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The Arizona Medical Board's meeting which takes place every two months includes a "Call To Public" session.

When I initially filed a complaint, I was advised (and encouraged) by their office staff to come and speak at the Call to Public. I was told that any citizen could come and make comments, voice opinions, etc., and they did not state (nor does their website state) that one MUST have a case on the agenda in order to speak.

The Board staff also passes out a handout when you enter the meeting area, which states, "Call to Public is a forum for citizens to speak to the Board and voice their opinions or concerns about cases or other matters within the Board's jurisdiction... each person may speak up to three minutes."

It does NOT state that one must have an open case, or a case on that day's agenda.

Yesterday, April 14, I went to speak at the Call to Public about concerns with their review process, and negligence that I encountered by the Board during a recent case.

Lisa Wynn, director, aggressively approached me and scolded that they were not going to let me speak because my case had previously been adjudicated. She was angry and hostile without even knowing the content of my three minute speech, and was clearly refusing my RIGHT to the Call to Public session.

I was not going to speak about my case, but rather was wishing to express concern about the process as well as the Board's acceptance of unvalidated information supplied by the (deceitful) doctor. Lisa Wynn denied my right to voice my concern -- and was less than pleasant or polite about it.

It was not a busy day at the Board meeting -- there were very few people in attendance compared to normal, and the case load was much lighter than normal. Surely the Board had three minutes to allow me to speak, but they were unprofessional, unkind, and inappropriate.

Many have said the Arizona Medical Board is worthless. At this time, I not only agree, but I also have the opinion they are negligent, corrupt, and very biased towards protecting doctors' careers, instead of protecting the public.

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  • St
      Apr 16, 2010

    Lisa Wynn is totally useless and incompetent. the Arizona medical board is well known to be corrupt and are especially egregious against doctors. This Board is currently under investigation federally for exactly the same complaints you have against it. The arizona medical board is literally a joke and is actually a true danger to the public.

    Wake up Arizona!!!

    Steve MD

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  • Ra
      Oct 05, 2017

    I filed a complaint against a doctor that I work for, this is a doctor that has engaged in bashing me to his clients, gave them a copy of my resignation letter, discussed with his clients how much he pays me. Also his actions have placed me on the receiving end of threats, I have been spit on, called names approached int the parking lot by a client, all witnessed by this doctor, and he has done nothing.
    But I mention how many of his clients are on Benzodiazepines, and Opioid medication and the board is all over it. It is ok the clients threaten me and the doctor turns a blind eye, JUST AS LONG AS THERE ISNT ANY BENZOS.

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