. Needless to say, I never received a callback. I called during business hours 3 times and was kept on hold for so long that my call was ultimately put in the callback center. I left my information again and waited for them to return my call. Again, no one called me back. I sent an email to AmiClubwear that included screenshots of my order and my bank statement, proving that I placed one order and they'd double-charged me. Again, I got no response. I called again and after 12 minutes, someone answered my call! I was told that my order had been delivered and I was only charged once. I referred the rep to my previous email which included my proof of the double charge. I informed her that my tracking info showed that the shipment had been delvered but I hadn't received the order and I didn't recognize the name of the person who had signed for it. She told me to contact PayPal.

I spoke to a rep with PayPal and a request was sent for a refund. A few days later, I contacted PayPal again because my money hadn't been refunded. They escalated my request to a claim. 10 days later, I still haven't received my refund. AMIClubwear stole my money! I will NEVER do business with them again!

Amiclubwear.com2 pairs of thigh high boots

Tanya B.
I returned my 2 pair untouched thigh high boots and followed your guidelines with using the same box and using a RMA# and no response on my refund or credit..."Is this what you people do give people the wrong size so they can send them back and keep their returns and don't give them back there money or never email them or answer your phones?... If this is how you run your business, then you people better look forward to not being in business for longevity, because this is very bad business for the employees and the owner who is CEO Yang Yang!... I will be getting in contact next with her if this matter is not addressed in the right way and I will get with BBB!
I'm Tanya Banks
My Order#[protected] My RMA# [protected]
My Tracking Number: 9534611845376197004953

Amiclubwear.comBad business practice

What a scam company! People, don't get fooled! Every picture you see on this website is actually fake! In reality everything they sell look rubbish and is poorly made! Definitely not worth the money!
When I received my order I immediately called AMIClubwear but no one picked up the phone. And no matter how many times I've tried they did not answer. There are tons of negative feedback online, many people were scammed by AMIClubwear the same as I was.
The only thing I can do is to stop others from making the same mistake! Avoid!

AmiClubWearFrustrated customer!

Ordered from AMIClubwear in the past and never had any issues until now.
I have purchased several items from AMIClubwear and received my order in a timely manner. I noticed that one dress was missing and instead of it they sent me a shirt. I did not like it and it was also way too small. I emailed AMIClubwear customer care and asked for an exchange. After several days of waiting I emailed again but it got me nowhere, only wasted my time.
Tried to call but they did not pick up. I'm so frustrated and don't know how to reach them!

Amiclubwear.comRipoff, no refund

I ordered from AMI Clubwear before and it was an acceptable experience as although it became obvious that their inventory records are inaccurate eventually I got refunded for an item they could not deliver.
In January 2016 I ordered two pairs of shoes from AMI Clubwear and got ripped off.
The first item was rather cheap and I did receive it, it arrived in a box small enough to keep only one box of shoes.
The second item was harder to find as it seemed to be discountinued as few stores kept it so I was happy to be able to order them from AMI Clubwear.
I did expect some problems as after my order the second item I ordered was removed from their store immediately after my order, but they did not indicate any difficulty.
When I started complaining months ago about the missing item in all cases they always ended up claiming that both items were shipped according their records, and ultimately they wanted a picture of the original box which I disposed of in the meantime.
However, UPS kept the package weight in their system which is 3.2 pounds.
The first item that I did receive weighs exactly 2.25 pounds.
The second item, which I could ultimately order from another shop so I own it now weighs 1.66 pounds without box.
Thus, by simple math it is easily proven that both items could not fit into the box so they obviously shipped only the first item.
Yet, they did not accept this obvious conclusion and reject to refund me which makes me think that it is about intentional fraud from their side.
It seems I need to take legal action as the case is so clear.


