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I called my debit card to find out why I am missing $49 in change? They told me it's from something called appbuy and that I've had this app charging me for a couple years now. Also every month it charges me $0.50 here $5 there $3 here and then another $0.49 there? Now I've never buy apps over the internet I don't do trial periods! I want to know why for several years now I'm being charged all this money? And not only do I want to know why I want to know now! Since I'm already driving to my lawyers for something else that's personal I will also be giving him this website since no one breathes that when you called 800 number I will sue till I am broke if somebody doesn't give me my money back for my daughter's birthday party this Sunday! I mean I will own your goddamn company! For years you guys haven't been charging me without me knowing slipping and little digs here and there I need someone to call me back I need someone to answer my email before I send my lawyer after you! If I can pay my lawyer $250 an hour I sure as hell can't find the time and the money to make sure that you go down as well my number is [protected] jessica I'm not playing my daughter's birthday is Sunday and if I don't get at least that $50 back I'm going to flip and own you you're worth the 250 an hour companies like you

  • Updated by Jessica st laurent, May 04, 2018

    I am missing $49 in change off my debit card this morning I called my card and find out that you have been doing this for years I do not buy trials and I did not buy things over the internet I'm a look but I do not purchase. I would like someone to contact me ASAP this is my daughter's birthday Monday on Sunday that you just took off my card I will sue every single one on that board if I don't have my money back by Sunday! I pay my lawyer $250 an hour for a reason I am on my way to him as we speak dropping this crap off to him someone better either call me email me put that money back on my card not only are you messing with me but you're messing with my 13 year old child I am a single mom I need what money I do have and you have taking it for the last time without me even realizing it until now and since you've been doing it for years I will be handing this over to my lawyer as soon as I walked in the door in 5 minutes

May 04, 2018

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