Anytime Fitnessmembership issue

I have been a member with Anytime Fitness for over a year now and the manager, Jeremy, of Waite Park, MN has wrongly accused me of letting in a non-member. I asked for proof of this incident, as I know it never happened, and he rudely hung up on me. He discontinued my access to the Waite Park gym, while I still have months left in my contract.

This all started in January when I temporarily moved to Minneapolis for four months. I switched my home gym membership to the Minneapolis gym for parking reasons. Jeremy took this as an insult and is now making false accusations. Jeremy has never liked me from the beginning and has been consistently rude.

A year ago, when I first signed up I used his gym in Waite Park for the 7 day free trial while I was still going to Fargo on weekends to visit my girlfriend. I signed up in Fargo because my girlfriend would receive a month free, and I would be using the gym in Fargo every weekend. Jeremy took this personally and has never like me since. Me moving my home gym to Minneapolis tripped his tipping point and he is now making false accusations, which he cannot prove.

I would like to cancel my membership, as I am paying for something I cannot use, but the only way to do this is to go through the gym manager, Jeremy, but he doesn't speak to me and hangs up on me.

May 01, 2017

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