Asda / oil burner

Fareham England Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hello there it is with great regret that I am having to submit this complaint to yourselves, however I need to bring it to your attention about an oil burner that was purchased from Asda.
I have been using the oil burner since the 12th of January and it was brilliant no problems.
On Thursday the 27th of January I lit it as usual in the evening and went to the kitchen to wash up, no more than 8 minutes later the smoke detector started sounding, I walked into my hallway and there was thick black smoke coming from the living room... The oil burner had caught alight.
I got to the living room and the flames were coming out of it really high... Luckily I damped a towel and threw it over it to put it out.
This situation could have ended a lot worse though, I think people need to be made aware that have purchased this item that it's not safe.
Once it had cooled off I washed the black soot from it and realised that there was cracks all over it and at the top where the oil goes this must mean the oil had been dripping through to the flame which is why it egnited...
This should not happen the oil burner should be able to withstand the heat as that's it's purpose!

I'm truly shocked by this event and would very much like others warned and a response from yourselves regarding this.
I have attached photos for you to see.

Many thanks


Jan 29, 2017

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