Ordered two dresses from and when I received them I learned that the quality was way off. Two dresses were obviously warn before. There were no tags, condition was very poor and they were dirty. There was also a deodorant smell! Immediately went online and tried to find how to return and get a refund, but there was no information on their website. Wanted to get some explanations from AmiClubWear, but they never replayed and never answered my calls! There was no information about the returning process and no way to get it because of the lack of customer service! Avoid!

Amiclubwear.comDifferent colors and sizing problems

I have ordered three swimsuits from and was very disappointed with my order! Quality was nice and I really loved my new swimsuits, but there was a huge problem with colors and sizes. Bikini tops were super large and two bikini bottoms were very small! Colors were also incorrect and bikini parts did not match at all! Contacted customer service and they told me to keep my swimsuits and said that they don't do refunds and exchanges. What a joke! There was no way I would wear those bikini so it was just a huge waste of money.


I bought two pairs of shoes back in November, 2015. Received only one pair, but was never notified that the second pair was out of stock. They charged my credit card for both pairs. Well, it is now January and I haven't received anything yet, no refund and no shoes. I left them tons of messages requesting a refund and asked them to call me back later as soon as possible. But they never contacted me. Well, I still have a little faith, so I sent them a message yesterday in the morning. But nothing again. I so tired and sick of it. AMIClubwear is a scam company, don’t deal with them. Do not let them scam you!

Amiclubwear.comWas never informed what I ordered was out of stock and I will never receive it

I had an awful experience with AMIclubwear. I ordered 2 costumes from their website, the items did have a 3 day processing time, but a week and a half later the order still had not shipped. I contacted the company and was assured it was being processed and I would receive an email shortly with tracking information. Days past and no email. After several unreturned emails and no call backs after leaving several messages I finally got a hold of someone 18 days after I initially placed my order. At this time I was informed my orders were not in stock and will not be shipped. Now I only have a week to scramble around and try to find other costumes paying extra to ship them to me on time because of this company's irresponsibility. This company is unreliable and misleading. I cannot understand why I was not contacted earlier to tell me their page is inaccurate and things they state they have in stock they do not. I had never had such a unpleasant experience with an online store. I will not recommend this place if you care about receiving your items. They sure are quick about taking your money, but don't respond to your concerns.

AmiClubWeardid not get my order

I order some shoes and had to call back three days later to get a conformation number on my order the i was told it had just shipped out and i should recieve it at the end of the week. At the end of the week there was no shoes or email from the company my husband called and was told they did not have that shoe and i was not going to receive the shoes the he had to ask wad the going to let us know was they going to refund our money ? We still are waiting for a refund

AmiClubWearNone delivery

I ordered a pair of shoes and a pair of leggings for my girlfriend on 15h of May 2013...Today is the 3rd of June and still no sign of my package. It's been 2 weeks of waiting. I tried contacting them and they said I should contact USPS customer support for my delivery information, but the thing is they don't offer customer support for internationals, but only for americans. I'm from Denmark. I'm starting to question the legitimacy of this company. It seems that a lot of international customers had encountered issues with their orders, but very few americans did. What's that suppose to mean? That their shipping service is just a tiny little unknown company that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk and it works in colaboration with them just to basically steal fat commissions off our ###? Hopefully after I receive my order, I'm done with these maggots.

  • Je
    jerseybdgrl Oct 29, 2013

    I have good and bad to say about this company I ordered a pair of shoes from this company and everything went great I got the shoes everything was perfect then on a second time I ordered a beautiful dress for my birthday which was October 2nd and I got my package I open the package now I'm a size large they sent me the wrong dress an a dress that was a size small and black i ordered a brown dress I was very very upset but I decided to give him a last chance and I just recently ordered two dresses from them for this upcoming week November 7th 2013 so hopefully this order goes correctly if not I will be back on here commenting but so far so good um from a 1 to 10 I'll give them off 7.

