Apple Iphone 4 / Fraud/Scam/Cheat/Theft

AL, United States Review updated: The largest scam network operated throughout china.
We got this contact from This site claims that this company is a Biz Member []. So we ordered for iPhone 4 unlocked and samsung galaxy i9000 cell phones for our customers from Zhidebi business Co., Ltd. Tian Su calls himself a manager, is the person who sent us a mails on the pricing quote which were very cheap. The mail mentioned to have a discount offer of buy 4 get 1 free. When we ordered 3 products the next day, he changed the rule saying buy 5 and get 1 free. We sent the money twice through western union with the name BinBin Chen, City = Xiamen, Country - China. After we sent the money, he/she said the goods has been shipped. But when we asked for the tracking number, Tian Su just kept avoiding our questions, saying his/her manager will provide that soon. After a couple of days, when we tried to contact Tian Su, he/she was offline and appeared again. When my manager created a profile in MSN and added Tian su to his id, Tian Su gladly accepted and was online to him without knowing who he was. So we confirm that this person who is doing this fraudulent work is definitely cheating and playing with valuable buyers. All we need is to bring these kind of frauds like Tian Su before justice. We found that Tian Su is gladly doing this work on and on...

Pls read this before you buy anything from china. is a huge network created by scammers. They create profiles and websites which are attractive. Its not just one person behind this scam. Its a large group operating from china. They spread the net with hotest and latest gadgets in market which cheap prices. Actually, if you carefully analyse the latest products like Apple iPhone cannot be purchased at 300USD. Impossible... So don't be fished by this scam. Stay Away. The tempation will be there to try one.. but just hold yourself and get out of there.
Here are the list of more ppl who are with DIYTrade network.
1) - Person calls himself Kadey / Kaday...
2) - Person incharge is ELsa. She is the funniest part. She sells 70 LCD for 380 USD.
COMPANY MANE : Ehuyingxi Trade CO., LTD.
STREET ADDRESS : Street 5, No.33, Dawan Road, Jinnan district, Tianjin, China
EMAIL/MSN: [protected]

3) Peter Xu Manager of Export Dept
Home page:
Office Tel:86-755- [protected] Fax:86-755-[protected]
MSN: [protected] Yahoo:[protected] Skype ID:centraltechco
HQ Add: Flat/RM 603 6/F, Hang Pont COMM BLDG, 31 Tonkin ST, Cheung Sha Wan KL, HK SAR
Office Add: RM 205 2/F 3rd BLDG, 5th Area Baomin Garden, Jian'an 1st Rd, Xixiang Town, Shenzhen CN
Workshop : Flat 5 C BLDG, HengTongFa Industrial Area Tangtou Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Shenzhen CN
4) Email address : ammina.[protected]
Website :
Company : Xiamen Heng Ze International Trading Co., Ltd
5) Miss Iris
Sales Department
Address: No.27 Jintai Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian, China, 361000
E-mail: iris.[protected]
Tel: 86-[protected]
6) CRSTE Digital Technology limited
Tel:86-755- [protected]
Skype: tony668910
7) Tian Xing Business and Trading Co., Ltd
Tel: [protected]
Add: NO. 118 Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian, China, 361000
Email: angel.[protected]
MSN: angel.[protected]
8) Address: No.421 Nanshan Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian, China, 361000
tel: 86-[protected]
Fax: [protected]
MSN: Sally.[protected]
9)Contact Person ALva
MSN: [protected]
Email: [protected]
Company website:
11) Ms BEATA
Address: No 168, Peoples road, Nanshan district, shenzhen, guangdong
Company Name: ShuGuang Electronics Co., LTD
Tel: 086-159-[protected]
12) Baili
13) Meggi
Company website:
Tel: +86-136-[protected]

And more...
How do we bring them to justice... Such a huge network... .. and do you think ic3 will take necessary action to crub these frauds. ? And can China clean up this mess ???

I pray that GOD's anger be upon them and there future generations...

