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I am writing with regard to the disappointing fact that I found asda organic garlic is imported from china.

I am concerned that your vegetable buyers / researchers do not know of the shocking way that garlic is cultivated in china... Both organic and unorganic varieties.

There are major concerns about buying garlic from china. American food / health journalists have written alarming reports, as their country are also buying in this cheap garlic.

There is a reason why it is cheap... It is because the chinese growers have cut corners in production, and used bad chemicals to whiten it and prolong its shelf life!

There is loads of information on-line to find this out... A quick google and you see it.

Here's one to get you started.

Here's an extract from another:

In china, quality control is a huge issue. Many chinese farmers are using illegal and harmful pesticides to grow their crops.
 “an undercover magazine reporter investigating in the area found that many vegetable farmers used phorate and parathion, two pesticides banned by the government, to irrigate the crops to save time and effort”  (Epoch times).
Parathion and phorate have been labeled highly toxic poisons for some time – and for good reason.
Another major factor in the quality of the garlic in china is from the major pollution problem.  the soil itself is toxic and is also a major health concern.
“an official government report in 2014 showed that nearly a fifth of china’s soil is contaminated by heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic as well as unhealthy amounts of pesticides and fertilizers.  severe pollution has tainted all of china’s major rivers with large amounts of industrial chemicals and household waste”  (Epoch times).

Please please can you stop getting dodgy produce like this from china and selling it over here - our standards for organic are much stricter than china's. When you import their organic produce, it is likely to have had very chemical-laden proceedures done to it.

I know that customers buying organic, as a whole, prefer to pay a bit extra for good quality produce, over growers who jump on the organic bandwagon by cutting corners to keep cost down.

I would prefer to have non-organic garlic from europe than organic garlic that's come from half way round the world!

Thanks for looking into this,

Liz thornton

Jan 16, 2017

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