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Amiclubwear.comhorrible customer service

I ordered two dresses from this company. Two weeks later I receive only one of the dresses, but my credit card was charged for both. I call customer service and, after being on hold for close to an hour, they tell me the other dress is not available. They charged me a ridiculous high shipping cost of $11.90 for two item. I only paid such a high shipping cost because I was ordering two items. Now I find out they're only reimbursing me $1.75 of that shipping cost for the item I'm not receiving. So I'm paying over $10 shipping for ONE dress. I asked if I could get a replacement dress for the item no longer available. They said that's not their policy and that a refund has already been issued. My credit card has not been refunded a dime yet. Only after my phone call to customer service has any action been taken on their part. This company is not reputable. I will never order from them again.

Amiclubwear.comI consider their clothes/shoes to be disposable items because they don't last long

Do not order from this company unless you like to gamble and are willing to take a loss for items never received. This company steals money from their customers and from UPS. I've been ordering from for a couple of years now and they've slowly gotten worse and worse. Their items are so cheap, that it's not even worth the 30 - 45 minutes sitting on hold to do a return, place a claim, etc. I've tried a few times, sat on hold forever, then got a quick 2 min conversation where I was told they would file a claim with UPS, then refund my money after the claim. WT[censored] UPS didn't lose the package, package had not been tampered or opened! Their warehouse never put the items in the box, but said they did on the packing slip. If this is their business practice, then they are robbing customers and UPS should cancel their account because they are being robbed too! Aside from not receiving at least 1 item per order; I've ordered size 9 shoes and received size 6, ordered Large shirts that wouldn't fit toddler, ordered a purse that came with a broken strap, If you don't receive an item and the slip actually happens to say it was not in the package you still will not get a refund unless you call them, oh and cheap means price and quality. I consider their clothes/shoes to be disposable items because they don't last long.

AMI ClubwearTheir shoes fell apart

I bought 3 pairs of shoes August 31st was the first order and the second order was placed on 9/1. 2 of the 3 pairs that I bought have fallen apart. I have not abused the shoes in anyway and have only worn them 5 times if that. I called AMI clubwear I was told they do not except returns, I asked to speak to a manager and it took over 4 hours but I did recieve a call, the manager told me that there was nothing that they could do. I was not asking for a refund just an exchange, I wanted them to look at the shoes to see that they were not abused. They just simply fell apart. That should not happen, after 30 days after 60 days especially when I have barely worn the shoes. I wanted to worn everyone, and perhaps there are more people out there that have the same complaint, I hope if you do that you also put a complaint on this website as well. They do not stand behind their products which is an extremely poor business practice and they don't care either. So if you only like to wear your new shoes a few times before you throw them out because they will only last a few wears, than by all means throw your money away. Otherwise complain like hell to let everyone know what a kind of company you are dealing with and let everyone know that their customer service is second rate, just like their PRODUCTS!!! you would think in these tough times that companies would want to keep their customers happy and continue to earn their business. I guess this is one of the few companies that is thriving in our fabulous economy. WOW I think that I am in the wrong business.

Amiclubwear.comI spent $65 on this website that never sent in the items I ordered

I spent $65 on this website that never sent in the items I ordered. After almost 2 months I had to contact my local bank, who helped me recover the money I lost but I was very fortunate. I'm not sure if they would do that again but I wouldn't risk it. I contacted the site by phone but no one ever answers. The only contact I received from them was a confirmation of receipt after they took my payment. This review is long over due, but I can say after a year I still haven't heard from them or received any of the items ordered. BUYER BEWARE.

Amiclubwear.comproduct purchase

Purchased 4 items for my wife for Valentines Day. Three items were perfect! Fit and Quality good. The forth item, though labeled a large ( the same size as the other three items ordered.) was grossly undersized. So much so a size 2 woman could not fit into it. I called repeatedly to explain the error in their sizing of this product and their resolute answer was " the do not accept returns of lingerie" When I asked for the CEO's email, I received a third call stating the same innocuous answer.
Needless to say AMICLUBWEAR will not be getting any more orders from me.

