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Argosy Universitycharged for a class I did not schedule to take, and graduation fees, digital textbook, and collection agency fees.

Patricia Parker Student ID: [protected]

My financial aid covered my last class in September 2018. The class ended October 10, 2018 I was to start school again in February 2019, under a payment plan. I have been charged for a class starting October 17, 2018-- Professional and Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology.
charges payments balance
Professional & Ethical Issues in Forensic Psych 10/17/2018 $333.60 $3, 033.80
Tuition 11/20/2018 ($1, 334.40) $1, 699.40
Digital Textbook 11/20/2018 ($15.00) $1, 684.40
Technology Fee Undergraduate 11/20/2018 ($45.00) $1, 639.40
Tier Tuition Reduction 20 Percent 11/21/2018 $266.88 $1, 906.28
Tuition 11/21/2018 ($333.60) $1, 572.68
Tier Tuition Reduction 20 Percent 11/26/2018 $66.72 $1, 639.40
Collection Agency Fee 04/09/2019 ($72.13) $1, 567.27
Collection Agency Payment 04/09/2019 $255.75 $1, 311.52

Total Charges/Credits
$68, 857.27 /$67, 545.75 Balance $1, 311.52
I have already made a payment to the collection agency, but upon further inspection I do not believe I own Argosy anything. My degree audit that shows the classes I have taken and are paid for.

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    Jan 17, 2019

    Argosy University — service

    I have had numerous issues with the accuracy of information provided to me in regards to financial...

    Nov 14, 2018

    Argosy University — financial aid

    A financial aid hold was put on my account which blocked my academic advisor from being able to register me...

    Argosy Universityenrollment process

    lied to during interview- we will take care of everything they said. we will pay for summer courses they said- true w mgi bill, not true w loans nor grants.

    90/10 veterans targeting still active. told them I was disabled but they wanted to force a job on me anyways. USAA(the bank) not thru USAJOBS- add an extra A and you have the banks employment webpage. Was not impressed. jobs are on clearanceJOBS and The push for linkedIn- which is a droid phone trap of who nose who- but only by email was a joke. I already have indie website with the info I - I dont need it in 50 more places.

    I had to do all the transcripts work- financial advisor files all of the paperwork, claims one form is missing- a form that if Mr.Banks did his job- he would have. The form I need to fill out is nowhere to be found. system says I didnt complete financial work, rejected enrollment app- so I had to do it twice.

    They blame IT dept but that gets kicked back to financial and enrollment when you call them.

    So I chewed out mr, banks to his bosses and himself and set them straight as a tack. Of course they dont like this- and will do anything to take advantage of a disabled veteram with back problems.

    When notified of the financial paperwork snafu(s)-all of a sudden theres 50 snafus w the govt--(on tax free income- when I havent worked since 09) all of a sudden corporate wants foam at the mouth.

    Ive already contacted the responsible AZ lic board. Id be happy to contact the one in Cali- by the coporate office to shut down this scam. university dodges taxes also- MGI Bill is GOVT funding- just not loans or grants. They classifiy it -still- as non-govt sourced money to dodge taxes.

    whole inquiry from congress leaning into this U and deVry as of last december. I know bc I got a check from the FTC. If you look at these campuses- they are slowly being eaten away. This is why. They con people.

    I want this company cripple or out of commission. I dont want to know further teaching issues. My money goes to capella- without question. Not a dime to this con artist.

    I have emails, I have paperwork, I have internal system images on my phone. The enrollment counsellor DID NOT do his job- and I have enough to bury him in details.

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      Aug 23, 2018

      Argosy University Online — Financial Aid Department

      My student loans and grants total 80, 000 without interest my stipend was 10, 000 if you go to the financial...

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      Aug 14, 2018

      Argosy University — educators and their non response times / ripoff college

      I attended Argosy University Online from Oct 2015- July 2018. During this timeframe, I managed to get to the...


