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Art Van / terrible service

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We bought a leather couch from art van along with the lifetime warranty in 2007. Within the first 6 months the color and dye was wearing off. Called service and they came out and replaced the seat cushions, but said this was a courtesy only. Well, the color has worn off again, and service came out and refuses to do anything about this problem. Told us that it is normal wear and tear. A leather couch should last for years. My kids have a leather couch that we gave them and it is at least 15 years old. No problem with the color. I am very upset with art van for not taking care of this problem and it looks as they are selling inferior furniture that they won't stand behind. They have my money and now the * with the customer. Never buy another thing from them, they have lost their integrity.

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  • Ki
      30th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I, too, bought a leather sofa, chair and ottoman from Art Van. About 18 mos. my leather sofa started to crack and I didn't buy a cheap set. The service said that I did not take care of the sofa properly, even though the chair was perfectly fine, and voided my warranty. I had the leather protection and DID take care of it. Even if I did not take care of it properly, good leather should not crack within a year. Service department was rude too. I will never buy another leather sofa from Art Van. I would rather paydouble and buy somewhere else.

  • Kk
      20th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    It's all about making money for Art Van...quality and customer service have gone out the window. I ordered a "low profile" box spring from Art Van to help shorten the height of my bed after getting new bedroom furniture from another company (thank God). I went in, clearly stated what I wanted, the sales lady ordered it for me, and off I went. When I went to pick up the box spring with 2 friends of mine, it looked a little thicker than I had expected, but I didn't think too much of it. We got it home and realized it was actually the same size as the old one. When I called to make them aware of the problem, the sales lady got a little snippy with me and blamed the whole thing on me saying that I never stated I wanted the "low profile" box spring. I know what I said and told her she was the one who entered the info wrong, not me. She said she would reorder the item and call me later that day to follow up. She never called back that day, and when she finally did, she left a message on my machine saying, "I found your number in my pocket and knew I had to call you but I don't remember why." Seriously?? When I called her back, I requested that she give me free delivery for all the trouble, and she simply said, "they don't do that." Finally I went to management and after hemming and hawing with him, he finally gave in and told me it would be delivered free of charge. Pretty sad I had to actually ask for it. A company who truly knows how to do business and cares about their customers would have gone out of their way to "right" their "wrong." Apparently, Art Van is not one of them.

  • Lo
      3rd of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    same thin just happened to my husband and I this morning . Art van are liars and stealers our leather couch did the same thing they blamed us for not taking care of it . They were trying all they could to make this our fault fact is that the cushions are worn out its like the leather is lifted right off its like paint I bet it is not leather at all and that's why they want nothing to do with fixing it . So they take our money and laugh at us cuz they know that they just scammed us . I have been reading blogs about this all morning everyone is saying the same thing so in my view of things we are not all wrong. We all need to get together and bring this poor excuse of a company DOWN ! Lets stand together and do something about this corporate GREED...

  • Na
      9th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    nancy matelic purchased furniture in 2001 and 2002 which turned into a class action lawsuit and nancy is still waiting for her settlement fee fund check please look into settling with nancy about the amount you owe her for horrible service in interest nancy had to file bankruptcy tjt612 on how horrible it was to be financed by their furniture store artvan in april 2006 for the past eight years please send settlement check red flag trw artvan account to: nancy matelic po box 2714 riverview, michigan 48193 cell phone 313 410-4513 postally yours nancy matelic july 9, 2013 8:30 a.m.

  • Th
      8th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Art Van recently built a mega store in Toledo. Thought we would investigate, what a mistake. Bought a chair and learned it would be $99 to deliver! So when you shop there be sure to add $100-200 to the price you are looking at because the prices do not include delivery. We asked if that included hauling off our old chair and the salesmen assured us it did. He went on to sell us warranties, again none of their furniture comes with warranties, so add that in too...delivered the chair and refused to take the old chair saying "oh we never do that". Mad as hell, they lied! Kept the chair but went back and got a refund for the warranties...if they lied once they will lie again...have seen many posts about their lying, seems to be their standard practice. Stick with local stores that have full service and care about their reputation.

