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Conroe, TX, United States
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Ashley offers the diva dollars special where if you buy so much you get so much off. Well I tried to purchase something which was about 100+ dollars and i'm suppose to get $50 bucks off. It doesn't give you the option to finish checking out it say to review order after it checkout. That is the only option it gives you. This has happened to be in the past and I just thought it was my computer that was acting up. However I went back the next day after the diva dollars ended and the order went thou. It is doing the same thing. Well I tried calling them but low and behold you can't talk to someone until monday but by then the diva dollars will have ended and guess what I will have to pay full price for the items in my cart. It seems to me as thought they really don't want you using the diva dollars and don't want to give anything away. Not a good look ashley stewart!

Apr 22, 2018

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