Asda / online grocery shopping

Sunderland, United Kingdom

I placed an order for delivery by Asda to be delivered on Saturday 7th February. I chose the 3-5pm slot, I received an email to give me a delivery window of 4-5pm. My shopping arrived about 5:05pm (no issue with few mins late). However when unpacking my shopping, quite a lot of my items were missing (approx £40 worth). I immediately contacted Asda who assured me the Sunderland store manager Karl would contact me to rearrange delivery of my missing items. Here I am after 14 phone calls from Saturday to Monday 9th February and still not one single call from the manager or store to let me know what the hells going on with my shopping. My last conversation with the contact centre (which seems to be manned by foreign people who are difficult to understand or hear) I demand collection of the delivered shopping and want a full refund. They tell me yet again the manager will be in touch to discuss the matter and apologise for poor customer service time and time again. I have been given a time of 10am Tuesday 10th February to have this matter dealt with by the manager. Believe me, if it is not I will personally deliver my shopping back to the store and demand the manager come speak to me face to face and tell me how the hell he was given a managers job in the first place. I will never ever use Asda again and will make sure I tell anyone and everyone possible to avoid them also. Their customer service skills are a big fat zero.

Feb 9, 2015

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