Applied BankCredit card fees

got 500.00 credit card visa from applied bank.. they charge 125.00 on this right away so, its 375.00 credit you actually get I had to get a cash advance for 360.00 car repair.. so I owed them that plus the 125.00 they are charging me 18.00 for the cash advance 10.00 for making a payment early thru my bank with my debit card.. and 10.00 maint fee and 10.00 service fee and now that the fees are against me its put me over my credit limit.. so over the limit amount is 38.00 so instead of a 35.00 min payment like I just made? they want a 73.00 payment in dec.. and its like they are charging me 18.00 each month for the cash withdrawal..See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Wilmington, DE instead of one amount each month with interest?? they are charging me close to 60.00 each month for nothing If they would up the credit limit and let me make the min payments then like any other great card company I would see the amount I owe leaving? instead its increasing.. and I am just rebuilding my credit.. when spoke to them its as yhough I do not matter, and I should have read the fine print, because its there? I did not see any of this or I would never have asked for this gut kicking card.. I cannot afford a 29 percent interest card with no one working with me.. and explaining away their fees? thats not helping me at all disgruntled, disgusted, frustrated and an older gal trying to make my way back thru the woods amongst the wolves

Nov 12, 2015

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