Ashley Furniture / fraud, fasefly papers, sold all furniture with a blank signature, just type in a person name.

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i bessie jones alone with my daughter on feb 24, 2010, i talk to a man name michael hart to help my daughter get some furniture.michael hart did a credit app on both myself and my daughter, my daughter had really bad credit, but my credit was very good.wells fargo gave me the credit line for 2800. michael hart told us myself and my daughter erica knight that he want run my credit with another bank to see if they would give more, michael did this because they stop useing wells fargo this same day feb 24, 2010.the other bank only gave me 2200, now this is where michael hart wanted to do all kind fraudulent things with both bank talking out loud to both myself and erica knight .i told him then that i dont like how this going and i want my papers back, so i will shred my information, michael hart right then said miss jones ashley furniture has a shredder in the back, you dont have nothing to worry about, i will take care of it myself.when i let there that day, myself and erica knight did not purchase nothing. i thought i would have to worry.two months later april 10, 2010 this person wendy williams has type in my name and stated that i gave her 551.50credit cash, that wendy williams refunded me the money back to gave to erica knight. now this all lies, if you call my job april 10, 2010 they will tell you i was at work, out of the state of florida at that time this went down, i work for a.duda&sons drive a 18 wheeler there is no way i could of gave money to any mind you all the papers that i gave money and refund the signature all are blank.even the paper where there type in my name for erica knight to get the furniture out the store, my name is blank, her name erica knight is the only signature on all the papers. and they used the suppose credit that was shredded, o by the way erica knight did not make not one payment on this furniture, because it was not in her name.they gave away free furniture, because i will never pay for something i did not sign for. how crazy is this!!!

Ashley Furniture

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      Jul 20, 2011

    From the way you write it is obvious you are an idiot. It seems you daughter is probably just as stupid because of her poor credit. If you drive a truck that is insane, please let everyone know exactly where you are so they can pull off the road and live to see another day.

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