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I went today at the main branch in Lebanon to send a closed written letter to my fiancé, which is currently in Sudan.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lebanon, CTThe costumer service there included thier manager sorry to say that they are impolite, they didn't even ask about the content of the letter they rushed to say is it a juggling letter!t I said no its a personal letter I'm sending to my fiancé politely, then he said as per aramex polices we must read the content of letter in case you have any juggling words, Acually I used to work with aramex in africa it's the first time I trying to work with them in lebanon the costumer service not qualified at all they are not taking the things serious and hurming the image of aramex I'm quite sure that they are losing many clients per day. I'm writing this message to tell you that you should take a serious actions and get rid of these employees and hire a qualified people who can keep aramex shining as I knew it in africa.
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May 08, 2017

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