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  • Ea
      27th of Jun, 2007
    Apple - iPhone - No phone received!
    United States

    I fully completed the offer eligibility requirements as outline regarding the free apple iphone. I have not received any email and or phone as of yet.

    If I do not receive my free phone I will contact the NJ State Attorney's Generals office and the US attorney's General office regarding fraud for all companies and corporation that may be applicable.


    Earl Vought

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  • Ro
      8th of Oct, 2007

    You may want to include more information. Apple never did a free iPhone deal, so it must have been a third-party. Which one?

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  • Al
      4th of Jul, 2009
    Apple - Scammers
    United States

    I received over $ 200 in gift cards and purchased songs only for Apple to remove teh dRM a week later and ask me to upgrade not just these but the other thousnad songs at a cost of over $ 500 in one go. They must have realised that they were going to do this especially knowing lots of people would have used gift cards after Christmas!

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  • Cv
      6th of Oct, 2009

    Iphones are not functioning properly in countries like India. Even for simple service repairs, ; they sell thier products but Apple outlets here don't offer any kind of help or service. Customers are forced to depend on the internet and/or the other technicians/service providers.

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  • Us
      16th of Dec, 2009
    Apple i phone 16gb 3gs - No tracking info
    pak heaven group of Industries

    i am ali from pakistan sir i payment for the mobile phone sample in china & my seller sent me tarcking number (EE198362619CN) but this number error show (no information on this tracking number).

    today is 7th day no info above tracking number please help us where is my them on my email address.


    Awaitor your response

    Best Rgds

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  • Im
      11th of Apr, 2010
    Apple - IPHONE

    I Bought an Iphone 3g 2 years after it launched. I purchased it through FIDO and was so happy to have the IPHONE. However, it seems like just when my factory warranty ran out, my iphone started to glitch. eventually, the phone crashed and I lost all my contact because I never backed them up.

    I was took it in for service and was told that the BOOT CHIP was gone and I need to have it replaced. Because I didn't want to buy a new phone, I spent $95.00 to have it replaced only to find out that a new issued started. The phone has a switch on the side to flip it from vibrate to audio, and occasionally when my phone is resting on my desk, I would see the icon flash and the phone would vibrate as if I was flipping the switch, but no one or thing was touch the phone. I ended taking it back in for servicing and because it was not the original problem, they are asking me to pay $120.00 to have another part replaced. with all the repair cost, i could have both a NEW BLACKBERRY and be much happier.

    IPHONE SUCKS and I trusted the IPHONE and APPLE to keep all my files with me on my iphone but in the end they deleted everything and I have to start all over again.

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  • Ll
      30th of Jun, 2010
    Apple Ipod Touch 2g - Itunes - Updating Software
    United States

    I just plugged my Ipod into Itunes on a different laptop to what I originally have (My original laptop has a virus). When I plugged my Ipod into the laptop and started listening to music a pop up screen appeared and said that I needed to "update my ipod software" which I clicked "ok" and carried on. It said that it created a backup for all my applications, music and photos and once the software was up and running the back up appeared. When I looked at my Ipod I found that only a few applications and photos had been uploaded again. There's no sign of music at all! I've looked everywhere for the backup folder and there doesn't seem to be one. I'm not sure what to do, alot of my music was purchased using my ipod and the cds are on my original laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading

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  • Hu
      26th of Oct, 2010

    First off why would you not back the phone up? This takes no time to do and saves everything on the phone to your computer. Second, if you take the phone to apple, which i have first hand experienced and witnessed, they tell people they don't repair the phones, so them claiming two different repair prices for parts doesn't seem likely, especially if it is an out of date model phone like the 3g. Thirdly, for a flat rate of $200 apple will replace the out of warranty phone for a like new refurbished one, although the phone can not be jail broken or have water damage to qualify. No need to knock apple who does do a good job ESPECIALLY with warranty issues. I have had about four new i-phones consisting from 3g to 3gs to 4's and every time its easy and simple and depending on the circumstances, free or $200. Oh, and to top it off if you don't live near an apple you can send it in through a ups or fedex store with overnight shipping and usually within 5 to 7 business days have a new phone through the replacement warranty exchange. This is all included in the $200 if u don't live near the store or dont want to bother with making a guinness appointment and going there.

