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I bought a sofa and 2 chairs in 2005. Sofa cost $1000, chairs cost $700 each. This LR set was only used when we had company in the winter months (holidays etc). When we are home, we only use the kitchen area to hang out, and in the summer we hang out outside on our deck. This past holiday season I noticed the sofa was sagging in the middle when someone sat on it. I took it upon myself to take off the dust cover, and found the frame was snapped. Not only was the frame snapped, but it was clear someone had tried to fix it. I can tell it was a repair because the screws didn't match. I called Ashley, and they refered me to the store. I realized I had purchased an extended warranty and pursued that only to be told it was expired, and refered back to the store. I intend to go to the store just for kicks, but I already know what the outcome will be. Bottom line, I was sold a broken sofa which was repaired. Any business that will sell you a broken / repaired item without disclosing what happened is not worthy of your business. Buyer beware.

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  • Va
      16th of Jun, 2008

    I bought a complete living room suit for my new home, couch, love seat, recliner coffee table, end tables, hall way table. Now just overt 13 months and my Recliner does not recline anymore and the beautiful decorative legs on the sofa and love seat broke. They were hollow fibreglass fakes. Now my $3000.00 couch and love seat are setting on blocks of wood. REAL CLASS WORKMANSHIP. I am original from High Point North Carolina. It used to be called the furniture capital of the world. Now the hardly make any furniture any more. I guess the new furniture capitol is some where in China. Wake up America, we are slowly being screwed by China. I would not by a dollar from them for .50 cents.

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  • Mo
      20th of Feb, 2009

    My wife and I spent $3000 at the Ashley store in Holland, OH (suburb of Toledo). We purchased a love seat, sofa, kitchen table and chairs and Sealy queen mattress set.

    The only thing that came in as advertised and as purchased was the queen set, of course it is not made by Ashley.

    When delivered the new table needed repairs by a technician. The repairs went fairly well. It is a butterfly expandable table which would not expand properly, but after repair it now works in an acceptable manner. Not great but we will live with it. The table is made in China (which we were not told at time of purchase) and is of a pretty rustic quality.

    Originally we purchased a microfiber loveseat and sofa with two recliners in each. The foam in the seats broke down within two weeks to the point that you wondered if you would end up on the floor when you sat down.

    The gap between the seats on the loveseat was measured at two and three quarters inch. You could easily look between the seats and see the floor and wall behind. The seats were sewed at such odd angles that they looked like they were put together by a boy scout with a hatchet. No amount of repair was going to solve this problem.

    Plus there were other quality issues. Uneven cushions and footrests, top of the back seats were uneven to the point of over three inches. Nothing was matched or symmetrical.

    We wanted a refund, but no deal, once Ashley has your money you have seen the last of it. So we decided to 'upgraded' to a leather loveseat and sofa. More money but not better quality.

    I even went to the distribution centre when the new leather loveseat and sofa arrived to inspect both for my acceptance before delivery. Three items were discussed by myself and a technician and were agreed to be repaired before delivery.

    These three 'issues' were not repaired.

    The really big issue is the quality of foam in the seats of the loveseat and sofa. After only a month of use the foam has broken down to a point that one would think that both pieces were several years old. Again we feel like we are sinking to the floor when we sit down.

    Other construction issues include particle board used in the furniture, cardboard used as the support in the armrests. This will cause the furniture to basically collapse in about a year.

    The overall quality and workmanship of both pieces is poor to terrible and definitely are not of the quality represented on the showroom floor.

    Due to the poor quality furniture and Ashley's refusal to refund any money (they will only give you store credit after charging you an twenty-five percent restocking fee) we will never enter an Ashley store again, we will recommend to anyone that will listen that they never consider purchasing any Ashley furniture.

    In our opinion Ashley Furniture sells poor quality products, misrepresents the quality of what they sell on the showroom floor, do not inform you of the restocking fee until you try to have a problem resolved, will not refund any of your money and essentially operate a bait and switch store.

    So after spending $3000 we were treated like dupes, someone to be conned, and basically told to stuff it.

    I would never recommend Ashley furniture to anyone.

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  • Ra
      1st of Dec, 2009

    I bought a living room set from Ashley 16 months ago and the thread around the cushions started to unravel 4 moths after purchasing. I have been in contact with the manager as well as corporate office and they are still telling me it's a defect but their looking into it. I'm still not able to return nor exchange and I payed $2, 700 in cash. Had I known your furniture was overrated I would have never walked through those doors. I'm not sure I will ever be refunded. Then I wonder if they have taken advantage of because I'm old.

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  • Ww
      28th of Jun, 2012

    I purchased an Ashley furniture wooden table and chairs.
    About 4-6 weeks after, the table top started having bubbles all over top. The Ashley furniture dealer exchanged it for another table at no charge. However 2 weeks since the new table was delivered 2 bubbles have appeared on table top. I have done nothing to cause this. Don't know what to do now.

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  • Mi
      31st of Oct, 2012

    I purchased a couch and love seat with 4 recliners. Addditionally 4 glass top tables. Within months the headrests and armrests of this camel colored leather furniture began to turn white. We don't have small children. Should the back of your head or the palm of your hand be removing the color from a leather couch ? Just from sitting on it ? I paid $ 2, 000 for them and $ 800 for the tables. I didnt pay $899 at cheap Charlies. We contacted them within the 1 yr. warranty period but they dragged their feet on the whole affair and eventually wore us out after months of phone calls and false promises. now we are stuck with prematurely worn furniture that we have to look at for years to come. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND DON'T BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. LOW QUALITY AND YOU'LL BE STUCK WITH IT LIKE US AFTER THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY.

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  • Yo
      18th of Dec, 2012

    Have bought lots of furniture in the past with no quality issues from Ashley. Bought a table and 6 chairs (approx cost $1350). Delivered earlier in day than expected, luckily someone was at house. Table was poorly cut, and had numerous saw marks, and various incidences of damage. Of 6 chairs, 5 were put together so poorly that I wouldn't have wanted anyone heavy to sit on them, the better one had a chip on the chair side. Called to complain, were asked 'What was our problem, and do we really expect furniture to be delivered perfect?'... They finally agreed to replace the 5 worst chairs. Had to wait two weeks for delivery (and they tried to charge us for bringing the new stuff out). New table much better, although far from perfect. Of the 5 new chairs, 3 were actually worse than the original bad 5. Of 11 chairs received so far, one was passable, three had large splits in the wood (of at least two inches) or split out wood that had been stuck back in with glue, and 9 had supports that stuck out past the legs, dowels and screws were clearly visible. The are bringing new chairs this week, but are refusing to bring more than 3, although I have 5 bad chairs. Boo to Ashley Furniture stores.

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