AmiClubWearno shipment

I know with the holidays that shipping and shopping and traveling are all tough subjects but I have been waiting nearly to weeks for one item, I paid what come out to 38.95 over my paypal account and I thought I would be protected from scam artist. I have come to the conclusion that this "company" is more than likely some sweat shop in the middle of "no wheresburg". I have written several emails in the last week and I have gotten no response... My fear here is that this company may have my Husbands credit card numbers or worse. I don't what to do... Im very upset and wish someone would just tell me what going on... I dont have very much so when I am allowed to make purchases I value them. I just want to know why? why would you take from people who are keeping you in buisness? and whats worse is Holly from Playboy is helping to endorse their products! If there is a lawyer out there who reads this please dont hesistate to look me up... I feel like a joke and I could have spent that forty bucks on food...

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    Mrs Mabby 39 Sep 29, 2012


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    Mrs Mabby 39 Sep 29, 2012

    did you go to your bank n try n get your card number change

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    virgo81 Mar 12, 2014

    amiclubwear is not a scam. Im sorry, no one nor their story can make me believe that. i've been shopping from them for the last two years. Yes I have received orders that had missing items but all you have to do is email them r call them. The phone wait is long but its worth it. And they do give refunds and store credit. I stay in louisiana and sometimes i receive my order within three days. Patience is the key to order from a nation wide clothing store.

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Amiclubwear.comdid not receive my product-company will not send it or refund me

I ordered three products and did not receive one of them. This was a wig for my Halloween costume. When I contacted AMIclubwear, they told me that "it was on the packing slip" which I know because I received the packing slip. However, I don't care what's on the packing slip, I care what's in my package. The package I received was in great condition and was untampered with and unopened. The only things inside were the gloves and shoes I ordered. There wasn't even any packing materials such as bubble wrap, paper, or packing peanuts for it to get lost in. Just one shoebox and a plastic bag with the gloves in it. AMI says that they have to perform an investigation now with my shipping carrier, but I don't have time for this, as I know for a fact that my package was perfect and unopened. nothing looked weird so i know nothing was removed after shipment (plus, who would steal a silver crappy costume wig?). The item simply was not included in my order and I either want it before my halloween party on the 28th or a refund for the total price of the wig $19.99. I really just wanted to get what I ordered for my costume but this has become a complete nightmare dealing with this company.

Amiclubwear.comStay away from this website

Stay away from this website! I have been waiting for my e mail to confirm that my order has been shipped to me for 4 days. So I then decided to call after sending 3 E-mails to confirm my order so I would have an idea when to expect my dress for a concert (less then a week now) well when I called all 8 times I got a recording that said "we a sorry all circuits are busy now would you please try your call later". So finally on the 9th try I got through just to be told my wait time was 26 min. Well when I got to the last minute the music stopped, I repeatedly said hello and 4 minutes of silence on their end and they hung up on me!!! So my next call is to the Better Business Bureau.

Amiclubwear.comHorrible/fraudulent place to do business with

STAY AWAY. Horrible/Fraudulent place to do business with. Item I received was a size larger and had a stain and tear on it, gave me no refund after repeated attempts. Models on the site make anything look good, of course because they're all fake. Let's get this site out of business and bankrupt by not throwing money away on something you will be DISAPPOINTED IN or Never get. I regret not having looked at complaints here before I bought.

AmiClubWearBad service

Ordered from order came to $68.77 place info to received free shipping. Put in credit card info and Magically I was charged $112.73 for shipping for a whopping total of $181.50. I immediately called customer service, was on hold more than 40 minutes. Was told she would have to send teh request to a manger who "May" get back to me the next day. I demanded to speak with a manager, I was provided with an email address. I sent my email request, called my bank to dispute. I called back when I saw that you could cancel your order before 1:00PM PST. When I did call back (25 minutes on hold) I was then told that because I wanted my refund of the shipping I could NOT cancle my order. These peopel are crazy, ripp-off artist, rude, and lack good customer service skills. I have ordered from all over the world and have Never paid $112.73 shipping, no less from CA to NY. They do not even have a manager that can be contacted during normal business hours