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  • Sa
      12th of Jan, 2011
    Apple Iphone 3gs Mobile - Lost my mobile

    Hi This is santhosh kumar,
    Actually i lost my mobile on 13th october 2k10. my mobile model and company name is Apple iphone 3gs with an imei no:011984008646079. please am requsting you to trace my mobile and inform to my address is 09966185695. i am waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you

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  • Ba
      5th of Feb, 2011

    ### zdrbusiness
    ### china supplier

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  • Ea
      7th of Feb, 2011

    I have beening buying from for 2 years, the mobiles works like a charm, i recommand to my other friends, they had a happy experience with this company, i dont know why you guys said like that? if you really have a problem, contact the embassy, they will help you of course.anyway, i will be a repeat customer for them, i believe my own buying experiece.

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  • Ea
      7th of Feb, 2011

    My name is Earl godwin, I have beening buying from for 2 years, the mobiles work like a charm, i recommand to my other friends, they had a happy experience with this company, i dont know why you guys said like that? Do you have any evidence to proove what you said?if no, pls don't mislead people.some will guess you are their competitor of business. if you really have a problem, contact the embassy, they will help you of course. Yes, true, some goods are cheap, because china is the factory of the world, the labour is cheap, so the cost is low.we cant judge a company only by its prices.anyway, i will be a repeat customer for them, i believe my own buying experiece.

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  • Ni
      13th of May, 2011
    Apple i-phone - Broken within 7 days
    Vodashop Kolonade
    South Africa

    Contract taken out on 30 April 2011 for i-phone at Vodashop Kolonade. On Friday, 6 May 2011, 7 days after contract was taken out, phone went dead. I took the phone to Apple in Menlyn, they confirmed that phone is broken, and issued a job card with their findings. They referred me back to Vodashop, seeing that the contract was taken out there. I went back, they refused to replace my phone. According to them, there is a phrase included in my contract which states that in the event of the i-phone being broken, they will send it in for repairs - they call it the "OBF - out of box" agreement, which I have signed for. I had an argument with them, seeing that this is only the 7th day, and with such an expensive phone, I cannot accept that they cannot replace it. They eventually referred me to the Vodacom Repair Shop in Menlyn. The guy had the same opinion, requesting that I leave my phone for repairs. They would give me a loan phone, a Samsung. This I also had a problem with, as my contract stated that I had the use of an i-phone, and is paying more subscription. Now they want to give me a loan phone, of which the contract is not even half the value of my current charge. They are not willing to pass me a credit for the time I had the usage of the loan phone. I then spoke to another consultant, and he informed me that we are at liberty cancel the contract, as it would be within the "cooling off" period as per the CPA. The next day, Saturday 7 May 2011, a friend and I went back to the Vodashop in the Kolonade. The assistant manager yet again refused to assist, and kept on referring back to the OBF clause in the contract. We then requested that she phone the consultant at the Menlyn shop. From what we could understand from their discussion, he advised her that we can cancel this contract, but she overruled him and asked him if he knew about the policy about the OBF. Yet again we had an argument, and I insisted that the contract be cancelled. She then agreed, but only if I pay in the remaining 24 months subscription fees. Eventually, my friend spoke to the owner of the shop, Vera. She offered to take in my phone the next day to this repair shop in Menlyn, marking it high priority. She also arranged that I get a loan phone, and said that the phone will be send in Monday morning, 9 May 2011. Once they have confirmed the phone to be broken, they will immediately replace my phone that same Monday. Satisfied with this promise of her, I then offered to take the phone to Menlyn immediately, after the assistant manager has arranged with the Menlyn shop for all the neccessary detail. I received a Samsung, and at this moment, as I was so upset, being without a phone for 2 days, I accepted it. Paul advised that they do not keep i-phones as loan units, as it is such a good phone, with very little comeback. He said that he will keep me updated with the progress. Monday afternoon I had to phone Paul, as nobody has contacted me yet to advise what is going on. Paul advised that the phone has been sent in, but that he could not tell me when this will be resolved. I told him that I was not satisfied, as Vera had promised that I will receive a new phone on this day. Wednesday afternoon, I yet again had to phone Paul, as I have had no correspondence about my problem. He told me again that he is not able to tell me when I will receive a new phone. I said to him that I am not happy, as two days have gone by, and I had to contact them every time to find out what the progress is. My friend then also phone Vera, and her response is that she will find out what is going on, and advise us. On Thursday, we tried to get hold of Vera, and after numerous attempts and messages, we eventually got hold of her. She then promised that I will have my new phone by today, which is Friday, 13 May 2011. Well, needless to say, Paul confirmed today that I will not receive my new phone today, and if I am lucky, may by next week Tuesday. By 2 occasions Vera has broken her promise, and this afternoon when my friend has spoken to Vera again, she now says that it is not her problem any more, but the Vodacom Repair Shop in Menlyn.