      Argosy Universityunethical behaviour

      I am currently a student of Argosy University. I'm currently trying to complete my classes but my current Senior Academic Counselor ' Nicole, Dewater' will not response to any of my phone call or emails. I have been trying to contact her since January 1st and only have received two responses from her stating "have you talk to your financial advisor"? 'Christopher, Vehon. I have not been able to contact him either. Its like a game of phone tag. I am in the United States Military and rely on Tuition assistance to cover the cost of school. In order for me to request 'TA' I need the price of my class two weeks prior to the class date. Nicole sends me an email with the prices 4 days prior to the class dates. When this occurred I was not able to submit my 'TA' form and got withdrawal out of school.

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        Argosy Universityfinancial advisor / university

        So I made the mistake of returning to Argosy for my bachelors degree in Business and since they have changed my financial advisor to Danielle Gordon at the start of my program a year and half ago I have had nothing but problems. Every time I have questions or concerns she never gets back to me nor anyone else. It will be 2 weeks later of me calling everyday and then they finally get back to me but don't even help me or find solutions. They charge so much that I'm about to max out on student loans I can get just for a bachelors degree. She sent my scholarship back that I got and then tried to tell me I couldn't receive it as a stipend that money could come in handy right now as I have to pay out of pocket when I shouldn't have too because of their mistakes. When I tried to ask about scholarships at the school all she said was I need to google it and figure it out. Aren't they there to help you and answer your questions? They don't all they worried about is collecting money from you but not giving you awards that you earned for hard work.

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          Argosy Universityrip off

          Please do not go to this school. I finished my BS degree and they kept my financial aid money and I never received my diploma. This school is a rip off and do not care about any students only about how many they enroll to keep the doors open. Do more research online you will see. I worked there for over 8 years these people are [censor] and do not care about one student only putting people without jobs in school and be stuck with $60k degrees.

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            Argosy Universityfalse advertising, misrepresentation and no follow up

            I signed up for the doctoral program at argosy back in Oct 2016. Irwin Banks was my enrollment adviser and he informed me that my internship was to be completed in Atlanta, GA. i was in agreement with the terms and conditions so I enrolled in the program. However, 3 days before the start of my second class I was contacted by my academic counselor(Dominic) and he informed me that my residency was coming up and he mentioned that it was in Dallas, TX. When I contested and explained to him that Irwin set me for Atlanta, he told me that Dallas or Minnesota were my only 2 options and that Atlanta wasn't even being offered back in October when I enrolled. I was devastated and told him that I can't or won't continue with the program because I signed up undedr different pretences. I requested to speak with the Dean of Students. I also sent several emails and made several calls attempting to rectify this situation and get a resolution, but to no avail. No one has called me back or emailed me but yet I have received invoices for a balance owed.

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              Argosy Universitytuition fee

              My daughter graduated program Psychology (AA) - Non-Term Program Version whooping $40, 735.00 charged by Argosy for two years. Originally we where told it should be no more than $32, 000. But, my daughter received loans and grants for $36, 684.97. I have ledger from Argosy, but is looks very strange and same classes are listed twice with different numbers. Last class she missed by 1 point to pass and had to retake it. We where told that she will not be extra charged for retake unless she fail ( she pass it with A ). That was a big lie, she was charged twice and payment received from grants was applied to retake class, basically she end up with $4050.33 balance to pay. She can't get Diploma until balance is paid off, but they told her she can get transcript. I am arguing the tuition and I want them to dissolve the balance, because it was overpriced and end tuition was totally different from the cost they originally claimed to be .

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                • Je
                  Jennifer Brewster Apr 05, 2017

                  Argosy University Online division did me the same way charge double for tuition and I have a military scholarship from them. They lie and take funds out of your account. This is ridiculous and I reported the incident to student but have not receive any response yet

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                • Ro
                  Roxie How Jul 26, 2017
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  @Jennifer Brewster Thank you, and please let me know when you receive response from

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                Argosy University — financial aid

                I was lied to. I was misinformed about due dates for stipened, which is almost three months late, as the...

