Ashley Furniture / leather couch emulsified in 1.5 years

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I had this Kellum Chocolate couch for 1.5 years, all of a sudden the coating on top of the leather ( Bonded ? or Sauvage Leather) has emulsified down to what looks like a smooth Naugahyde leather. Ashley said this if from HAIR JELL who would think is 1.5 years my couch looks 5 years old. Company did not even offer me parts and I install them or at my cost can repair the couch.
if Hair Jell did this there should be a warning, my wife had cancer and did not have any hair and I am bald and do not use anything on my naked head, Ashley is HORRIBLE. What can I do...
Today they said I could buy the parts to replace the leather... Crap or not ????

Ashley Furniture

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  • Ni
      26th of Jun, 2010
    Ashleys Furniture - Stay away
    Ashleys Furniture
    United States

    I purchased a sleep number bed in may 2009. It failed to hold air on one side, I COMPLAINED to the furniture store about this thinking I had a 20 YEAR warranty (which I was told at time of purchase)wellll When I complained it was that I bought a dis continued item therefore I had no warrantee. Had I known this I would not hAVE PURCHSED thia item.

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  • Ji
      5th of Jun, 2012
    Ashleys Furniture - Offers no resolve to 9 month pregnant woman
    Ashleys Furniture
    United States

    I placed an order for living room and bedroom furniture totaling $5218.91 at Ashley Furniture store located on 4360 w. New Haven Ave, W. Melbourne, fl on 5/21/2011. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and expressed that a 4-6 week window was fine but anything after that was not acceptable because I was due at the end of July. I was assured by the sales rep I would have no problems. On the 6th week i called to inquire i was told the items were on back order but would be delivered the week of 7/11. They called me on 7/9 that the furniture was ready and i would get a call in the next few days to confirm a specific day. No delivery and no call. I called again on 7/18 in the morning was told the items were on back order not available for delivery and wouldnt be until approximately 7/25 with delivery being anywhere between 2-3 wks from that date.

    I asked for a manager, finally spoke to Chris Mcfarlane an "independent consultant" supervising an issue with the owner of the store not paying Ashleys and them stopping production for some time. Now they are starting production at their own expense and fulfilling the orders. Chris can only offer delivery of the merchandise 2-3 weeks after 7/25, no refunds or compensations or remedies of any other kind. Corporate offices also referred me back to the Melbourne store and to the Chamber of commerce. At least if i can get a refund for the bedroom furniture i can get something delivered by the time i get back home from the hospital. Or even allow me to exchange my items for something thats in stock or even a floor model but I was told plainly no to all. Not even a discount of some sort.

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  • Sh
      9th of May, 2016

    I had my leather couch for 3 yrs and I had to throw it away because it kept cracking and peeling. It was very embarrassing when I had company over. Waste of money, I still have my love seat and that's because no one ever sat on it.

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