Angel ricardo carreonrebate denied and refund being delayed

The deal was to send any cellphone worthat least 20 dollars.send it and they foung a operating/software problem with my cell phone that was 3 years old and had been thru the normal use of calls, texts, and internet downloading app, stuff. The phone was working and being used and of course there could be an issue with the software because is a "used" cell phone . It just logic
It's not fair at all to treat a faithful custumer like that.and in another other that had to be refunded it has taken them a month to wait and yet i havent received my refund.they sorry but we escalated.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CAover and over again.not they said it beinh delayed because they have to many refunds to do. Well hire more employees to get the job done.i used my credit card do you i can explained to them that they have to wait over a month because samsung is busy . Don't you think they are going to charge me interest if samsung don't issue that refund. All they say is i'm sorry . I dont know, the issue is being escalated . Is being delayed. What a horrible customer service they dont even care about we the customes they said i'll transfer you to a supervisor that says i cannot do anything about it.etc...

Jul 14, 2017

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