                Argosy Universityover charging

                Hello I am still having issues with paying the balance that I'm said to owe. Initially I remember signing an agreement saying I would owe $203 at the end of the term. Later I received an email saying I owed 2692.80 and then another a few weeks later saying I owe $1500.I know I took 2 repeat courses and I remember contacting Dr. Yarborough because I felt the grades were unfair and that I shouldn’t be charged again for the poor grades I received and I challenged the instructor. In the Interviewing techniques course I recycled my work after receiving written consent from the instructor and there was a drastic change to my grade which was a D+ to a B-. In the Advanced General Psychology course my grade went from a D to an A, again with recycled work. I also remember receiving a final with a B on it then being told that it was actually a D and my grades did not add up. I have spoken with the Illinois Board of Higher education and they have instructed me to first make contact with the school about my grievance and try to have this matter rectified. I am challenging the validity of the debt that Argosy university claims that I owe and I should not have any out of pocket costs if I was receiving each credit hour at $250 coupled with some fee waivers, loans, military grants and financial aid. I would like this fee to be waived and allowed to receive my transcripts. At the time when i was finishing my degree I also let the school know I was at the end of a high risk pregnancy and now I have a child with a disability. I would like to be debt free and be able to utilize my degree so I can finally find employment. I no longer have access to my emails from that point but I have hope that someone does and my information can be accessed and this issue resolved.Please contact me via email at [protected] or by cell phone at [protected].

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                  Argosy Universityonline program phoenix

                  This school has been a train wreck from the first week I enrolled. It started with my administrative representative and got worse when I had to talk to my financial adviser. I am currently on my 9th financial adviser and I still get Argo's favorite answer which is "I don't know". This school has been a waste of over three years of my life and I will be graduating soon. I have a very high GPA and am not complaining about this school because I am failing. This was my first experience with an online school and it will be my last. I am quite sure that Argos University is ripping me off as far as my stipend checks go but my account is so mixed up that when I try to read over it and discuss it with my supposed financial adviser it is pointless. I did a google search on some of my financial adviser's at least the names that were given in my classroom dash because they all go by different names when you call them. I really wish I had read all of these reviews before I had enrolled here. Now, I am trapped I have less than a year until I graduate and it would be foolish for me to drop out without a degree. I don't even know what to say about this school other than wow!! I have heard of ways people get scammed and conned but I never thought I would be in a situation where I am not sure if the university I have chosen to get my degree at is the one doing it to me. I was so excited to be able to attend a school that specialized in Psychology that I didn't review it first. They called me when I used education and I signed up. I hope this helps future victims of this horrible school. I have now gone 10 months without a stipend check and have been given very little in the way of an explanation. I have been told this is normal but, this hasn't happened to me in the over three years I have been attending. I have had other problems with everyone of my stipend checks and I do mean everyone of them. I would love to get a refund from this school but, I can't even get the money they rightfully and legally owe me now so i won't hold my breath.

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                    • St
                      Stolen Money345 Oct 20, 2016

                      I am having the same problem, they said I did not fill out the paper right to have the money come to me. That is bull because I had been getting little stipends, then I had one for over $3000 now the paper is not right and they "sent back to the lender" right. I have one class and the exam left, then I will be looking into it.

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                    Argosy University — education

                    This school ruined my life. I am 100 thousand dollars in debt and can't even find a job. the reasons are one...

                    Argosy University Tampa — financial aid

                    In reviewing financial aid data, I see that Argosy University, Tampa accepted disbursements in the amount of...

