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My Friday evening was totally ruined by Apple Store in Market Mall today.
I finally decided to get an Iphone & after long arguments with my husband he finally agreed to drive me to Calgary. It took us more than an hour to get to Market Mall (as we live further north). To my big surprise & regret, I was told that to get an iphone I need to place a reservation, yet, no matter which one you buy: 3Gs or 4G. These are not new on market & as per common sense & public expectation should be available in store for walk in. But no! There were about 10-15 Apple guys in store & minimum 3 of them had nothing to do. Yet they neither could explain such an unfriendly rule nor try anyhow to help. Nowhere on Apple website this "must have reservation" rule is obvious, this change is not stated until you actually start doing reservation. Moreover, when I tried to place a reservation at one point the website gave me a message that "Reservation is not possible, you can buy from the store on a first come-first serve basis." I have attached that screen snapshot here. So isn't that illegal for publicly traded company to create public expectation & not to follow it? How would people suppose to know? Especially those who had to drive a long way to get to the city. The staff in Apple Store was so unfriendly, so not helpful. I even waited at the store for next day reservation windows to open & booked for 9am. On my request to manager that please, it's just 1 h left till the store closes. You don't have reservation windows after 8pm anyway. Would you make an exception & sell me one phone" - he was absolutely not willing to help. So sad!
And this is not our first bad experience with Apple Store Customer Service in Market Mall. We had an issue with our MacBook still under warranty - mouse wouldn't work. We took it to the same Apple Store, but were told they can't accept it right away, they were suppose to call us when the part arrives. 2 month passed, during which we were unable to use the laptop. Couple time I dropped into the store, but they couldn't find my case without the paper they gave me. Apparently, as I found 1 more month later, our part never been ordered. The lame explanation like, we must have called & left you a message & you didn't show up almost killed me! How come I get all the messages but from Apple Store? How come they couldn't find my order when I personally came to the shop? I had a strong impression that they were pulling time. By the time I've got my MacBook repaired only 1 month was left under the warranty. Now 3 month later I experience mouse problems again, but now I have no more warranty period left & wish I could get back those 3 month Apple Store have stolen from me. :(
Well, I am definitely not recommending Apple products to anyone until they start respecting their customers.
By the way as I was told by the store manger Gavin today, next week when Ipad2 is coming, they are not planning to use their reservation system, they prefer to keep people in line for hours instead! Total absurd & disrespect to people!

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