Ashley Furniture Industries / what customer service?

Louisville, KY, United States
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My dad and I went into Ashley Homestore located on 11521 Bluegrass Parkway Louisville, KY 40299. We spent approximately two hours in this store. I asked my dad if anyone has asked him if he needed assistance. He replied, " yes, a black lady asked if I needed assistance." I seen the exact same lady, she was walking fast, always had something in her hands, seemed very busy or maybe helping someone else. I don't even think she was a sales associate. There were 4 sales associates standing/sitting in the middle of store Catherine, Joy, Dino, and Bruce talking amongst each other the entire time. Joy and Bruce would occasionally pass us and still didn't ask if we needed assistance. I made eye contact with all of them several times and they just stared. We eventually asked Dino if he could help us. His response was, "sure I'll be glad to help you. Has anyone asked you if you needed help?" Really?!?!?!?! We just left the store. It's very sad that people act the way they do. This is their profession and they don't even enjoy it. I mean that's what is says on your business card, Sales Professional. Why are you there? There is no way you love your job! I couldn't believe how they treated us. It's not right and very unfair.

May 11, 2017

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