                    Argosy Universityfinance councelor

                    Argosy has the best customer service I have ever encountered before, and they also have the worst. Mr King, a finance counselor, has no compassion or respect. I enrolled in June of 2015 and began classes the 1st week. Since I am a military spouse, I used my husband's GI Bill. It took longer than expected to transfer and almost caused my classes to be suspended twice. My academic counselor walked me through every form and answered all of my questions no problems. My academic counselor was very helpful and also answered any questions. When it came to my finance counselor, he was very dry and unhelpful. He never volunteered helpful information and barely answered any of my questions with out me asking several times first. Once my funds were transferred and classes were being paid for, I thought everything was fine. Then I received a message saying I have an outstanding balance due. I call Mr. King and leave a voicemail. No response for 2 days. When he does call back, I explain about the message and he says oh don't worry about that. He says that happens when the funds are scheduled to be disbursed but haven't been applied. It is now August and I can see 2 payments have already been applied and the next is scheduled for Sept. 3rd. I ignore the message and continue class.

                    I receive the exact same message again and call Mr. King to confirm it's the same issue. This time he changes his response and says I owe $750 to the school because the GI Bill doesn't cover this particular course. I don't understand why I'm getting a different response to the exact same question. I later discover it is because he assumed the 1st time rather than pulling up my account and reviewing it for himself. I contact VA and explain to them verbatim what I was told by Mr. King, and their customer service representative says this is untrue. He says VA will cover ANY course required to obtain my degree. He says this is due to the way Mr. King has input information in the system and VA is rejecting payment for the course for that reason alone. He tells me to explain that to Mr. King and to have him contact his ELR for further instructions if he still doesn't understand and that he can also call the VA education line himself and they will walk him through how to change it so that it will be paid.
                    I contact Mr. King the following day and leave another voice mail. He returns my call 2 days later and I tell him everything VA explained. He says I was lied to and he has been working for Argosy 20 plus years and knows what he is talking about.

                    At this point I am upset but not to the point where I am rude. I simply say okay I don't understand why the 2 of you are telling me 2 different sides of the same story. Mr. King then tells me I gave the VA false information and that's why they lied to me. He says because I attend school online that transitional courses are not covered under the GI Bill (transitional courses are unaccredited classes such as a review course). He then says that I should have told them that I am a "distant" student and attend online and then they would have told me the truth. So I tell him I'll just contact VA in the morning to clarify what he just told me and I will mention the parts he says I left out. No problem right? Wrong! He gets frustrated and says they're just going to tell you the same thing I just said. I'm confused, because if that's the case then what's the harm in me calling?

                    All of this happened today, and this is the last day of the course that all of this is over. I am more upset about the fact that HE KNEW that the VA supposedly doesn't cover transitional course before I started and didn't disclose this information. IF it was true I would've worked out a payment plan to cover this course before it was over and before my future classes were threatened to be suspended. I would've spoken to VA months again to verify what he was telling me was true. Instead I am waiting until tomorrow to call VA and provide this new info he never bothered to tell me to see what I'm told this time.

                    I don't like the back in forth. When I asked why couldn't he just contact his ELR like the representative told me to tell him, he told me because he doesn't know what that is and it's not his responsibility. He said that was between the VA and myself. At this point I'm tired of talking to him and want to wait until I discuss things with VA before proceeding with him. Again he gets mad and says they're just going to say what I've told you already. So I ask what he would like me to do as of this moment, because it seems he's unsatisfied with me calling back the following day with my findings. He has no answer, no reason, no anything to suggest or offer.

                    I am not complaining about having to pay for a course. I am complaining about being misinformed on several occasions and treated like a child that has no common sense. If I want to contact VA to clarify information the school's finance counselor has given me, I should be encouraged not mocked!

                    I will contact another staff member tomorrow to see if I have an option to deal with anyone besides Mr. Ryan King. If there isn't another person I can talk to about it, I will stick to sending emails so I have written proof of what I've been told from now on!

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                      • Ga
                        gabbie01 Nov 16, 2015

                        Which Argosy University Online did you attend? I had a financial advisor like that in Phoenix, Arizona name Ryan King. He is horrible to me and told lies. I was sent to his manager Raquel Rocky Delgado who is just as rude and lies all the time.

