Arab African International Bank / unauthorized charges from saving account

Merghany Branch - Heliopolis - Cairo, Egypt
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Good morning,
Please note that in August 2016, I opened a saving account at AAIB Bank merghany branch with an amount of 4000 egp. I made several transactions since then to end up with an amount of +- 1600 egp by the beginning of 2017. Since then, due to some travel plans abroad for my master studies during this period, I had no access to my account whatsoever. On my return to Cairo in Aug 2018, I discovered that the bank had withdrawn from my account an amount of +-1000 egp with a recurrent withdrawal amount of 50 Egp per month!!! The reason as per the customer services is that: "my account was below the limit"! I was not informed of this procedure at the beginning of the opening of the account, nor do any of the signed contract states this procedure!
I discussed this matter with the head of customer services at merghany branch, and the branch manager itself, and both of them were unable to find a solution. I do understand that some fees should be deducted in order to maintain the account transaction, however to deduct more than 75% of the remaining amount that I owned is not acceptable at all!!
Account holder Name: Roland Fayez Naguib Manadily
Account Number: [protected]-EGP-001
Bank Name: Arab African International Bank
Branch : Merghany
Email : [protected]
Phone [protected]
Attached bank statements, and official complaint sent the the bank's head office.
I would appreciate your interference with the branch in order to solve this problem.
Waiting for your reply,

Arab African International Bank
Arab African International Bank
Arab African International Bank
Arab African International Bank
Arab African International Bank

Aug 26, 2018

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