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Applied Bank / Secure Credit Card

1 Palm Desert, CA, United States Review updated:

Below is a formal complaint filed with Delaware Banking Commission against Applied Bank
Financial Company Information:
Credit Department
Bankcard Service Center
Applied Bank
Wilmington, DE [protected]
Telephone: [protected]
Type Account: Not approved secured Visa credit card with $200.00 removed from my checking account via ACH
Persons I have dealt with at the above telephone number:
9/16/2009 0936PDT Agent/Shawna
9/19/2009 0843PDT Agent/Ileana
9/19/2009 1056PDT Bank Officer/Darlene


On or about August 10th, 2009 I applied for a secured Visa on Applied Banks website Because this was a secured credit card a minimum of $200.00 would be needed to be placed in a saving account to open and secure the credit card.

The $200.00 was to be transferred to Applied Bank via ACH from my current Citibank checking account. This was to occur after Applied Bank had verified that this Citibank account was indeed mine. The verification procedure called for Applied Bank to make a minimum ACH deposit in my checking account and I in turn would verify the account by contacting the bank and letting them know the date and amount of the ACH deposit. This verification of account ownership was to occur 48 hours before the $200.00 deposit for the secure account was to be transferred to Applied Bank. I had requested that the transfer take place on August 28, 2009.

Between August 25 and September 5, 2009 I was in the process of moving to my current address in Palm Desert. I did monitor my Citibank checking account while moving and noticed the following transactions:
8/28/2009 0316EDT ACH deposit by "ccbavcppd sec ac vfc" amount $0.06
8/28/2009 0626EDT ACH withdrawal by "ccbsfcweb secured dp" amount $200.00
I never contacted Applied Bank to verify my checking account per their procedures nor did they contact me to verify my checking account.

I received a letter from Applied Bank dated August 31, 2009 re: [protected] 2 and in part it stated "we are unable to approve your application with the terms under which you applied" and "if we do not hear from you within 45 days of this letter's date, your entire deposit will be returned at that time".

I finally reached Applied Bank on 09/16/2009 and spoke with a agent named Shawna. I told her I would like the $200.00 returned to me via ACH as soon a possible. She told me this would take 30 to 45 days to process and that was the policy when a customer closed an account. I told her I was not closing an account as an account had never been opened per the bank's letter of August 31, 2009. Further I had no intention of allowing Applied Bank the use of my money for 30 to 45 days as the money was not being held in a savings account or escrow account. She asked to put me on hold, that it might take a couple of minutes to get this approved. I said sure put me on hold. She came back 45 seconds later to inform that the ACH had been approved but it would still take 4 to 7 days to post back on my checking account. I said great, thanks for the help and have a great week.

On the morning of August 19, 2009 at 0832PDT I received an automated telephone call from Applied Bank requesting I contact then regarding my credit card application. I again called the above number at 0843PDT and spoke to an agent named Ileana. After taking my information she said is this about the account you closed on August 16, 2009. I said no this was about being woken up at 8:30 in the morning about something that had been resolved on August 16th. And that being the return of the deposit money within 4 to 7 days via ACH. She then informed me that that was impossible as it always took 30 to 45 days when a customer closed an account.
At that point I said I wanted to talk with a bank officer. She told me there were no officers on the floor at this hour of the night. I told her that it was 11:45 in the morning Eastern time and it was a normal banking compliance issue an officer had to be on the floor at all times. Then she changed it to "one is not available right now but I can have an officer return the call". I said fine.

I received a call from a Darlene, August 19, 2009 at 1046PDT, informing me she was returning my call and she was an officer of the bank. She apologized for the early morning automated call. It was a computer glitch and she had received numerous complaints about that. I asked her the bank's policy on returning deposit money for a secured account when the application was not approved by the bank. She again started off about 30 to 45 days when a customer closes an account. I again stated these facts to her:
1. The bank removed funds from my checking account with out verifying it was my account
2. the bank had all information required prior to the removal of the funds from my checking account to make a decision as whether I would be approved for a secured account under terms offered on the website.
3. I never had an account to close. The application was never approved by Applied Bank.
4. I could understand not refunding the deposit if an account were opened to insure charges would not posted to that account after it was closed. But again an account was never opened.
5. If the bank can deposit $0.06 into my checking account via ACH and then three hours later withdraw $200.00 from this same account via ACH, why can't it return money via ACH in a reasonable time and I would define reasonable as 72 hours from the time the request came to the bank.
She told me she would email the department that handles that and request it be expedited. She also said she would follow up with a telephone call to that department on Monday (today) and call me with the status. I told her that I did not appreciate being lied to by the two previous agents and she said she would follow that up with their managers.



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      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    Sadly, enough i got involved with applied bank through what at the time i thought was a trusted & secure source for financial advice Rodney Anderson the self-proclaimed King of Loan orginations in Texas, i will continue to blast Rodney & Applied until they start doing "honest" business its nothing wrong with making a profit but the underhanded tatics by these banks has to stop, they have told me for the last month that they have yet to recieve my card payment always suggesting the 10.95 trans. fee for paying online, so of course to avoid the 32-35 late fee i bit the bullet and paid the extra 10.95, here it is a month later and my check has yet to clear? I think this is one of many tatics used to draw interest and drive up fees by this bank i'd really be interested to see just how many people are having their money held up for 30-45?

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