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On 1/3/17 I called for service on my GE dishwasher. Prior to calling this company I contacted a plumber I use regularly who found a broken wire. Art Adams Repair came out (Scott) and supposedly fixed the wire. Apparently he didn't bother to check anything else. The sensor that used to go off when the door closed still did not work, but the dishwasher ran when he tested it. The next day I ran the dishwasher and though it took much longer than usual, it ran the full cycle. I went to run it again the next day and once again nothing worked. Unfortunately I had come down with pneumonia and was unable to take care of it right away. I called the company again on 1/13/17. I was told I would be charged again (after paying $169 the first time) but if it was the wire again then I would not have a charge. When I called this morning 1/16/17, the woman I talked to was incredibly rude and when I said I did not call right away because I had pneumonia and was sick, I was told "Ma'am don't be a little victim". I asked again what time Scott was supposed to be back here and after having been told it would be this morning, she informed me it would be this afternoon. When I said I was told this morning, she told me "Scott is never out there in the morning. I doubt you were told that. Robert had no reason to tell you that.". So apparently along with her rudeness she also infers that I don't know what I'm talking about. I am putting a stop payment on the check for $169 until this machine is fixed properly. They are over priced, so far inept and apparently will do as little as possible whether it is correct or not. Whatever the problem, he should have looked over the dishwasher when he was here the first time.

Jan 16, 2017

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