Asda / overcharged wrongly and got a ban from asda for it

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Went to Asda in Dagenham, Essex. The Cashier charged me wrongly because I bought two items that weer similar, but they have different prices because they have slight variation.
The cashier just picked the first one which commands the higher price and multiply it by 2 thus overcharging me.
When I went to complain at the customer service, the person there said she would refer it to their manager and when the manager arrived as I started to talk to him, he told me to shut up and that he would only listen to his staff. I was surprised and ask why he would say that, he then started being aggressive and said he would not deal with the case if I say any word at all. Of course I continue to tell him my side of the story and then he walked off and asked the security to walk me off the store and said I was banned. I still could not believe it, especially when the mistake was theirs.

I then wrote to their head office to complaint, only to be told that whatever the branch manager decides is what they will stick to, so banning me from the store remains effective.

The fact is I have seen the same manager in the same store mistreated 2 other people in the past on two different occasions. I think Asda needs a COMPETITION in that area so that they can get their acts together and respect customer a bit more.

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  • Ca
      Nov 14, 2010

    or maybe you should stop thinking its ok to go in and shout your mouth off over a genuine mistake, well done to the store for banning you. theres clearly more to this story than your humble little poor old me explanation above! Stop being so rude!

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