ASDA Opticians.Autistic son made to wait deliberately!

My Autistic son was made to wait for a very long time at ASDA Opticians at Stowmarket, Suffolk todaythat is 7/02/2015. The lady who checked him and the staff were very casual and did not seem to care about his needs. I especially had problem with the dispensing optician(Peter Cooke) who really got us waiting for a long time, he was talking all topics starting from weather to world news to the previous customer. We tried to explain that my son is on spectrum and hurried him to dispense the prescription written by his staff, he clearly got upset and said we wouldn't receive the pair of glasses for 15 days! My son had broken pair of glasses and would be blind without glasses! Initially we we got the appointment fixed on phone, we were told it wouldn't be more than 7 days and if they marked it urgent it wouldn't be more than 3 to 4 days. When we hurried him up he seemed suddenly upset and also took a long time to fill in the prescription details deliberately. If he had handed over the prescription earlier we could have gone next door for spec saver for the glasses and wouldn't need to wait for 15 days!
My Autistic son got very anxious with the wait and the arguments! Now a days people are so knowledgeable with the children on spectrum! as you can appreciate they don't like waits which causes them anxiety, he was very upset until he went to bed! All his colleagues seemed to support him and he just did not care when we told him that we were unhappy! In fact when I discussed this with one of his colleagues she simply smiled and said "Oh Peter is just a little bit crisp today" she said jokingly! My son was just anxious and was well behaved today otherwise if he waited for longer he would have thrown a piece of furniture against someone in the room!. We are glad that it just ended with anxiety! I cant believe how insensitive people can be! I am very unhappy with ASDA Opticians for this and would appreciate a feed back on this. Why is that their staff are so insensitive to Autistic children? Peter Cooke was very rude to us! he did not seem to care and told us he will not budge and we wouldn't get the glasses for 15 days and doesn't care if I would not walk through the ASDA door for spectacles next time!
I moved to Haverhill few months ago and have travelled an hour from Haverhill back to them at Stowmarket because the previous dispensing Optician was very caring and gently to my son. I have bought my spectacles with them too! Obviously current experience has changed my opinion towards them and would probably look at custom elsewhere where there is understanding and sensitivity to Special needs of my child but I would appreciate their feedback on this.

Feb 07, 2015

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