AmiClubWearwas rejected for return boots back

I have been trying to return my boots that i order from amiclubwear store and when i got them, they was to small and i try call them on 2-10-11, then i try email them and i got only that i need a RMA. I then try to go on line to get that number but i could not get it, so I tried calling later that week again no answer. Then this week 3/17/10 someone finlly answer the phon after the fact it over my time limt to return my boots. I feel that i was not treat right in this matter as like they just blow me off and that not righ.Please help me

Amiclubwear.comI have never dealt with worse service in my life

I HATE THIS COMPANY!!! Talk about a total rip off. I purchased a $10 dress January 10th and got smacked with a $15 shipping charge even though I deliberately chose the $4.95 option. After I questioned a representative she said she could do nothing for me. I assumed this would just result in quick shipping, WRONG! I got my package January 30th. 20 Days to ship?! I was furious, on top of that, the dress must have been produced for an infant bc it clung to me on an immeasurable level (mind you I'm only 115 lbs) I immediately requested a return number and sent the dress back (another $8 in shipping paid by me) I received a damaged package about 2 weeks later that had tons of stickers replacing holes, rips, etc which my mailman told me were there via the company itself. When I contacted the company via email they said my RMA# had expired and they wouldn't take it without a current one.

Since then I have spent days upon days waiting on the phone to get a hold of their customer service department. THEIR PHONE HELP SURPASSES THE STANDARDS FOR WORST SERVICE EVER, if even humanly possible, exceeding the poor status of the company as a whole.

AmiClubWear — Prodcut returned but no refund

I've made purchase on this online store and the quality is bad so I've returned all items to them, They've "issue" store credit to me but it can NOT be use for the...

Amiclubwear.comOutrageous shipping. Obviously not legit.

So apparently shipping two pairs of shoes and two dresses within the US is -30 dollars-?? How's that, exactly?

And get this:
They were running a promotion for 30% off. I had a large order of 80 something dollars worth of stuff. I thought I was getting a real deal. But guess what? The 30% off the merchandise was almost EQUAL to the ridiculous amount of shipping!! 30 dollars for shipping four items? That's ###.

AMI Clubwearfraudulent company

I ordered shoes from them and paid 40 dollars for 2 day shipping. I called to make sure I would recieve them in time and they said the order would arrive on Tues (I ordered on Thurs)

I told them to cancel the order and they put in a "request" because the customer service girls aren't authorized to cancel.

Needless to say, the order was shipped, I refused the package and they are refusing a refund AND making me responsible for the shipping.

So I am out $96.69 and don't even have the shoes.

Also, if by some miracle you get someone on the phone, they will just hang up on you if you ask their name or for a manager.


Amiclubwear.comHorrible Customer Service/ SCAM

I purchase 2 pair of boots from this website (black pair and a brown pair)...When I received my shipped order I only received 1 pair of boots (brown) and they sent me the wrong size. I called customer service it took about 15 to 20 calls to just get through, then I waited on hold for 20 min to talk to someone! I couldn't believe how rude they were she told me how I could return the boots but that I would have to pay for shipping to return them and then I would be refunded once received (didn’t feel ok with this) I sent them back and paid but had to call again for a return # I was suppose to get by email and never received. I was told that my other pair (black) was being shipped out in 7-10 days because they were on back order (wish I was told that even by email). A week later I got an email saying I would be getting a refund for the black boots. I call customer service (hold time again) she tells me that they don’t carry that boot anymore. I told her it looks like they have a bunch of sizes still available on the website??? I did get my refund for the black pair I never received. I am still waiting for the refund on the brown pair including the shipping I paid to return them...The last time I called to find out about my return customer service hung up on me after waiting on hold for 16 mins...Don’t shop here! I paid California tax and the invoice they sent me shows I didn’t pay any! NOT SURE WHAT THEY ARE PULLING HERE! I uploaded the invoices I received...Thanks

Horrible Customer Service/ SCAM
Horrible Customer Service/ SCAM



AmiClubWear — fraud

yes i have placed a order on www.amiclubwear last week and didnt receive my order yet. so i have been calling this company about this order but they have been given me the run...