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  • Ra
      15th of May, 2011
    Apple iPhone 4 - Biggest Fraud Company In China.
    Shenzhen Xinhuihe Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Razzaqia Traders
    Lahor Pakistan
    Phone: 03214259686

    Dear Sir,
    I already make a complain against this company with the title of "Wrong Item Delivery "
    Now She contact me After That complain That i am re-sending the real product. But she again cheat me & Giving a Wrong Parcel # DHL 2182264991. So what i do now please tell me with thanks.

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  • Ir
      27th of Jul, 2011
    Apple iPhone 4 - lost of phone

    the phone was lost on 25/07/2011 at 9.15am in underia street nagpada mumbai 400008.under the jurisdiction of j.j.marg police station

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  • Ah
      11th of Oct, 2011
    Apple Shop Market - iphone scammers
    apple shop market
    United States

    this is the new name for appleaqcustics company who r known devices and phones scammers
    email: [protected]
    ADDRESS--------187 STAINES ROAD,
    ZIP CODE--------TW3 3HW
    the same phone numbers
    see my previous compliant for further information

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  • Am
      1st of Nov, 2011

    if you want to FACTORY UNLOCK your IPHONE please contact 0092 313 4282339. We just need your IMEI and CARRIER. ALSO contact
    to FACTORY UNLock your HTC LG SAMSUNG OR MOTOROLA.I am just a call away.

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  • Br
      31st of Jan, 2012
    Apple - stupid phones
    New South Wales

    I do not understand how apple can continue to sell phones that continue to break?
    I first went into the store because my iPhone was in my bag and broke I have no idea what happened to it ?
    they gave me a brand new one so I was told on the spot .
    Then not even about 6 months later the IPhone was never getting reception was switching on & off was not dialling numbers was crackling on every phone call one speaker was not working & the phone wont charge I have tried different chargers and all the same to the point now my iPhone turns of at night /day because it isn't charged and it also does not completely charge the phone when it says it has I made a complaint on the phone and was advised to go into the store I was sick so was not able to attended my appointment so was going to set up another one then two weeks after that dropped my phone and it smashed how can a company charge so much for these stupid phones apple are rip offs I would never tell someone to buy one as they are a complete waste of money apple take their customers money but cannot even get the stupid phones to work apple wake up I want what I have paid for I do not have all the money in the world to give you people take responsibility for the stupid pieces of crap you have created how can nearly everyone I know have a cracked iPhone ? get you crap together and take responsibility for your stupid product if I do not get this resolved I will be contacting the ombudsman I'm tired of it money back would be the best Samsung are looking much better at the moment .

