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On Aug. 27, 2018 I ordered online from the HD8008 4K omni-directional amplified HDTV antenna and was charged $111.90. A few days later it arrived and the instructions said that it could be mounted in my attic and would pickup any broadcasts within a 125 mile range. I decided to mount it outside on top of my roof. Connected it to my Sony VEGA flat screen TV and followed their instructions and did a channel search. It found ONE TV station about 27 miles away. The four major TV stations about 35 miles away in Columbus, OH would not even register. I did numerous channel scans over the course of 3 days and still the one TV station was the only one to register.
I called the number on their web site for assistance during their advertised regular business hours and had to leave a message. No one called me back. I called again and left another message and still no return call. I texted them on 9/19/18 and again on 9/25/18. I finally got a reply wanting to know "what's going on?" After explaining that I had performed all of their suggested fixes I asked if I could return it for a refund a purchase a different one.
This is a copy of their text in regards to the refund: "Or we can wait for you to send it back then refund then setup a new order...the latter is the fastest route to an antenna exchange". On 9/27/18 I confirmed by text the address to send the antenna back to. They said to use the original shipping carton and return it to the P.O. Box listed as the return address label. On 10/1/18 I shipped everything that they had sent me with a tracking number. I got a confirmation that it was delivered back to them on 10/4/18. On 10/11/18 I sent them another text asking about my refund. No reply. I called and left another message, no reply.
Mr. Jimmy Howe, Sales Manager, listed on the web site is NOT an honorable person. Nor is Lava Electronics Inc. I have made numerous attempts to contact ANYONE about my refund but to no avail.

  • Updated by mndvan, Dec 09, 2018

    I have been texting the phone number that I originally had been texting with someone every Thursday asking where my refund is. Still no refund nor any replies.

Dec 09, 2018

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