AmiClubWear — No refund

I sent back a pair of heels per AmiClubWear instructions on September 9th 2010. I still haven't heard from them. I checked my bank statements, still no refund. They operate a...

AmiClubWearNon existent customer service

They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!Better yet they have NO customer service!! :( :(

Email replies from them are ridiculous!! They take 3-5 days to respond with 1-2 line replies that are so vague & cold. It looks like they copy & paste the msg over & over 2 other people too. They don't even answer your questions directly!!Uhhh no Help.

Their 1 Phone line is always busy. Then when you finally get through you wait for an hour for an unprofessional sounding rep that doesn't know anything!! Then when you go to speak to mgr, they're even worse!!! I felt like I was talking to walls. They were in the wrong for a coupon offer they sent me via email for 50%off & free shipping. Being in retail myself, I read the coupon THOROUGHLY & saw I was able to use both. PLUS, they were advertising this offer on their site. After completing my large purchase I didn't get the free shipping. But after I complained, they fixed the error on their ad & yet I still I got NO such compensation or some kind of credit for THEIR MISTAKE & HELPING THEM PREVENT FUTURE MISHAPS!! UGHHH talk about adding insult to injury!!!

They're shipping is disgustingly high, slower than snails, & packaging is soo poor!! Spend your $$ elsewhere & save yourself some aggravation. & be sure to spread the word how HORRIBLE Ami is.

Their bad business karma will catch up to them soon :p

  • Am
    Amber1984 Oct 01, 2012

    I have emailed them, and have called them on several attempts! They state you may return within 30 days after product has been shipped out, however, they require a return form to be filled out on the website (no form to be found!). I'm so disappointed with this company and I will not do business with them again! They are a joke!!!

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AMI ClubwearScams,deceit, bait & switch,fraud

This is THE all-out worst business scam I have ever encountered. I find it unbelievable that they are still in business. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau a couple of days ago and they informed me that they have 369 comnplaints on file for AMI Clubwear. Seriously, what does it take then to stop people like this? If the consumers who voiced their concerns in this forum think they are alone in this, do a Google search for "Ami Clubwear reviews". There are 65 awful experience on alone! And SO many more than that. Apparently, an entire group of former customers started a Facebook AmiClubwear complaint site.

I am going to continue my fight against these creeps and wish that the authorities catch up with them once and for all. It is so sad to see so many innocent people being hurt, cheated, and put through the ringer by these horrible scammer idiots.

Good luck to you, and deal only with reputable long-established retailers. NEVER shop with Ami Clubwear EVER, and please spread the word to protect others.

  • Re
    Registered Complaints Jan 28, 2011

    I purchased a dress from this company for NYE this past year. I returned the dress I purchased within a week of recieving it due to fitting problems. On my return form I indicated my card number, cvs #, and all info to be refunded back to the original card I had used. Not even a week later, there were 3 unauthorized charges made to my acct, although the return had been refunded to me. Whoever they have working in their returns department is obviously making use of peoples card numbers. I say this because the banker stated that this person had my visa card number and all the info to make purchases. I wouldnt wrongfully accuse a company, but with all the bad rep it recieves, Justice needs to be served. DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFO OUT TO THIS COMPANY!!! I had to undergo a huge mess freezing my acct and getting refunded due to the LOW LIFE that used my acct #. This company is horrible, and should be shut down.

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  • An
    Andreea h Mar 13, 2011

    I bought six pair of shoes like two months ago and I received only four. Two of them were missing, then I called them to see what happened with the rest and they said that they don't hane them in stock and that they will refund me the money"...but's been a month and they didn't do anything ...someone should do something cause this can't continue like that.

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