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  • Sa
      7th of Apr, 2012
    Apple I phone 4 - Stolen Mobile Phone

    Stolen my Apple I phone 4

    Name: Sanjeev R L mob: 9840108058
    Address: 21/7 Neelavathy illam, CIT nagar 4th main road, Nandanam Ch 35
    Phone model: I Phone 4
    Make: APPLE
    Last used No.: 9176666358
    E-mail for communication: sanjeev.[protected]
    Missed date:20-08-2011
    IMEI No.:012654004440301

    Thanking you
    Sanjeev r l

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  • Ra
      16th of Apr, 2012
    Apple Iphone 4 Black - Non replacement or Non-refund for Irem returned
    NewOrangeStore-Amazon Marketplace
    Raland Sappy, 2402 Seasons Rd #1302
    United States

    From: Prasada R Kolli
    6871 Sonoma
    Irving, Tx 75039

    To: Irving Police (On Line)

    Subject: Complaint on WEB Seller Not Responding on Refund or Replacement

    I had placed an order and purchased iPhone4 from New Orange Store on Sep 13, 2011 under AMAZON Purchase order #104-2751627-4597802 for US$ 539.00. Copy of the order placed is enclosed.

    I traveled out of US on Sep 22, 2011 and returned on Feb 17, 2012. Soon after my return I contacted the seller and explained and he assured me replacement even though it was beyond 90 days of return policy. Copy of first few email correspondence since Feb 2012 between seller and me is enclosed where in seller accepted return/refund.

    On seller’s assurance of replacement within 2-3 days the item was shipped to the address “Roland Sapy, 2402 Seasons Rd, #1302, Arlington, Tx 76014” on Feb 24, 2012 with FedEx tracking #468841515156208 and the same was delivered by FedEx on Feb 25, 2012 at 11.31 AM. Copy of the FedEx receipt is enclosed

    I contacted AMAZON.Com and they stated the the Seller closed the case as requested by Customer which is not true and they suggested lodging a police complaint with all the proof available. Last email sent in April 2012 to the seller is also enclosed

    Please take necessary action to investigate and take necessary action to recover refund or return the phone from the people at the address the iPhone was shipped as return item.
    Please let me know if you need further information to settle the case through email or contact me on my Cell.

    Thanking you,

    (Prasada R Kolli Cell:9722739395
    Apr 16, 2012

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  • Ip
      9th of Aug, 2012
    Apple Ipad 2 Deals - compare apple ipad deals in uk
    cheap ipad deals
    25,Tideway Court, 238 Rotherhithe Street
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 7984129280

    No matter how much you hate the monopoly of Apple, their products are certain to tempt you. The iPad series is certainly another example of Apple’s superiority. Such has been the extent of Apple’s control that tablets has come to be synonymous with the iPad. I am not an Apple fan boy but there’s something that makes this lineup completely irresistible.

    Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen any viable competition to the supremacy of this range. Even though Amazon Kindle Fire stole some of the market share, but still Apple commands the loyalty of majority of tablet users. I am also going to buy an iPad pretty soon.

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  • Za
      21st of Sep, 2012
    Apple iPhone 4 - APPLE IPHONE 4 LOST
    Saudi Arabia

    my iphone with imei no.:012958002156847 was stolen from my room (portable cabin) shuqaiq..anyone who would help me my get my mobile back will be rewarded by allah..please help me

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  • Si
      12th of Oct, 2012
    Apple Store - Scammed into an unnecessary purchase today by omitting a well acknowledged server problem within their own organization
    Apple Store
    United States

    On my I-Phone the Visual Voicemail had stopped working for the last three days. Call Verizon first, they walked me through some trouble shooting for a half hour ( for free) after that the lady suggested I go to the Verizon store where I bought it and she would update the account so they could pick up where she left off. Did that and they suggested I take the phone home, back it up into I-Tunes and then update it ( which I did) they said if that didn't work it would be determined to be an Apple issue and that i should call them next. I called Apple next and the store's chief upseller said he couldn't help me unless i bought the 69.00 Apple Protection Plan because my 90 days since purchase was up. i did have a few months left on my warrantee for hardware issues however. All that is fine except that i found out after that from Verizon that Apple had acknowledged a server issue with Visual Voicemail and upgraded it to their own Major Malfunction Unit and weren't even taking anymore customer complaint tags because they were well aware of the issue being within their own server. The chief upseller had to know of this and could have spared me from buying the added protection today by being honest and telling me of the well known issue which they still haven't corrected. Scammed into an unnecessary purchase today by omitting a well acknowledged server problem within their own organization.

