Asda / dissatisfied with food dates

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I completed my first ever Asda shop on line in June 2015. I did this after undergoing major surgery on my foot and unable to walk. The shopping arrived on time but when I started to unpack it all I became aware that mt fresh goods all had a sell by date on one day, this included meat and fish. I was so upset, there was no way I would use these items in a day, I had to give them away. If I had known this when the food arrived then I would of returned it to the driver, but being my first ever on line shop with ASDA I gave no thought to this.
What has annoyed me now, more than ever is that ASDA sent me a questionnaire to complete on what I thought about my shop - naturally I scored it all as Zero, I even sent them a video blog, showing them. No response at all, so I did a second one - again no reply.For such a huge company for them not to even acknowledge is appalling. Had I been able to walk, drive I would have personally taken all these fresh items back to the store and asked for a refund.

Jul 15, 2015

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