Ashley Stewart / I am complaining about ordering process.

United States

Hello My name is Saundra Jones and I have been a customer of Ashley Stewart for many many many years and i adore there plus size clothes and where the majority of my clothes from Ashley Stewart. I am complaining today because I placed an online order and by mistake i ordered 2 of the same orders which were clearance and i was told i am stuck with them how is that possible if my order has not been processed or shipped yet. I think Ashley Stewart needs to come up with a different policy or either a way that they can have access to the warehouse that holds all of there merchandise this is unacceptable to me and now i feel as if Ashley Stewart is stealing from me. Why cant they just take back the item and let me get something else. I think its time for me to find some place else to shop s that when i make a small error like that it can be solved correctly l

Jul 16, 2018

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