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  • Ga
      22nd of Dec, 2012

    Attention big scammer


    Company Address: ROOM 603.6 / F HANG PONT COMMERCIAL BUILDING, 31 TONKIN ST, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, HONG KONG

    Phone: 852-35857383
    Fax: 852-35856491


    site for sale ... o_ltd.html ... il_10.html

    attention big scam diytrade

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  • Mi
      26th of Feb, 2013
    Apple iPhone 4 - unlock iphone(out of contract)

    please help me in unlocking my iphone 4 that was purchased from third party
    currently locked to orange spain
    currently out of contract

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  • Ap
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple - ios4
    United States

    i have recently had an ipod crash due to some unknown error. i was running ios 3.1.3 on my 3rd gen ipod touch, 32GB. after finding out in order to restore my ipod touch i had to download their ### ios4 update, which took an hour on my ### internet connection. then i get the error that the update is not valid for my ipod. after a restart and reboot of itunes, i finally updated my system on my ipod. took 2 hours. then i took another hour or so to resync my music and app files and set up my mail. loading mail is the real pain in the ###. sometimes the mail application crashes shortly after loading. other times it displayes outdated inbox information, even after i update it. safari also crashes often without prior warning. it seems they need a huge overhaul on the software programs. i tried downloading patches but to no avail. apple is overpriced and not worth buying. all the more reason to stick with my old mp3 player. at least no ### crashes. apple also sends my inbox full of ads for mac computers and ipads, especially around the holiday season, even when i unsubscribed from their mailing list. really pisses me off. never will i ever purchase another apple product again, if they cannot even write a software program flawlessly.

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  • Or
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple Macbook Pro 15" - Repair

    Three months after the end of the warranty my Macbook crashed on Oct29. Out of a sudden I got a blue screen. I rushed to the local Apple Center and the soonest they could provide me a date for a discussion -not repair- was Nov10! As my laptop is my worktool and I cannot work without it, I've rushed to a non-authorized and to an authorized Apple repair center. The technicians at both centers informed me that this is a very common problem for this generation of macbooks and Apple 'does not care'. The only solution is to buy a new motherboard of 700Euros and wait till the laptop is fixed. As my laptop was not in order, Apple exchanges it with the value of 1Euro! Fair? I am still waiting for the authorized repair, I still cannot work. Yesterday, I had a discussion with the Apple Care call center; the same response: "sorry, we just cannot do anything!". As I have recommended my students not to buy some products and services I will suggest them to 'forget Apple as a reliable provider". Sorry, Tim and friends, but I do not have any other option left but to 'publish' my complaints. Next time I won't buy an Apple product. I am already selling my iphone and handing back my ipad. Lenovo and BB might be interested in getting a new customer! Bye bye Apple!

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  • Je
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple Iphone - Repairs
    New York
    New York
    United States

