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Hi, Just a query please. Today we purchased 2 packs of asda ice cream cones...1 pack of chocolate and hazelnut and 1 pack of strawberry. we always empty our boxes into the freezer as it gives us more space. On doing this today we discovered that you can't tell what the "flavour" of the cone is until you actually unwrap it as they are all the same colour. We have purchased many "own brand" cones from various stores before and they have usually been colour have red circle top and chocolate have brown circle top. I was just wondering if there was any reason why the asda cones are all white? As i said previous you can't tell the flavour because of this until opened which in turn means if its not the flavour you required you hav to put an opened cone back in the freezer. I would b grateful for any feedback reguarding this please.

Feb 15, 2017
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  •   Feb 15, 2017

    Why didn't you take a pen and mark the outside paper? My God, are you seriously asking about something so ridiculous??? You aren't even asking ASDA, you are on a general complaint site!

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