  • No
      25th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I purchased a mattress from them. It has an indentation on the R side. I cannot lay in the middle of the bed because I lean and fall into this hole. The bed leans to the head of the bed. It's like sleeping on your head. I can't sit on the side of the bed without leaning to the right. When I get up the mattress draws in air. Which is very audible. The serviceman came out measured over 1'1/2 in drop and say the other problems and said it should be replaced. His report stated it was 1-1/4 inched and it met standards. I had to wait 30 days for another serviceman to see. He came in an measured the head of the bed. I showed him where the problems were and he would not even discuss them with me. He ignored what I was saying. Naturally his report showed and inch and said it met standards again. I called Simmons and they sent a Rep. to contact Art Van. He only went with what Art Van's reports said and would not honor the warranty. Again, who is listening to me. I have E-mailed him to come to my home and see this mattress for himself. I am waiting for a response.
    Art Van are liars and scammers. Synchrony Bank who the finance through is making me wait 60 days for a dispute to get my money back. They will not take information from me or talk with the Dispute Department. They say they are taking down my information, but they are not. They will contact Art Van and use those fraudulent reports to make their decision. What a Fraud.

  • Da
      15th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    I had bought a leather ottoman from art van about two years ago. I had also bought the extended warranty. My piece of leather furniture started to bubble. The top of the ottoman that bubbled started to peal. I thought that leather was one solid piece. How can the surface peal off the rest of the leather. I think that it is some kind of top layer and not real leather. They also at the store level told me that i waited to long to call and report it. That it is not repairable. So the extended warranty that I purchased was a total scam. I also will never buy anything from Art Scam. From now on all of my purchases will be from Gardner White.

  • Ni
      16th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Art Van will never be able to please everybody. They are one very successful company! And will be around forever!
    #1 no furniture last forever
    #2 most people do not take proper care of their furniture
    #3 leather is from a real animal. If us humans dont put lotion on our skin gets dry & cracks, same thing happens when you don't clean & condition your furniture!
    #4 of course delivery is not free! Who the hell delivers for free?
    #5 maybe the cows are not being fed properly these days! Lol get a grip dont sit on cows if you cant take care of them properly!
    #6 measure your area before you make a purchase. Smh
    #7 I would never want someone's OLD furniture touching mine!! How sick of course they will not take and disposed of thousands of people's old furniture!
    #8 mattresses are not made to be sat on to watch TV. You lay down on a matress and ive never owned a matress that didnt get an impression from my body! Check your mattress support it starts there! That is the matress companys policies.
    #9 don't soil a mattress with your sweat pee or other fluids and think the mattres company wants it back.
    #10 almost all sells people lie! Don't think Art Van has God sent Angles to see you furniture. Thats not Arts fault its dishonest people who are working to pay their bills. Its not ok but its not the only place that has imperfect employees.
    #11 Go somewhere else and see if their furniture last forever!? U cant buy a car tear it up and give it back 18 months later...
    #12 If you take your furniture home your risking a lot but I'm sure if a couch falls off you would expect Art to cover it. Get it delivered, if anything happens in the process (not a week later) they will take care of you!
    Happy shopping elsewhere.

    I love everything Ive bought from them! I do not mind paying $99.00 to get it delivered I rather let the delivery team earn a living.

  • Ki
      8th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Purchased 2 leather chairs a couple of weeks ago. My 3 year old granddaughter thought it would be cute to put scratches on one of the arms with her fingernail (keep in mind, this is a 3 year olds fingernail). We were sold the protection warranty stating that if there were any scratches, tears or anything the extended warranty would cover it. When I called the store, I was told it was not covered because it was not a manufacture warranty. Last year I purchased a special order sofa with down filling and was SOLD the protection plan for the cushions in case they broke down because it was down. I have not had the sofa even a year and the cushions are breaking down and when I called Art Van I was told that it was normal for Down and that all Down sofas did that and it was not covered and yet their sales person SOLD me the couch and the protection plan when she knew I was concerned about it and said it would be totally covered. I think Art Van needs a class action lawsuit!

  • Su
      14th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have shopped with Art Van Furniture for the last 23 years. Their service is horrible and they sell poor quality furniture . I will never shop with this furniture store again!!!

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