    I dropped my phone off at a Radioshack on 5th avenue in Brooklyn, because of a cracked screen. they brought to A 7th avenue store to reapair it than brought it back to the 5th av. store.It turned out that when I got the phone back, The technician fixed the screen, but broke the phone. I was enable to talk with the microphone so I had to talk only on speakers, my volume control and mute botton did not work, and I could not use Siri. I had to come back wiht the phone to get ot repaired AGAIN. When I did I dropped ot off at store on 5th to fix they said it would be done by the evening. I dropped it off in the morning around 11:00 am. That was on Tuesday. Today is thursday and I still dont have my phone. I just called and they said its still in reapair and I will get it tomorrow. They said th epeice they needed was in a Radioshack in Fulton. They constantly upset me saying that it will be fixed by the end of the day. I have to call Constantly to know where my hpne is currently located because they lack to inform me about it, and when 8 do call to find out they have a terrible additude. When i went in to the Radioshack on 7th avenue to find out abiut my phone on wednesday, and the women gave me a terrible additute, and dosent know the situation but is telling me what i should have done. She was saying how i should have brought it here in the first place and how now it is complicated. There is also very poor communitcation between stores. When i went to the Radioshack on 5th av. they called the 7th av store THAN to find out that my phone was in Fulton. They should have known this before and so should have I. I am truly frustrated with the long wait on my phone due to Radioshack's screw up. They were unpleasnt, unefficent, unmannerly, and just bad. I also bought a robot there that was missing peices. Just add to my frustration! Hated it! When I did get my phone back the volume control was still not working, and the lock button was stuck. I could not turn the power off on my phone. My mom went to pick it up, she knows nothing anout technology and didn’t think when they were going to give her a broken phone when she went their ton pick up a supposedly ‘’fixed’’ phone. I went back to talk to them about fixing it AGAIN! They said my mom signed off on what was broken and the other things such as the volume control and my volume overall was broken not with them bit with my mom said thatt she just placed in heer bag and nrought it home. No contact with it whatsoever. They said the frame around my phone was not good due t my phone being jaolbroken. My phone WAS jailbroken or locked, ut was toooken off when I got the phone from my brother. In anyways, I don’t see what the software inside has to do with fixing a broken screen and I don’t get how the softeware inside the phone would change how the frame fits. How the frame fits is based on how big the phone is not whats inside. As I stated before when I went the person at the counter gave me a terrible adittude and should not be working with people. Who talks to a kid like that? I brought my dad in and as I said my mom is slow on tecnology. I was on the phone with my mom trying tot explain the situation, and I was already mad at radioshack, than I raised my voice to my mom which I relize now was wrong but not as wrong as what the women at the cash register that works at radioshack said and I quote, she said to my dad, ” why havent you beaten her yet” I found that terribly rude! Radioshack didn’t relize the long term damage on my phone. I CANT USE MY PHONE ANYMORE! I have an I phone 4S, that is not working. It takes a whole night to charge and when i take it off of charging, its very hot even without the case, and it dies within 10 minutes. I can not use it. Spending all that money for the phone and to fix it at eadio shack, it just ends up I payed for raioshack to break my phone!

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  • Ge
      14th of Jul, 2016

    **To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 091112_cb_ivantiger**

    We would like to get some additional information from you. Please email me at [protected] with the following information:

    - The full name associated with the account
    - Mailing address associated with the account
    - Your contact phone number

    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

    GE Capital

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  • Da
      14th of Jul, 2016

    I tried do download a ringtone from iTunes for $2.19. Not only did the ringtone NOT download, but I was charged $3.88. What the ?

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  • Ra
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Two Apple I Phones - $2,500 bill
    United States
    Phone: 18476377777

    This is believed to be by me and my family a Identity theft Ring scamming people through fraud and deception. I finished already a police report for the apple I store on Michigan avenue in Chicago... I also set alert on all credit union suppliers... Please help solve this case and come to some type of aggreement with the lien holders and responsible parties... I think the people that scamed me are from wisconsin very intimidating and threatning. everything canceled - Randy m. #1-847-637-7777 State Headquarters # 1-312-745-5128

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  • Tu
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple Depot co - Non-working product
    Apple Depot Co
    8000 Bathurst St., Unit 1, Suite 30005,
    Phone: non-working

    RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF! I bought an iphone 4s charger from this company and they delivered that first product within the promised 6 weeks. The second order I placed was for 2 mp4 players. They both arrived after I placed my third order in non-working condition. I attempted contacting the company via email and they never responded. The third order I place while waiting on my second order never arrived. I waited over 2 months and still no product. I tried calling the 1-888-758-4888 number that they provided to my charge card company but of course it was disconnected. I eventually had to file a report with my charge card company to have the charge removed. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!

