Anytime Fitness, Walden, NYstill being billed 7 months after attempting to cancel!

When my daughter and I first joined Anytime Fitness I was told that we could stop for the summer since we would be going away and not able to use the gym. The person who originally signed us up said it would be no problem as long as I notified them before the billing date. We Joined on a month to month basis. I made the big mistake of giving my credit card info. Our payment was automatically billed every month. In July I went into the club on Tuesday July 5th, 2016. There I was told that I could not put the membership on hold, but would have to quit and rejoin when we returned. He also told me that they needed 30 days notice. This was NOT what I was told when I joined. I was unable to cancel in person, at the club that day. He said I needed to send an e-mail in order to cancel. I DID send an e-mail on JULY 7TH letting them know I was cancelling. Three months later we realized that we were still being billed. I tried to call Anytime Fitness, but could never get through. I probably tried about 8 times. All I got was a busy signal. I filed a payment dispute with DISCOVER. I sent them a copy of the original e-mail etc. I thought it was done, but my husband, who pays the bill, realized we are STILL being billed!
I went to the gym in person, but the manager said he could not help me. I got the owner’s number, called him and was told that there’s a special form to be filled out in order to cancel. I WAS NEVER TOLD THIS AT THE CLUB!!! The owner refused to refund me for the time when we never stepped foot in his club.
I Now have another dispute claim with DISCOVER card.
I WOULD WARN ANYONE who is thinking about joining ANYTIME FITNESS! I have read many similar complaints about them online! I wish I had seen these first!

Jan 24, 2017

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