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AOL / Unethical billing

1 United States

I'm not sure you can help but here it goes. I recently received a letter from NCO financial systems inc. The letter states that America Online has forwarded my account to their office. They are are claiming I owe aol $95.60 which dates back to 2003. I accepted a 30 day free trial from aol. I had recently switched to comcast cable for my internet service and apparantly they wanted to woo me back. I used the 30 day trial and forgot about it thinking that would be the last of aol. A little while after the month was over i received a bill from aol asking for money. I called and asked them why? They stated I failed to cancel service. I told them that I never ordered service nor do I need their service since I was already a comcast customer. I was then informed that because I failed to cancel their free offer I would continue to be billed. If you can't help who can. They are threatening to seek a judgement against me. How does this society let these companies get away with this kind of scam? What is my recourse? Who can I turn to? Many thanks.


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