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  • Ma
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple 2 Apples, Chris Cuellar - Failure to Comply with Contractual Agreement
    Pc Closet, LLC
    5210 Coral Burst Circle
    Loveland, CO
    United States
    Phone: 877-593-0001

    Paid Chris Cuellar from Montrose Colorado $25, 000 for a custom consumer electronic website. He represented himself as having a staff working for him in Montrose Colorado. The reality was that he Subcontracted the project to the Middle East job market. After 9 months of false promises, the website never came close effectively functioning. We paid 100% of Contract value, then more extras, and more...and more, We tried to terminate the Agreement time and again and continued to pay extras for a sub-par product. In the end he would never release the source codes and continued to manufacture more invoices that were due as justification for not releasing the source codes. In the end we gave up paying and trying to get the source codes. We closed down the Website because we were unable to hire a new agency without these codes. Bye Bye $30k...chalk it up to life experiences. Buy-Be-Ware!

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  • Iv
      14th of Jul, 2016
    apple I tunes cards - unauthorized charges to my account
    apple I tunes
    United States

    I received an unauthorized charge to my walmart credit card for two I tunes cards. I did not order these and i have talked with walmart about the charges. they said that they looked into it and said that yes you bought these cards. I have been going around in cirlcles filing complaints for these unauthorized charges and have been told that i can file a suit for the return of my money. There was two$25.00 cards charged without my permission. I do not use these cards and would have no reason to "purchase" these... I will go on to complain with whoever will listen and hopefully get this matter taken care of.

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  • St
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple - App. charges
    United States

    I do not have an Apple account. There are 2 charges on my credit card for $26.55. I can not reach a person to talk to about this. At the same time my cell phone is not working at all, I cannot shut it off and I cannot do a thing with it or about it. Last night I was trying to get my verizon navigater app. to work. I think I may have selected the wrong option by mistake. I don't know if this has anything to do with the charges or not. If I made a mistake I certainly do not want to be charged for it at any rate as I am getting nothing for my money.

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  • Gm
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple I Pad - Cancelation of warranty
    Future shop
    Trinity common mall

    I bought I pad mini for $329 and the salesperson talked me into buying extended warranty for$360 for period of 2 years and . Later on I realized that's it is not worth paying so much for warranty. I decided to cancel the warranty within 30 day period . The manager in the store gave me every possible hard time, even talking loudly and refusing to cancel the warranty. but after long argument and yelling match, when the other customers started noticing about the whole thing Manager agreed to cancel the warranty All this left such a bad experience for me . NEVER go to this store again .THEY are more interested in selling warranties than the product itself .GOD forbid if you want to cancel it GOOD LUCK

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  • Em
      14th of Jul, 2016

    This happened to me also. I notified all my contacts that it wasn't me that sent it and tit is a fraud.

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  • Da
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Apple I Pad - Cancelation of warranty
    United States

    This company used my Facebook account and posted a solititation to participate in something for a free i Pad. Several people have asked me if this is real. I never even knew anything about it !! I thought our account information was private ! How did this company post this as if they were me?

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  • Sa
      3rd of Aug, 2016
    Apple IPhone4 - Theft of Mobile Phone
    Phone: 9819855663

    Mobile phone stolen and phone details are follows
    Brand : Apple iphone 4
    IMEI no : 012750005670662

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  • Cv
      3rd of Aug, 2016
    Apple Iphone4 - Theft of Mobile Phone
    Pentacle Plant & Machineries Pvt; Ltd.

    I Ganapati, lost my IPhone4 of Apple make bearing IMEI No.012750001027867 in Kalakada, Andhra Pradesh, on 31/07/2011, Kindly let us know if the phone is traced to my following address.

    C.V.Ganapati, No.8/4, Union Carbide Colony, 1st Street, Zamin Pallavaram, Chennai-600117.
    Ph. : 044 22477060, Mobile : +91 9790921635, +91 9444041635
    Email : [protected]

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