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Argosy University / unscrupulous practices

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

I was a Masters Level student at Argosy University for three years. I was three classes away from graduating. I was in my internship program so very close to October graduation. I was placed at a site that was extremely unethical and unprofessional. I was placed at a site that I received maltreatment, slander, harrassment and hostility in the work environment by the owner of the site. I was challenge by the owner of the site about my religious beliefs and constantly harrassed. I was cursed at and constantly slandered by the owner of the site. I went to Argosy two weeks after being placed at the site and requested to be moved. Argosy refused to move me and stated that I needed to work in that environment because it will help me in the long run. I constantly endured maltreatment for 5 months and continue to report to Argosy. I received no help with moving me to another practicum site. I was then placed on remediation by Argosy. After, I disagreed with the remediation plan then I was dismissed from the program. I have over $60, 000 of debt to financial aide, I gave up my full time job, lost my house and closed my business just to finish my education at Argosy and my practicum. I do not have my degree and I have a huge loan that I have to pay back. I am now trying to receive some legal assistant to help me with this situation. Argosy is a scam Uniersity and should not be accredited or allowed to continue to operate. Students that have endured this kind of treatment should received every penny spent to attempt to get an education from Argosy University.

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  • Ar
      22nd of Apr, 2010
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    I'm currently a master's student at Argosy, and have found it a tremendous experience. The classes are challenging and I've been pleased with the high performance standard required by each professor I've been fortunate to study under. I'll be receiving this degree in December but am considering continuing toward a PhD at their APA-approved Orange County campus. I have never seen Argosy make any promises to provide students with internships, so--while I'm pleased to hear that they apparently did provide this student with a lead, I can't help but wonder why this complainant did not find another internship on his or her own when the offered situation was found to be unsatisfactory?

    Also, considering the spelling in the complaint, I can't help but wonder whether there might have been other reasons the complainant did not receive the degree.

  • My
      12th of Sep, 2010
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    I share the same experienced with you regarding the maltreatment both at the practicum site and the school. I was given a practicum site that was not on my list and I was told that if I didn't go to the site it would be bad for me. I expressed my concern about going to the site and my concern that I was being told to go to a practicum that I did not put on my list. I went through the same process and was dismissed. At my practicum site I was being supervised by a postdoc from Argosy who intimidated me and verbally abused me then lied about what was really going on. Afterwards the director without hearing me out listened to the postdoc and stated that there is something wrong with my head. I have no clue what the postdoc had said and I was not given an explanation of what was going on even when I asked to be filled in. All I could do was be in shocked and cried to my disbelief that this was happening. I felt defenseless. I reported this to the practicum director, practicum seminal leader and my advisor. My practicum seminar leader supported me and was aware that I was not being treated appropriately, but she was only an adjunct with no voice. There were no response after I reported the incidence other than go through the spdc process. It became difficult for me from then on. I became depressed that I didn't get any support from the school. I was afraid to go to the site and I became very anxious until I was dismissed.

    I just found out that the postdoc that supervised me was just hired to teach at the school. Her bad behavior is rewarded and with her abusive behavior now she gains more power and control; this seem to be a theme of how the school conducts its business. The professors play with your mind if they don't like you and make it seem like the students have the problem if you didn't play their game and stroke their ego. In this same situation, I also requested to be moved and received the same answer you did. The difference is that I have found other sites that I can do my practicum in that I know I can be successful at and I was denied. In the end, it became detrimental for me and a hardship on me and my family as I ended up with a big bill. If you showed any type of voice in the program the consequences are that your oppressed by the professors. BTW, the voice I mentioned is basically informing my advisor, seminal leader and practicum director of the situation. Apparently, this is not allowed otherwise it results in being dismissed. I have students in my cohort who at the same practicum site experienced the same thing and witnessed the abuse I received, but they were to afraid to say anything, they remained quiet because they are intimidated and afraid to speak up because they don't want to end up being dismissed like myself. Other students have also discussed during our seminar classes that there supervisors were sexually harassing them, etc. Nothing is done except the student was told that in order for her to be a good therapist, she needs to be able to suck it up and tolerate it. This student was miserable the whole time and cried often, but at least she didn't get dismissed. Twp other student from same site were made to feel like idiots and were threatened and cursed at their prac site and was afraid to go to the site. The advisors and prac director were informed and nothing was done about it. All these incidences and issues were all happening and nothing was done about it. The school is so afraid to loose training sites that they are telling their students that its not a big deal and to suck it up. Unfortunately, some students ends up getting hurt in the process, but then who really cares, right?

    Don't be so quick to judge to think that there is another reason why a student is dismissed other than what really is happening. Sometimes there doesn't have to be a hidden reason why a student is dismissed or that the students are to blame or screwed up somehow other than a professor or the school showing that they can do that and can have the power to screw someone over if they want to-it can be as simply as that. Some get lucky and know how to suck up and others are not able to or willing to go that route to pass a class or get through a practicum. When a student is paying that much money, the school should provide the needed education paid for and not pay for the bureaucracy, To go that far into the program, are you saying that the student purposely did that?

  • Vl
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    OMG this same thing happened to me at Argosy Tampa. I have $100, 000 in student loans and no degree because I was removed from Argosy within a semester from graduation. If you find a lawyer to assist you in a lawsuit, please let me know.

  • Mn
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    I would be interested in knowing which AU's the students are talking about. Thank you.

  • Mn
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    I would like the students to identify which AU's are the ones that they had problems with and which programs were the ones that seemed to be the problem ones, please.

  • Sa
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    Argosy University Online is no good. Education what education? This school is riping me off, and I am not learning anything. I made a mistake addmitted it, and the instructor lied about me. He even told me not to contact my acidemic counsler. I am looking for another school. I hate the class, and mention it in the student lounge and the teacher emailed me and said I said it in the post questions to the professor, what a liar. Oh well I want to go to another school and a cheaper one.

  • Jj
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    This is very interesting. I am currently 3 classes away from a Master's in Forensic Psychology with Argosy Online. I get notified my student loans are at their maximum, so instead of giving me suggestions they tell me to start paying them for a 12/2010 class. I had been told that this class had been paid for. Not only that, but I can't get anyone at Argosy to tell me exactly how much I have spent so far, except that I now need $2050 to pay off the Dec 2010 class just to get back in. Everything was riding on this degree. I also lost my car and phone and have a daughter. They are not understanding that we do not all have a family unit that can help us financially. Also, they do not offer grants or scholarships. Now I can't get the degree and I now owe for a program that I can't finish. I have a Master's in Business but all of the resume's that I have sent out tell me that I have too much education and not enough experience. I worked and sacrificed so much so that I could try and make a better life for me and my daughter. I kept my GPA at a 3.78. Please let me know if anyone speaks to a lawyer and can give me some advice. I have never defaulted on my loans and I feel so lost. If anyone would like to discuss what has happened for obviously I am not the only one Argosy is treating badly please feel free to email: Argosy online I had no problem until my loans ran out. Then-it is just money to them.

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