APS (Arizona Public Service) / surprise deposit required

I have been an APS customer for over 26 years and have owned my current resident for 20 years . My latest bill has an additional $313 dollars on it for a deposit. I have never had a shut off notice. I have been late paying because when I don't have my bill I don't know the amount so I bill pay them more than I think it will be so there is carry over. if the next bill I get is under 20$ or so I wait for the next bill. so late, , yes but the amount is minimal. So I called customer service and the only thing they offered was for me to make payments, and was told the credit department was the only one that could wave it. So I was transferred. I have excellent credit. Tara said there was nothing she could do about it and the amount was 2x my average bill. I am very angry. They hike up the rates then require a deposit? worst customer service ever, not to mention it took 45 mins to talk to someone.

Jan 29, 2018

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