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                      Argosy Universitymisrepresentation/uncaring

                      Where to begin! I started Argosy graduate program to obtain my Master's in Forensic Psychology. Upon signing up at this school, I asked my enrollment counselor several questions as they pertained to the courses I would be taking. Later, I was informed by my academic counselor of the same exact information. I got a layout of all courses that I needed to complete. No big deal right? That is what one would assume. As classes continued, I was doing fine. I constantly spoke of graduation because at the time, that was of interest to me and to share this accomplishment with my family. In February of 2015, I spoke with my academic counselor once more. Upon prior conversations with this lady, she assured that I was set to graduate the upcoming June with no problems. This is the time when I realized I had less than four courses left. This was also the time in where my academic counselor began to tell me that due to how my classes were, I would not be able to attend graduation in June as planned. Okay now, this came as a complete surprise since the very beginning, I continued to ask to double up on classes so that I was able to attend graduation on time and was told this form of action was not needed. So there I was speechless! Not only was this news then delivered to me, but this was also the time in which I found out that I needed to complete the COMP EXAM in order to obtain my degree and attend graduation. With this news, to meet my goal, upset or not, I decided to double my classes. With all of the hard work and dedication, all of my classes were completed and I passed THEM ALL. Throughout the time where I was taking these double classes, the school continued to call me pushing me everyday to make sure I had a 0 balance so that I could walk in June, to order my gap and gown, and to pay my graduation dues. THIS WAS DONE. In May of 2015, I was given a week to complete the COMP EXAM. The deadline for me was over to meet qualifications to walk so here I am, doing the comp exam, passed all prior classes, and made payments to this school. It took the higher chairman 2 and a half weeks to grade the exam just for me to find out that I did not pass it. Without any feedback, I was told that since the department was unexpectedly closed, I would have to wait a week to find out the reason in why I did not pass. This surprised me and several of my classmates due to I am a strong writer and have never failed a case vignette before. Not to mention, with the department being closed, I cannot attend graduation on the 19th. Here it is two weeks prior to graduation and my family and I are out of more than 5 thousand dollars on hotel and plane expenses. And I am pissed because the way that everything flowed with this school was unethical. When I contacted my academic counselor, and asked her why this was not graded earlier so that I could do what I needed, and even asked for the Dean to review my paper, her tone changed and no information was given. I have my BA in Criminal Justice and I have never had an issue with that school nor with my school work until NOW! I have even had the opportunity to share this paper with the Dean of a different accredited school and was informed my paper was in a passing condition. So please tell me what is really going on with this school? Pure disgusted!!!

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                        Argosy degreefailure to communicate

                        I attended Argosy University in 2011 with the intent to complete my 2 years for a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. I tried to meet with school counselors to discuss my course studies and to make sure I was on the right track. They fail to communicate with you about your classes on their own. You really have to seek them out. By the time I completed 1 1/2 years, I was told that my funds for undergrad had ended. I would need to pay for any classes that I needed in order to graduate. That was when I went to seek the student adviser, who never requested to see me or go over my status and discuss my classes. She reviewed my classes that I had taken and the credits that I needed and I was told that I needed to take 2 more classes because I had taken a few classes that I didn't need. She managed to include them in my credit in some category and informed me that by doing that it left me needing 2 classes (6 credit hours) instead of 4 classes ( 12 credit hours) depending on the class that I choose. I left her office not knowing what to do, graduation was weeks away and I felt confused The school counselor informed me that I could test out and it would be cheaper than paying cash, however that was even more confusing. The school allowed me to walk with my class, but it felt I only did it for the sake of my family who sacrificed during my long hours studying, feeling frustrated and time taken away from them. I have not taken the "test" to complete my studies therefore no degree. #feelingcheated.

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                          Argosy University - Utah — misrepresentation

                          I chose to attend Argosy because they were the only school in the state offering a program in Regulatory...

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