ARCO / discrimimation

Airport Dr, Bellingham, WA, US

Visited the Arco for fuel. Stood at the counter for just
Over a minute while the attendant was writing something
Down on a clipboard. He looks up and rudely asks what I
Want. Showed him my American dollars and said I wanted
$60 on pump 4. He rudely tells me to move to the other register
Because apparently I wasn't in the right place. I layed my cash on
The counter and walk away. I get to the door and he calls me back.
He hands my money back, tells me he doesn't need me money and
To go back to Canada in front of a line of customers.

I phoned BP customer service, obtained an email for a letter of complaint
To e sent. Received a confirmation email, told I would receive contact
In about a week. No call. I phoned and was assured a call by the end of
The week. No call. Phones again and said Monday I'd get a call. Guess
What. Monday and no call. Make another call and the phone rep tries to call
The district manager herself, and reaches him. Told I would get a call the next
Day. Two days later I get a call from the district manager who apologizes for the
Trouble, advised there's nothing he can do as this is a franchise location and
Their hands are tied. And hopes that I will continue to be an Arco customer.

Really? After that they still expect me to shop there?

Nice try. I sent a letter to the Bellingham chamber of commerce to let them
Know how that business is being run in their town.


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